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Elden Ring Player Does A Perfect Lord Of The Rings Impersonation

It may have had some writing done by an old white guy, and have magic and swords and monsters and the word “Ring” in the title, but Elden Ring is not Lord of the Rings. Not even close. Unless….

The Best Marvel Snap Deck For Winning With Agatha Harkness

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This video by PickleLover cuts together various locations and sequences from Elden Ring, dresses one or two protagonists like Hobbits, gives them appropriate weaponry, then re-enacts a bunch of recognisable moments from Frodo and Sam’s voyage from Rivendell to Mordor.

Every single scene here is incredible! They’re not shown in chronological order, but they are (as best as I can tell):

Frodo leaving Rivendell (“Mordor, Gandalf, is it left or right?”)Frodo and Sam’s first night on the road, camping with their sausages and sleeping on dirty great rootsFrodo and Sam moving across some grassland. Which, really, could be loads of times in the films. Hiding from Ringwraiths outside Bree as they make their way to Buckleberry FerryFrodo’s sword Sting glowing blue Sam jumping in to kill Shelob and save Frodo. Having Frodo lying down, while Sam wields the glowing Sting, is a very nice touch.Travelling through the Dead MarshesMoving through MordorHiding from the Eye of Sauron near Mount DoomFrodo looking out over some mountains, which I guess is just after the crew escapes Moria?Frodo and Sam in the bowels of Mount Doom

It’s testament to how well each scene is portrayed that there are only a couple I was only vaguely sure on, with the rest managing to somehow look just like the source material, despite coming from an entirely different game set in an entirely different universe.

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