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Dude Recreates His Living Room In Half-Life, Blasts It To Hell

3D artist Graham Rust has a Valve Index VR headset and some skills with modelling, so he decided to take Half-Life: Alyx and bring some of its action inside his own house.

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Rust has perfectly recreated his living room within the game, but this recreation isn’t just for looking, it’s for blasting as well. The room is actually here for a shoot-out with the forces of the Combine.

Here’s the video, showing just how well he was able to replicate the space, down to the racing setup and curtains:

If you’re wondering how he was able to put this together, Rust says that measuring the space out was easy. Scale represents 1:1 in a VR space, and when it came to his furniture, it was crafted in Maya and Photoshop, while skimming some stuff like textures from online images (his Ikea chair, for example):

As for how long it took, it’s been a slow, gradual process. Rust first modelled his work desk all the way back in 2015, but when he decided to begin this project he started building roughly one model a day, an output which doubled as he better learned how to use Maya.

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