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A Final Fantasy XIV Beginner’s Guide For Xbox

After over a decade of waiting, Xbox players can finally play the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. The game was previously only available on PC and PlayStation, but starting today Xbox gamers can take part in an open beta. If you have never tried out Final Fantasy 14 then you will be able to make an account and join in on the open beta, which includes all content up to and including the Stormblood expansion. While you won’t need to pay for a subscription during the open beta, the final release (which we still don’t have a date for) on Xbox will require both a Final Fantasy 14 and Game Pass subscription.

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s New Class Is A Twirling Death Machine

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Like any MMO, Final Fantasy 14 is a big game with hundreds of hours of main story content plus seemingly endless amounts of side quests to enjoy and nooks and crannies to explore. It is intimidating to say the least, especially if you are diving in for the first time. So I come bearing a gift for Xbox players: a starter’s guide full of tips and tricks from someone who has been playing the game for years. Here’s what you need to know.

Server choice can make a big difference

You may not think that choosing your server is that big of a deal, but it matters. Servers have their own unique identities; some focus on high-tier raiding while others have large RP communities. Not every server will be filled with players tackling the game the same way as you. That does mean there is something for everyone here, so before starting the game, do some research about what each server is best known for and pick one that you think will mesh with how you intend to play. You also should think about server congestion, because more populated servers will likely have a more comprehensive marketplace with items constantly available, but with long queue times. This Reddit post is a good place to start, despite being four years old.

You can try out multiple Jobs

Typically, the biggest decision you make in an MMO is what class (called Jobs in FF14) you will be. The three categories are Tanks, Healers, and DPS. While you may know what you like, if you are a newcomer to MMOs this may seem daunting. But it isn’t that serious in FF14 because you can actually change Jobs at any time. There are eight base classes to choose from at the start of FF14 that turn into full Jobs, with six more becoming available by the end of Stormblood. I suggest that you pick a Job you feel comfortable with at the start of the game because leveling new Jobs can be a huge time sink.

Prioritize the MSQ

There are a lot of distractions in FF14, and you should ignore them for a while. The very best way to get accustomed to FF14’s mechanics and world is to focus on the Main Scenario Quests (MSQ) and play through the overarching story. Not only will this introduce you to all the amazing characters that Eorzea has to offer, but it will also act as a tutorial for how to play the game. And the cherry on top is that this story is good! Despite what you may have heard about A Realm Reborn or Stormblood, every expansion in FF14 has something interesting going on that will keep you moving through the world and leveling up. Except for the post-A Realm Reborn quests that come before Heavensward, I’m sorry about those.

But don’t forget these key side quests

However, there are a few specific side quests you will want to leave the main path to complete. When you see a blue quest marker with a plus sign on it, pick it up. These are Feature Quests, which means that a game feature is locked behind completing them. Though these features can sometimes be something you might not need (like a random emote), more often than not it is a massive piece of content like trials, raids, or the ability to change your appearance. On a similar note, pay attention to your class and Job quests. Class quests go up to level 30 and are needed to unlock your full Job, while Job quests continue to add important combat skills to your arsenal. Look for a small exclamation point under the MSQ tracker on your UI, which signals that a new class/Job quest is available.

Ask for help

MMOs can be very intimidating, but FF14 is by and large a super-friendly experience. Players are kind and helpful and ninety percent of the interactions I’ve had over hundreds of hours have been nothing but good. If you are ever stuck or confused during your time in Eorzea, feel free to ask for help. You can do this by shouting in chat or DMing a player who looks like they know what they are doing. Your sprout icon will signal you are a new player, so don’t worry about seeming like you don’t know what’s happening—you don’t, and that’s okay! Also look out for players with a crown icon next to their name, these are Mentors, or experienced players who have volunteered to help newbies. A great tip is to always say in chat that you are new and this is your first time attempting a dungeon, trial, raid, etc. Most players will take the time to go at your pace and teach you about mechanics.

You can play solo if you want

That being said, if you are just here for the story or feel intimidated by talking to other players, you don’t have to play with anyone. Thanks to the Duty Support and Trust systems, you are able to take on the majority of the main dungeons and trials with AI controlled NPCs. You can take dungeons and trials at your own pace by going this route, with the added bonus of getting some interesting flavor text from NPCs. The biggest disadvantage to this approach is that a human party will be dealing more damage on average so your dungeon and trial runs will take longer than usual.

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