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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Romance And Dating Guide

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s wonderful cast of characters is one of the main appeals of this massive roleplaying game. But you won’t just be fighting alongside your comrades in Rebirth, you’ll also get the chance to to go on a cute date with one of the characters at the Gold Saucer. Rebirth has two dates, with an optional intimate moment with one of them. How you choose the character of your choice, though, can be a little complicated.

The Week In Games: A Rebirth, A Remake, And A Remaster

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Opinions about who is right for Cloud aside, these moments are all very enjoyable and worth seeing in their entirety. This guide will go over how to snag the character of your choice for the in-game date. Characters include Aerith, Barret, Red XIII, Tifa, and Yuffie. Cid, Vincent, and Cait Sith are not available to date directly.

FF7 relationship system, explained

Much like the original Final Fantasy 7, your relationship with other characters is based on a number of different dialogue choices and other decisions made over the course of the game. Before finishing the game, you can check your relationship with other party members while exploring by holding down L1 and observing the meter above their heads. It’ll start out gray, progress through purple, yellow, green, and eventually blue to indicate maximum affinity.

Relationships are influenced by key dialogue choices during cutscenes, but also by side quests and Synergy Skills in combat. Each side quest is character-specific, so if you finish that side quest, you’ll raise your relationship level with that character. Likewise, you can boost a relationship by using a Synergy Skill in combat with the character of your choice (provided you’ve unlocked a Synergy Skill with your desired character in the game’s Folio system).

At chapter 8 and the conclusion of chapter 12, you’ll go on a date with whoever you have the highest relationship level with. You’ll be warned about this prior to speaking with the hotel attendant at the Gold Saucer. I recommend planting a hard save down before progressing in case you end up with a character you don’t want.

After you finish the game, however, you’ll be able to choose whomever you wish to go on a date with, with options for the more detailed “intimate” ending.

How to choose the character you wish to date before finishing the game

Before finishing the game, Rebirth will choose your date based on which dialogue choices you’ve made, whether or not you matched beach attire with another character, how many side quests you’ve done, and whether or not you’ve been using Synergy Skills in combat. Finally, performing well in the Junon parade will raise your relationship with both Tifa and Aerith.

The cutscene dialogue choices for dating the character of your choice are numerous. For the most part, however, you’ll want to try and be as nice to this person as you can. For example, if you want to date Aerith, you should select “Sure. Let’s,” when she asks you to check out the clock tower together in Kalm. Others aren’t as clear. For example, when Aerith and Cloud chat in the Junon Inn, selecting “You shoved a flower at me,” is the correct response to raise your relationship with her.

Note that if you wish to raise your relationship to 100% with all characters after completing the game, you’ll need to go back and make these choices. Also, with a game as massive as Rebirth, they may still yet be other dialogue choices we haven’t discovered yet. We shall update this guide should that be the case.

Aerith’s dialogue choices

Barret’s dialogue choices

Red XIII’s dialogue choices

Tifa’s dialogue choices

Yuffie’s dialogue choices

Choosing the right beach attire

Swimsuit choices are also important. During the Costa Del Sol sequence, you won’t be allowed on the beach until you dress in appropriate attire. Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith each have a more modest and a more revealing set of beachwear. You can choose either the more revealing outfit or the modest one. So long as your outfit matches s with Tifa or Aerith, you’ll raise your relationship with them..

But by far the most direct way to improve your relationship with a party member is to finish their related sidequests. Note that you’ll improve the relationship the most by completing all parts of a sidequest. Here are all the sidequests for each character. Focus on these with the character of your choice to improve your odds at going on a date with them.

Side quests to increase your chances of dating Aerith

If you ask me, this is the canonically correct choice. To date the flower girl from the slums, be sure to complete all of these sidequests:

Flowers From the Hill – Grasslands, Chapter 2Stuck in a Rut – Junon, Chapter 4Rendezvous in Costa Del Sol – Corel, Chapter 7The Spice of Life – Gongaga, Chapter 9 Absence of a Sign* – Cosmo Canyon, Chapter 10Beneath Still Waters – Junon, Chapter 12Woodland Vigil – Gongaga, Chapter 12

*Be sure to complete this quest even if you’re not trying to date Aerith as it’s one of Rebirth’s notable side quests.

Side quests to increase your chances of dating Barret

How about a boy’s night out? To date Barret, fully complete these quests:

Lifeline in Peril – Grasslands, Chapter 2When Words Won’t Do – Junon, Chapter 4Missing Mr. Birdie* – Corel, Chapter 7The Pursuit of Perfection – Gongaga, Chapter 9Hustle and Grind – Grasslands, Chapter 12Escape from Writer’s Bloc – Gongaga, Chapter 12Lament of the Damned – Nibelheim, Chapter 12

*This side quest has a nice bit of ambient dialogue where Barret discusses the role Tifa’s played in his life. Try not to fast travel too much while doing this one.

Side quests to increase your chances of dating Red XIII

For the dog lovers, here’s how to spend an evening with Nanaki.

Livestock’s Bane – Grasslands, Chapter 2Where the Wind Blows – Grasslands, Chapter 2The Hardest Sell – Junon, Chapter 4Robed Men and Ransoms – Corel, Chapter 7O’ Chicken, Where Art Thou* – Gongaga, Chapter 9From Whence Life Flows – Cosmo Canyon, Chapter 10Promises to Keep – Cosmo Canyon, Chapter 10

*This one’ll be tough for vegetarians…but it sure is pretty funny.

Side quests to increase your chances of dating Tifa

Cloud’s childhood friend…and maybe more than that?

A Rare Card Lost – Grasslands, Chapter 2Calling All Frogs – Junon, Chapter 4Dreaming of Blue Skies* – Junon, Chapter 4Bodybuilders in a Bind – Corel, Chapter 7My White-Haired Angel – Nibelheim, Chapter 11Gold Cup or Bust – Corel, Chapter 12Sand and Circuses – Corel, Chapter 12

*”Bovine Meat” will get you the best outcome. This is also a great quest, so we recommend playing it even if you’re not romancing Tifa.

Side quests to increase your chances of dating Yuffie

You know, the age gap here is a little…hmm. Also, you might want to check your materia the morning after.

The Saga of Seaside Inn* – Corel, Chapter 7Teach Me, Great Warrior – Gongaga, Chapter 9Bonds of Trust – Cosmo Canyon, Chapter 10Esoteric Secrets of the Elders – Nibelheim, Chapter 11Tides of War and Worry – Junon, Chapter 12Troubles in Paradise – Corel, Chapter 12Victim of Circumstance – Cosmo Canyon, Chapter 12

*You’ll need to steal a Pristine Crown from the Tonberry King for the best outcome. We detail how to pull that off here.

How to choose the character you wish to date after finishing the game

Once you finish Rebirth’s story, you’ll gain some extra settings in the System part of the main menu. Here, you can manually choose who you wish to go on a date with for chapter 8, chapter 12, and whether or not there’ll be an intimate moment with your date.

You’ll also get access to the Play Log in the System setting. This is important for checking your progress with each character if you want to leave the date to chance or if you’re gunning for 100% completion of Rebirth.

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