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Here’s Where Your Final Fantasy XVI Fave Falls On Barbenheimer

It’s July 21, and that means both Barbie and Oppenheimer are in theaters. Both movies are reviewing well, and if you haven’t decided to see both as a double feature, you might be wondering which you should see first. Well, I’ve only seen Barbie thus far, so can’t weigh in on which is better, but perhaps some of your favorite characters from Final Fantasy XVI may be able to sway you?

I Didn’t Play Final Fantasy XVI ‘Right,’ And That’s OK

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The actors behind a few of Final Fantasy XVI’s standout characters have been recording and posting clips of them ordering a ticket to one of the movies, and on top of just being delightful to hear these performers as their characters again, it’s funny because we get a pseudo canonical look into their respective film tastes. Ben Starr, who plays the very sad softy protagonist Clive, started the trend with a clip of the hero ordering his ticket to Barbie on July 16.

Later that day, a fan tagged Benedikta actor Nina Yndis suggesting she also join in by recording her character, the scheming agent antagonist, asking for a ticket to Oppenheimer. She obliged, and captured Benedikta’s impatience in the delivery.

As for me, I’m a Cid stan. He’s my favorite character in the game, and that holds true for a lot of people. Where does he fall on the Barbenheimer debate? Well, it looks like Starr roped his actor Ralph Ineson into the joke, and posted him, reluctantly, ordering a ticket to Barbie on July 20.

Now that Cid, Clive, and Benedikta have been accounted for, we need to hear where the rest of Final Fantasy XVI’s cast members join the conversation. Where do Joshua, Jill, and Dion fall on this? Who is going to be the brave cast member to order both tickets? The people need to know.

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