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The Prettiest Samurai Game Ever Made Is Coming To PC

One of the most stunning PlayStation games in recent years, Ghost of Tsushima, will no longer be exclusively relegated to Sony’s hardware. In just two short months, Sucker Punch Productions’ samurai epic will launch on the Epic Games Store and Steam with everything PlayStation fans have enjoyed, as well as better resolutions and higher frame rates thanks to the power of PC hardware.

The Week In Games: Pokémon With Guns And More New Releases

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Sony announced on both Twitter and the PlayStation Blog that Ghost of Tsushima’s PC port will arrive on May 16. It’ll be the Director’s Cut release of the game, which first launched in August 2021, and features all the goodies, including the excellent Iki Island expansion and the multiplayer-focused Legends mode.

And it sounds like it’ll all run better than ever. Nixxes Software, which is owned by Sony, is handling the port, which features an unlocked frame rate, a variety of PC-specific graphics settings and presets, and customizable mouse and keyboard controls. The PC version also features ultra-wide display support, optimizations for 21:9, 32:9, and 48:9 resolutions, upscaling technologies for Nvidia DLSS 3, AMD FSR 3, and Intel XESS, and plenty more. It’s worth checking out the PC features trailer PlayStation dropped on March 6 below:


Ghost of Tsushima is basically Assassin’s Creed in Japan. (For the record, Ubisoft is taking Assassin’s Creed to Japan with Red…at some point.) The story follows young samurai Jin Sakai as his clan is slaughtered and his uncle—the Jitō (or steward) of Tsushima—is kidnapped by the Mongols who seized the island. Hellbent on saving his uncle and killing the bastards oppressing his people, Jin forgoes the code of ethics and honor he was raised with, emerging as a figure who is willing to do whatever it takes to liberate Japan It’s an epic story that’s as beautiful as it is heartbreaking, with all the open-world elements you’d expect from something that takes a lot of inspiration from Assassin’s Creed. If you can’t wait for Assassin’s Creed Red, well, this is your game (at least until Rise of the Ronin comes out on March 22).

You can pre-purchase Ghost of Tsushima on the Epic Games Store and Steam right now for $60. Doing so scores you some early unlocks ahead of its May 16 PC release, including a New Game+ horse, an outfit for Jin, and some armor dyes. There are no system requirements available right now, though, with the PlayStation Blog post saying that the team will reveal them when “we get closer to launch.” Good thing May isn’t that far away.

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