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The GTA 6 Trailer Is Already Breaking World Records

The first trailer for Rockstar’s massive open-world sequel, Grant Theft Auto VI, has already surpassed 85 million views and become the publisher’s second-biggest video on YouTube in record time, less than 24 hours after its debut.

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On December 4, Rockstar released the first trailer for GTA 6, its long-awaited sequel to 2013’s GTA 5. The new game, set in Vice City, is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025. So far we don’t know when or if there will be a PC port. And though we’re concerned about how this impressive-looking open-world action game will run on Microsoft’s weaker Xbox Series S, we’re hyped for this new entry in the popular series. And clearly, we’re not alone.

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Late in the afternoon on Tuesday, the day before Rockstar was set to launch the GTA 6 trailer, it leaked online. Minutes later, realizing the cat was out of the bag, Rockstar officially released the trailer early. And in the last 24 hours, the trailer has exploded on YouTube. As I’m writing this on December 5, the trailer is quickly approaching 100 million views, which (when it inevitably crosses that point) will make it Rockstar’s most-viewed video on YouTube.

Currently, the most-watched trailer from Rockstar is the original GTA 5 announcement teaser, which was released a decade ago. Yes, the GTA 6 trailer is about to catch up and surpass the total views on a 12-year-old trailer in just about 24 hours. That seems like a record. Oh, wait it is, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

It’s also been reported that the new GTA trailer has beat the record for most views on a non-music YouTube video in 24 hours. The record was previously held by MrBeast at 59.4 million. Keep in mind, it took GTA 6 only 13 hours to reach those views.

So yeah, it’s pretty dang clear that there is a lot of excitement for the next Grand Theft Auto game. I didn’t need to tell you that, but now we have stats to back it up. It seems a lot of folks are excited to go wild in Leonida aka GTA’s Florida. Vice City residents, get ready. 2025 is going to get dangerous.

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