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Gearbox Is Reviving A Dead Hero Shooter For 3 Days (No, Not Battleborn)

You remember Gigantic, don’t you? The hero shooter from Motiga that was released in 2017 and, uh, died a year later? Well no worries if not, because Gearbox is bringing the ill-fated hero shooter back for a limited-time event from October 5 to 7, 2023.

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A free-to-play hero shooter for the Xbox One and PC, Gigantic was announced all the way back in 2014, with playable alphas and betas leading up to the game’s eventual release on July 20, 2017. A third-person shooter with a cartoony art style, a 5v5 setup, and 20 different heroes, it had players competing to power up their team’s respective “Guardian” to defeat the opposing players, injecting some MOBA vibes into the hero shooter format. Unfortunately for Gigantic, its servers were shuttered on July 31, 2018, meaning players had a little over 365 days to enjoy it. Now Gearbox, which has ownership over Gigantic by way of Embracer Group’s acquisition of the game’s publisher in 2021, is giving fans of the game good reason to celebrate, as emails inviting players to jump into the hero shooter once more have hit inboxes.

Check out some gameplay of Gigantic from its launch trailer:

Motiga Inc.

Arriving on October 3, the email reads, “You’re invited to play Gigantic (Again!) during our limited time throwback event.” Available by invitation only, the “throwback event” also requires the “Arc Launcher,” which, um, much like Gigantic, you are forgiven if you’ve never heard of (though somehow I happened to have an account there?).

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If you haven’t gotten an invite, don’t fret. Some users determined that simply signing up for an account will get you in, and I can personally confirm that it works.

Interestingly, this limited-time event isn’t just a matter of an old game getting the power thrown back on for a few days. As spotted on Windows Central, the game will also have some “never-before-seen features that have been added just for this event.”

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Fans over on r/gigantic are, as you’d expect, quite excited and hopeful that this indicates some kind of potential revival. “Do everything you can to show support!” reads one such comment, “we can revive Gigantic if there is enough interest!” Another states, “I’m fucking losing it right now they better revive this shit.” Elsewhere on social media, others are expressing their hope that this isn’t just a one-time thing.

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