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Fortnite's Battle Bus Is Now A Transformer

2023 is continuing to be a weird one as Epic revealed that the bus from its free-to-play battle royale super-hit Fortnite is actually a Transformer.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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For as long as people have been playing Fortnite, they’ve been riding (and sometimes jumping out of) its iconic, floating Battle Bus. Through each update, the bus remains. Sometimes it changes colors or gets new looks, but the bus is always there, a constant for all Fortnite players. Good or bad, young or old. But now, after years of riding it, you (yes you) can be the battle bus thanks to a new crossover between Epic and those robots in disguise, Transformers.

On Thursday, Epic Games and Hasbro revealed a new Transformers-themed cosmetic pack launching in Fortnite in October. This follows Optimus Prime’s inclusion in the game’s latest season. And part of the pack is a new Transformer: The Battle Bus. Yes, the bus from Fortnite is now a sentient alien robot from another world. Or, has it always been a Transformer? I mean, these robot aliens are all about blending into their surroundings by transforming into cars, planes, etc. Perhaps the Battle Bus has always been a robot in disguise and now that other Transformers are arriving in the game, the Bus feels comfortable revealing themselves to the world.

This new Transformers character is (confusingly) not an official Transformers character

But wait, according to Epic’s announcement post, the Battle Bus isn’t an “official Transformers character.” It also isn’t aligned with either the heroic Autobots or the evil Decepticons. It’s just here to “get in on the fun too.” A war between sentient robotic aliens isn’t fun, you dumb Battle Bus. Have you seen any of the Transformers films from Michael Bay? Are those fun? No.

And no, I don’t know what happened to the Battle Bus’ driver. Perhaps his corpse is shoved inside this new Transformer, slowly rotting away. Have fun kids!

Anyway, beyond the Bus, this pack will also contain skins based on Megatron and Bumblebee, with each character coming with extra cosmetics like pickaxes and sprays. The full pack also includes 1,000 Fortnite V Bucks, which translates to $8 USD in real human money.

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