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Final Fantasy XVI Update Adds Heartbreaking New Detail About Your Beloved Wolf

Torgal is a standout character in Final Fantasy XVI. Clive’s frost wolf companion is a constant throughout our hero’s adventure, and as such, he meets a lot of heroes and villains the Dominant of Ifrit befriends and fights throughout the world of Valisthea. Now we also know that he’s a perceptive little guy who has opinions on characters Clive encounters throughout his journey. This additional layer to the pup’s personality was revealed in the game’s latest 1.21 update that launched alongside the shadow-dropped Echoes of the Fallen DLC, which adds character notes that tell us how Torgal feels about the cast of Final Fantasy XVI.

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Spoilers for Final Fantasy XVI follow.

Fans took notice after Echoes of the Fallen launched last night during The Game Awards. In the Grand Cast menu, which illustrates certain connections between different characters and the world, there’s now an Inner Voice option that adds a little text box next to each portrait telling you how Torgal feels about different people in the game’s story.

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Some of these are very cute, such as the one saying he and Clive “make a strong pack” or another stating that the now-grown Jill is stronger than he remembers from her childhood. Others give insight into how he recognizes different members of Clive’s hideaway. This is often through activities like who plays fetch with him or rides on his back. But easily the most heartbreaking one is for Cid, who tragically dies in the game’s early hours. Instead of Torgal thinking of Cid’s sacrifice with respect like everyone else, the little guy just doesn’t know what happened to him. His Inner Voice simply asks, “Where did he go?”

That’s heartbreaking. I love being reminded that animals do not understand death and have no idea that it comes for all of us and simply think people who die have abandoned them.

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