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PS5's DualSense Controller Is Getting An Update, Store Listing Reveals

If you’re sick and tired of your DualSense controller dying after a measly three to six hours of use, it looks like Sony might be getting ready to release a new version of the PlayStation 5 controller that could double its typical battery life. That’s if a Canadian store listing is to be believed.

Thank You, PS Plus, For Making My Backlog Even Bigger

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On January 11, Best Buy Canada posted listings for an C$89.99 DualSense “V2” controller, which, at a glance, appears to have most of the same bells and whistles as the standard DualSense. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are still there, as well as features made standard with the PS4’s DualShock 4, like the headphone jack and touchpad. However, it also comes with a free perk in the form of a charging station that offers “click-in charging,” and notes a 12-hour battery life compared to the original’s roughly six hours. If you’re an American looking at the $89.99 price point and wondering why it costs more, remember that most things cost more in Canada because of the exchange rate (the original DualSense costs that much). So it’s likely that the DualSense V2 will cost the same $69.99 you can find the original for in the States.

Even with the better battery life, the DualSense V2 seems like a pretty modest upgrade to the original controller compared to the modular DualSense Edge Sony launched last year, which runs a whopping $200 for too few features. You could buy a whole PlayStation Portal for that much money, and with that, you get to play games on a handheld screen that might look silly but feels pretty good in your hands.

Whichever PlayStation 5 controller you use, please don’t use it to drive a car. That’s something Sony is trying to make happen, and considering how dangerous cars are, car interfaces are something we as a society need to stop trying to innovate on.

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