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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Gets Bigger And Prettier Tomorrow Morning

Update: 2/14/24, 3:30 p.m.: Last week’s demo for the hotly anticipated RPG Final Fantasy VII Rebirth hit digital shelves and although public perception remains positive, there has been some concern over the visuals, specifically when using the game’s high frame rate “Performance” mode. That’s hopefully going to change next week, as a new update will give players yet another reason to jump back into the demo.

Three Things We Learned From The Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo

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On February 21, along with an update that adds a new playable section (a portion of the Junon open-world area), Square Enix aims to improve the game’s visuals. In a post on X, the developer said players should expect “improvement of image quality when selecting ‘Performance’ in the screen mode of the graphics settings” and that this change will also be reflected in the full version of the game on February 29, 2024. The updated demo will be available at 7 a.m. ET on February 21.

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For now, we recommend playing the demo on “Graphics” mode for at least the first time through as it results in a sharper, more impressive image at the cost of a lower frame rate.

Original story follows.

A demo for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now live on PSN. Announced during tonight’s Final Fantasy VII-focused State of Play stream, the PlayStation 5-exclusive demo will let players experience the opening moments of Rebirth, with both Cloud and Sephiroth as playable characters during the game’s well-known Nibelheim flashback chapter.

Read More: Everything We Know About Final Fantasy VII RebirthA direct sequel to 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake (and its DLC, Episode Intermission), Final Fantasy VII Rebirth dives into the events following Cloud and co.’s escape from the city of Midgar. As in the original, a flashback scene following the party’s escape details protagonist Cloud’s relationship with Shinra, its elite military unit SOLDIER, and the game’s primary antagonist, Sephiroth.

But aside from telling Cloud’s mysterious backstory, the demo also features some of Rebirth’s new combat mechanics.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo shows off Synergy Abilities and the open map

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth keeps the same core combat mechanics featured in Remake. While in combat, players can move around the battle space with the left thumbstick (and dodge with circle), attack freely with square, and perform a few special moves with triangle. As you land attacks, you fill up an “Active Time Battle” gauge which lets you use special attacks, cast spells, and use items. Rebirth, however, introduces some newer mechanics, including Synergy Abilities.

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Synergy Abilities are unique combo attacks and maneuvers that feature their own separate gauge filled by using Active Time Battle attacks. Once two characters have their gauges filled, you can execute a combined attack, such as Red XIII and Cloud’s “Savage Assault,” which also fills your Limit Break gauge according to Square Enix.

Later in the month, Square Enix will also add the Junon region to the demo, home to that city with the great big gun.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on February 29

Today’s demo is only a taste of what’s to come when the full game launches on February 29, exclusively for PS5. While we’ve seen plenty of the new game by way of some pretty epic trailers before, there’s still much to discover. We can expect a 40-hour campaign, a large, explorable world map, and brand new locations, not to mention some thrilling storytelling and a narrative that may divert from that of the original in some surprising ways.

Update: In a post on X, game director Naoki Hamaguchi also revealed that demo players will get a chance to check out an adapted version of Junon, which will likely be larger in the full game. The update will also let players skip the Nibelheim chapter if they’ve already played it in the demo.

Progress made during the Junon section of the demo won’t be transferable to the main game as the area is somewhat smaller than the version players will experience when Rebirth arrives on February 29. Those who complete the demo, however, will be able to unlock the Kupo Charm and Survival Set. The former increases how many resources you can gather at once, while the latter includes extra potions and ethers.

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