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Final Fantasy XVI Update Will Make You Less Nauseous While Playing

Final Fantasy XVI’s first post-launch update just added one of its most requested features: the option to turn off motion blur. A new toggle in the settings menu will let players make the PlayStation 5 game look less dizzying, a boon to everyone who was getting motion sickness while trying to play.

I Didn’t Play Final Fantasy XVI ‘Right,’ And That’s OK

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Motion blur can be a useful feature in games, adding a greater sense of realism and immersion as well as smoothing out animations for games that are only running at 30fps. But it can also occasionally look like ass, which is why it’s usually one of the first settings players turn off when starting a new game that runs at lower frame rates. Final Fantasy XVI launched without the option to do so, but thanks to a new update that feature has now been added.

Version 1.03 of the game went live on PS5 on July 5, and it introduces a toggle on the settings menu that lets players dial motion blur all the way from the default of level five down to zero. The patch also introduces options to turn off automated camera re-positioning and allows for three more alternative DualSense button configurations. The motion blur is the big one though.

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Shortly after Final Fantasy XVI came out, some players were complaining that the game was making them motion sick because the motion blur is so noticeable. Whipping protagonist Clive Rosfield around obstacles and turns on the open-area maps was like being on a roller coaster, and things could feel even worse in battle.

I’m super sensitive to motion sickness and didn’t have any issues personally, likely in part because I play a far distance back from my TV. But the default motion blur is definitely way more noticeable than in most games, possibly to make up for the game’s occasionally rough frame rate performance. Sometimes the whole world of Final Fantasy XVI, beautiful as it is, feels like the Mr. Krabs meme. No longer.

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