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How To Find Everything For Fortnite’s Week 12 Quests

Season Three of Fortnite’s fourth chapter is almost upon us, but we’ve still got quests left to do. For Week 12, you’ll be chattin’ it up with NPCs, spending money, stealing money, doing some amateur geology, and killing other players dead.

Here's A Soulslike That Anyone Could Play, Probably

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Each week, Fortnite issues unique quests that let you earn XP. Many of these tasks slot quite nicely into the natural flow of gameplay, but some quests require a bit more attention than others. Week 12 of Season Two of Fortnite’s Chapter Four has a number of varied quests, with more than a few that work together quite nicely, meaning that a a couple focused sessions should net you some great progress.

Purchase a weapon from a vending machine and a character

The first quest here is straightforward. For the first half, you’re just gonna grab whatever gun strikes your fancy from a vending machine. After that (or before, if you so choose), you’ll need to hit up an NPC.

There are over a dozen Characters on the map this season. If you’re looking to knock this quest off early, be sure to jump from the bus and head toward one of the more vacant areas you can find to do this in relative peace.

Visit excavation camps

There are three excavation camps you’ll need to visit. Each is filled with your standard construction equipment and they’re kinda clustered toward the center of the map.

You’ll find one just north of where the map says “Anvil Square,” while another can be found northeast of the Shattered Slabs. A third excavation camp is northeast of Mega City.

Hit up all three of these to finish the quest. You’ll need to visit each one, so returning to the same one on subsequent matches won’t cut it.

Place seismographs on fault lines

Maybe you’re in the mood for some geological surveying (who can resist the urge?), or maybe you’re just crossing off this week’s quests. Well, either way, you’ll need to place three seismographs down for this one, and you can’t just do the same one over and over again in subsequent matches.

You can find fault lines in the following areas, and you’ll hear some subterranean rumbling when you’re close:

Southeast of Slappy ShoresSouthwest of Frenzy FieldsNortheast of Shattered Slabs

In these locations you’ll find a seismograph; keep an eye out for a white diamond-shaped exclamation HUD indicator. There you’ll find the seismograph, ready to be activated.

Collect 100 gold bars from cash registers or safes

Time for some lootin’! You’ll need to grab 100 bars from whatever cash registers or safes you can find. These items are rather generously spread out across the island, so chances are this quest will progress quite nicely as you’re playing. Just note that there’s often a greater concentration of registers and safes at various POIs.

Talk to characters to receive free items

This quest isn’t too dissimilar from that first quest. Go ahead and track down an NPC to get them to hand over a free item. You’ll need five of them for the quest, and you can only get one item per character per match, so odds are you’ll need to play a few matches to cross this one off your list.

Eliminate players

You’ll never guess, but in order to finish this quest you’ll have to, uh, well, do the base function of the game: Kill players.

I recommend cheap ambushes as often as you can. You’ll only need to take out 10 players, which isn’t a terrible number for a week’s worth of games. I personally like grabbing a sniper rifle and picking off folks as they fight one another. You can also watch as you’re deploying to see where people land; stay behind them and murder them the second you touch down. Also, set up camp and wait for other players to talk to NPCs and then annihilate them while they’re busy in a menu. There are no rules; god is dead.

Upgrade weapons at upgrade benches

Upgrading five weapons at upgrade benches is rather straightforward. There are about a dozen or so upgrade benches on the island, and you’ll need some Gold Bars to use ‘em, so that’ll play well with the previous cash register quest and the next one.

Collect 150 gold bars in a single match

This is another quest you’ll likely make progress on as you play. Keep an eye out for cash registers and safes so you can make progress on this quest and the cash register one at the same time.

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