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Heads Up: You'll Need To Manage The Bioshock Collection's Limited Save Space

If you use up the BioShock collection’s limited space for making saves while playing BioShock 1, you won’t be able to save at all once you start playing BioShock 2.

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Yesterday was BioShock 2’s 10-year anniversary, and the remastered collection containing all three games is currently available to download as part of PlayStation Plus. As a result, a lot of players, including myself, have decided to revisit the underwater Randian hellscape of Rapture. But while the collection includes all of the DLC and runs at a smooth 60 fps even on console, one thing it doesn’t handle very well is save data.

A player on the PS4 subreddit found that out the hard way, picking up BioShock 2 immediately after beating the first game only to discover close to an hour in that the game wouldn’t auto save because they’d already used up the collection’s very limited save storage playing BioShock 1. “AUTOSAVE couldn’t be done, even manual SAVE couldn’t be done because it said that save memory is full,” they wrote. “So basically I lost my progress there.”

All you need to do to prevent this headache is to make sure to clear out all but one or two save spots ahead of time, something I remember having to be cognizant of back during the era of PS1 and PS2 memory cards but which is weird to have to think about in the year 2020. As others have pointed out, the limited save space problem has been a known issue in the console version of the collection dating back to its 2016 release.

And for those asking why anyone would need 10 saves, the answer is simple: BioShock is full of “oh shit” moments where it’s easy to get in over your head. Diversifying your portfolio of saves helps mitigate the risk of getting stuck in a room with a Big Daddy only to find you are short on supplies and completely outclassed.

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