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GTA 6 Proves 2023's Best Video Game Trend Is Here To Stay

Good news, everyone! Unless you’ve been living in a monastery, you’re likely aware that 2023 is the year that video games got horny again. And no, I don’t mean tastefully Hades frisky, I mean Leisure Suit Larry and Night Trap levels of unhinged lust, the likes of which “mainstream” gaming (whatever that means) hasn’t seen since the 1990s.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Comments: A Dramatic Reading

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Baldur’s Gate 3 just reinvented jiggle physics for a more civilized age. Final Fantasy XVI has tastefully toned cheeks on show in all manner of adult situations. That’s a big departure from a lot of movies and TV shows lately.

And thankfully, it appears this trend isn’t about to be over anytime soon. That’s because the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer is finally upon us. And reader, it is full of T & A. We’ve got a lady twerking on the roof of a car. We’ve got bikinis everywhere you look. We’ve got Make It Rain Mondays—confirmed.

Elsewhere in this 90-second trailer, we’ve got wiry old dudes watering the grass in speedos, hotties on yachts, and even what appears to be our protagonists about to get down to business. There’s even blink-and-you’ll-miss-‘em details like police billboards that read “Wanted for panty sniffing.”

Miami—the real-world inspiration for GTA’s Vice City—is a pretty sexy place in real life, despite being part of Florida. The Grand Theft Auto VI trailer would make Waylon Smithers cower in fear as bosoms and bottoms jiggle in every conceivable direction.

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