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Fortnite’s FlowBerry Fizz: What It Is And How To Get It

Fortnite’s latest update has brought with it more stuff that sounds too delicious to just be a video game consumable. FlowBerry Fizz is a random drop you can find on the island to juice both your shields and jump height.

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The FlowBerry made its Fortnite debut in Chapter 5, Season 1. If you’ve been playing since this consumable premiered in December 2023, then you’ll no doubt have come to value it for its ability to give you a bit of shield and extra jump height. This new riff on the item, FlowBerry Fizz, has an even better effect.

When using FlowBerry Fizz, you’ll cover an area with the FlowBerry’s signature effects: increased shields and jump height. You can heal five shield for every half-second you’re using it (you’ll continue to spray it so long as you’re holding down the trigger or mouse button). You’ll also increase your jump height for 20 seconds. And it’s pretty quick to use. With a two-second activation time, your character will shake the bottle, dousing anyone in the immediate area with gravity defying, shield-restoring carbonated goodness.

Where to find FlowBerry Fizz

FlowBerry Fizz is a random drop, so you might not find it every match. Sometimes you’ll come across it just laying around the map, but it can also be tucked into chests and supply drones might even have one.

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You can find supply drones at Hot Spots, which vary in location each match, but are easy to identify by spotting the areas of the map with gold text.

FlowBerry Fizz works on you, your teammates…and your enemies

FlowBerry Fizz is pretty quick to deploy, and it covers an area, making it very advantageous for helping out your squad. But this tasty sounding drink doesn’t discriminate: It will also grant its benefits to your allies (which includes any NPC characters you’ve hired) or your enemies.

Taking this into consideration, you’ll want to exercise caution when using it. Its limited, 20-second increase to jump height means it’s probably best used to gain a quick advantage over an enemy you’re exchanging shots with (or flee the area if you’re in trouble). But keep in mind that you can easily dowse your enemies in close-quarters combat if you’re not careful.

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