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Halo Infinite Is Now Playable In Third-Person

While Halo Infinite is a first-person game by design, that doesn’t mean, like so many other games designed to be played a certain way, we can’t play it another way if we want.

Incredible Halo Infinite Map Captures Iconic Toy Story Room In Its Full Glory

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As PC Gamer reports, there’s a new mod out now that lets you play the whole campaign from a third-person perspective, not just those sections where you’re holding a big-ass weapon. Which might sound pointless at first since this is a FPS game, but one look at the mod in action will make you realise that this might be something worth looking into:

Doesn’t it look great? So many of these kinds of mods, the ones that change an entire game’s perspective from the one it was designed to be played in, end up looking broken or unfinished (and often playing just as badly), simply because we were never supposed to be able to see a first-person character’s kneecaps.

However, because Halo Infinite already has all this stuff baked into its animations from turret sequences and multiplayer, this looks as seamless and natural as though it was a toggle you could hit from the main menu. Which…it basically is once you get the mod installed, but more on that in a minute.

It’s the work of Opulent Halo, who also made all the videos in this post. The one above is more of a general showcase, while this one below gets rid of the HUD for something that looks even more cinematic, albeit also largely unplayable:

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