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Elden Ring Mobile Version In Development, Reports Say

With games like the Resident Evil 4 remake and Death Stranding becoming playable on iPhones, it seems like just about anything can be a mobile game these days. Even Elden Ring, developer FromSoftware’s 2022 open-world RPG, could be coming to phones. At least that’s according to a recent report from news outlet Reuters, with three sources sharing information on a planned mobile version of Elden Ring in development at Tencent Holdings.

The Most Sought After Elden Ring Sword Has A Storied History

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Kotaku has reached out to Tencent for comment.

According to the Reuters report from Josh Ye, three sources familiar with the matter spoke about Tencent’s in-development Elden Ring mobile version. The company acquired the game’s licensing rights in 2022 and, according to Reuters, began work on the mobile version with a small development team. However, the project’s progress has been slow. The biggest issue during development appears to be a clash between the fundamental design of Elden Ring and Tencent’s goals with a mobile version of the game. The original Elden Ring is a complete experience designed as a one-time purchase, but sources tell Reuters that Tencent’s planned monetization model will resemble that of the hit game Genshin Impact, which is free-to-play but pulls in billions through in-app purchases.

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