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Final Fantasy XVI’s Final DLC Gets A Release Date

The last major piece of content for 2023’s Final Fantasy XVI now has a release date. The Rising Tide, the second of two planned post-release DLCs, is coming to PlayStation 5 on April 18. It will cost $19.99, or players can purchase the $24.99 Expansion Pass to gain access to both The Rising Tide and the first DLC, Echoes of The Fallen. The expansion will be centered around a new area of the map, and will also answer one of the biggest questions from the base game: What happened to the Eikon of Water?

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The Rising Tide will transport players to the new land of Mysidia, which lies in the northern region of the map and has been hidden away in the northern territory of Storm. As shown in the trailer for the DLC, Mysidia has managed to remain untouched by the Blight, the game’s all-consuming plague, and still has a stunning blue sky, offering a pleasant contrast to the drab, overcast skies that dominate the later parts of the game. How this is able to exist is a mystery that players will need to unravel. Mysidia will sound familiar to longtime fans of the franchise, as it has appeared as a town name in past titles (such as FF4) and usually acts as a location heavily tied to magic. That appears to be the case in FF16 as well. In any case, Mysidia’s stunning landscape looks just as gorgeous as the base game’s locales.

6 Things To Know Before Starting Persona 5 Tactica

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