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Why Elden Ring's Torrent Keeps Getting You Killed

Torrent, the magic horse-goat that lets you get around Elden Ring’s world at cruising speeds, is one of the highlights of the game, but that’s not to say they’re perfect.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Comments: A Dramatic Reading

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You may have noticed that sometimes Torrent’s health hasn’t refilled like other NPCs. Or that sometimes, instead of allowing the player to double-jump while exploring or travelling, they’ll simply fall to their death, taking you with them.

While I’m sure some fans have deluded themselves into thinking these are conscious decisions—“Oh, Torrent’s heart is forever torn between freedom and servitude,” or “Occasional long falls are a reminder of life’s inherent pitfalls”—Souls expert and modder extraordinaire Zullie The Witch has a more practical answer: one is a design oversight, the other most likely a bug.

The health thing comes from the fact that Torrent isn’t governed by the same script as other NPCs, which ties the others to a specific point on the map. Though Zullie does point out in the video below that there are plenty of other ways to quickly get Torrent’s health back up, like feeding them, drinking potions, or just letting them regenerate naturally. (Torrent “passively regenerates” 3HP per second.)

Now onto the falling thing, triggered when Torrent falls off a ledge instead of jumping, and leaves the player unable to trigger a second jump so they plunge to their demise. Zullie explains in the video that it’s not actually a random act of cruelty, but a bug, one that only affects players holding certain types of weapons (from categories 2 & 3, like big swords, spears, etc) in certain ways (like over the shoulder). “This is most likely a glitch,” they explain, “some flag being left out of the falling animations associated with categories 2 and 3.”

The reason for digging into this is pretty funny; in an accompanying tweet, Zullie says, “I used a spear, then a swordspear, and then a greatsword for my first playthrough of Elden Ring, which means I thought Torrent simply couldn’t jump after falling off a ledge. It turns out Torrent has a few glitches that may need to be worked out.”

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