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EA Adds Classic Games To Steam Including Delisted Favorite

Electronic Arts has added nine classic games to Steam including Dungeon Keeper Gold, SimCity 3000, and WW2-era open-world action game The Saboteur, which had previously been delisted from Valve’s digital PC store, but is now back and on sale.

The Top 10 Most Played Games On Steam Deck: February 2024 Edition

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These days, I feel like I spend more time writing and reading about games being delisted, deleted, canceled, or stuck on old platforms. Just earlier today, on March 8, I was reading posts from developers about how Warner Bros. Discovery is planning to delist about a dozen games from Steam with little warning. So I’ll take any good news I can get, like EA bringing some classic PC games to Steam, making them easier to play on devices like the Steam Deck.

On March 7, EA announced that nine classic PC games had been added to Steam. The publisher even made a little fancy trailer announcing the news. How nice.


Here is the full list of games EA just added to Steam:

Command & Conquer The Ultimate CollectionSimCity 3000 UnlimitedPopulousPopulous II: Trials of the Olympian GodsPopulous: The BeginningDungeon Keeper GoldDungeon Keeper 2Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri Planetary PackThe Saboteur

A nice bonus: At the moment, to celebrate these games coming to Steam, EA has them all on sale.

Now to be clear, most of these games were available on GOG already. So it’s not like EA is bringing these games out of the void and making them playable once more. But it is nice to see EA supporting Steam more, and having the option to buy classic games in more places is always good.

Plus, The Saboteur is now back on Steam after it was delisted from the platform sometime in 2015. Weirdly, the open-world action game developed by Pandemic—the last game the OG Star Wars Battlefront devs made before being shut down by EA—was never removed from EA’s digital storefront on PC or from GOG. It was just Steam that lost the game in 2015. But now, almost a decade later, this awesome game featuring slick black-and-white visuals is back. And if you can get it working on the Valve’s Steam Deck, it seems to run well.

Publishers still need to do a lot more to support old games and keep them from dying or being lost to time. So this might not seem like much, but it’s something at least and it’s not bad news and right now, I think we all deserve a bit of good news. Enjoy your Friday and have a nice weekend.

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