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The Best Tarot Arcana Cards To Unlock First In Hades 2

Hades 2 has an array of additions to discover, from incantations to new bosses to take down. Tarot Arcana cards are part of this wave of features, basically repurposing the Mirror of Night from the first game into an entirely new system.

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As you collect materials during runs, you’ll be able to unlock new Tarot Arcana cards in the training grounds of the Crossroads. While you only get access to a short selection at first, the more cards you obtain, the more the board will expand. If you’re wondering which ones you should prioritize early on, here are the best Tarot Arcana cards to unlock first in Hades 2.

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The best Tarot Arcana cards to unlock first in Hades 2

Most Tarot Arcana cards, especially during the first dozen hours of Hades 2, will primarily require ashes to unlock, which is a fairly common material. As you continue unveiling the board further, you might need to search for far more rare materials, such as the ones dropped by bosses.

Each card has its own grasp requirement. By default, you start with a total of 10 grasp to fill, which can be expanded using chasm, another fairly common material. If you’re feeling like runs are getting increasingly harder, it might be time to take a moment and expand your grasp so you can make use of more Arcana cards.

Without further ado, here are the best Tarot Arcana cards you should unlock first in Hades 2 and how to make best use of them:

The Titan

Grasp requirement: 2

Cards around it: The Wayward Son, The Furies, The Unseen, Eternity

Description: Gain +20 health and +20 magick

Defeating the forces of the Underworld is a difficult task, and you’re going to want to have as much leverage as possible. The Titan is fairly simple but pretty much mandatory. As you progress further into a run, you’ll begin to encounter enemies that can slice 20 HP off of you in one hit, which can be deadly.

While you’ll naturally increase your health and magick numbers during runs with items from Charon and elsewhere, it’s good to have that advantage from the get-go. Even more so if you combine this with Arachne’s Keepsake, as we mentioned in our Hades 2 tips guide, which grants you +20 armor at the start of every run.

The Huntress

Grasp requirement: 3

Cards around it: The Unseen, The Wayward Son, Death

Description: While you have less an 100% magick, your attack and special deal +30% damage

This is an excellent card that you shouldn’t ignore. Regardless of how often you use magick-infused attacks, you’re likely to do it at least once during an encounter. Once this happens, your attack and special will deal extra damage.

Depending on your playstyle, you might need to remind yourself of this buff and do at least a magick attack per every encounter so you can make the most of it. If you happen to get boons that help with replenishing magick, just keep an eye on your total so you can use some whenever it reaches 100% again.


Grasp requirement: 4

Cards around it: The Titan, The Swift Runner, The Centaur, The Boatman

Description: Set forth each night with 1 Death Defiance

Yes, the grasp requirement is quite high, but it’s worth the commitment. Death Defiance, in case you haven’t played the first game, gives you a second life. Whenever your HP hits zero, you’ll regain a portion of your total health and get back on your feet.

Considering how frustrating it can be to meet your demise just as you’re about to defeat a boss and get to a new area for the first time, having that second chance up your sleeve is a blessing, not a curse.

The Messenger

Grasp requirement: 0

Cards around it: The Lovers, Death

Description: Adds +6% chance to dodge

The Messenger doesn’t cost any grasp. Instead, you’ll need to activate at least three cards that use the same amount of grasp. At the moment the amount is zero, but I was able to activate it with 1 grasp cards, such as The Sorceress, The Wayward Son, and The Swift Runner. Giving yourself a chance to dodge, even if it’s low, sure comes in handy. There are a few boons that can increase the percentage further, too.

The Boatman

Grasp requirement: 5

Cards around it: Eternity, Origination, The Fates, The Champions

Description: Set forth each night with +200 gold crowns

If you have the grasp to spare, The Boatman is a costly option that can pay off if you plan accordingly. Having 200 gold crowns with you from the get-go can give you a great advantage, and allow you to focus on different rooms during runs.

If you’re someone who’s always prioritizing rooms with gold crowns as rewards as opposed to ones that give you items or boons, this Arcana will make a big difference. You’re always getting more gold crowns while defeating enemies, too, so it’s likely that, by the time you reach Charon’s shop, you’ll have pocket change to spare.

I’d probably leave The Boatman as an option for when you already have a set of Tarot Arcana cards that give you a decent number of buffs already, to compensate for the high grasp requirement.

The Unseen

Grasp requirement: 5

Cards around it: The Huntress, Night, The Titan, The Centaur

Description: Restore 2 magick every 1 second

If you’re a big magick enthusiast, The Unseen is a perfect choice. I lost count of how many times I couldn’t use certain abilities during boss fights because I had run out of magick fast. Restoring 2 points might not sound like much, but this is 2 points every second regardless of what you’re doing. Note that some boons have similar effects, albeit with the requirement of staying idle, for example.


Grasp requirement: 5

Cards around it: The Lovers, The Moon, The Queen

Description: While you have no more than 30% health, you take -30% damage and deal +30%

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