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2020's Best Game Hits iOS, But It’s Complicated

A new way to play 2020's fantastic roguelike Hades is coming soon, but it might not be exactly what you were expecting. Streaming giant Netflix announced on March 5 that Supergiant Games’ Greek action adventure will hit iOS devices on March 19. However, you’ll need an active Netflix subscription to escape these gates of hell.

This Innovative Hades-Like Feels Built For Speedrunners

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Netflix delivered the news on Twitter, sharing that it’s time to “raise some hell” when Hades dashes its way onto the service. You can preorder the game right now from Apple’s App Store, but don’t forget that’ll you’ll also need the Netflix app (and a subscription!) to access it, as that’s where it’ll live from now on. The company has some simple instructions to help you find and download games, but I’ll spell it out here for you, so that you can get into the thunderdome on March 19.

How to download and find Netflix games

Download the Netflix app and the gameIn the app, scroll down to the “Mobile Games” rowTap the game, then tap “Play Game” (or “Get Game” if it isn’t installed)Once downloaded on your iOS device, tap “Open” to get the game runningAnd that’s it! Kick back and enjoy playing mobile games through Netflix’s app

Hades has been a commercial and critical success for Supergiant Games since it launched in September 2020. (The game had been in early access since December 2018, and community feedback played a big role in its seemingly “overnight” success.) The roguelike RPG follows Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he attempts to get away from the suffocating family that’s literally killing his vibe. By dying and trying again, you not only learn new things about the divine beings loitering around the Underworld, but you also develop new strategies and unlock new techniques to best the bosses, punch daddy Haddy in the face, and say goodbye to that hellhole once and for all. If you can survive, that is, because Hades is a punishing game. It’s also an excellent one, filled with beautiful environments, challenging baddies, fantastic writing, and solid mechanics. It’s worth a shot if you haven’t played it before, even if Netflix is one of the most expensive subs out there.

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