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Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer Drops December 5

Grand Theft Auto VI’s trailer reveal is just days away. Rockstar Games confirmed it will finally show the much anticipated next game in the hit open-world franchise on December 5, indicating that it’s the first trailer of many.

You Should Play Grand Theft Auto III Before GTA VI | Total Recall

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Studio president Sam Houser had previously teased that GTA 6's reveal would occur sometime in early December. Today’s tease was more specific. The Rockstar Games account on X (formerly known as Twitter) posted an image of a sunset and some palm trees with the words: “Trailer 1 Tuesday, December 5, 9AM ET.

The trailer is expected to show a graphically improved and more immersive spin on Vice City (based on Miami) and surrounding parts of Florida, where the game will reportedly take place, and likely its joint protagonists, including a playable Latina woman. Otherwise not much is known about the follow-up to the second best-selling game ever, Grand Theft Auto 5. Not even the name, technically. While fans have taken to calling the sequel GTA 6, Rockstar hasn’t officially revealed the title yet, and it could be branded as a spin-off rather than a numbered entry.

Whatever it ends up being called, the sequel has been nearly a decade in the making, with GTA 5 having been ported to two new generations of consoles, the Xbox One/PS4 and Xbox Series X/PS5 while Rockstar worked on the follow-up to the series known for its underdog anti-heroes and its caricatures of Americana. GTA Online, the multiplayer spin-off of GTA 5, has become one of the biggest live-service games ever in recent years, and one of the big questions for GTA 6 is how it will continue that legacy.

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