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Supremely Chill Village-Builder Dorfromantik Is Out, You Should Definitely Play It

Dorfromantik has been out in Early Access on Steam for a while now, and was excellent even then. But now it is out-out, and like the headline is saying, you should definitely play it.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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The game can very loosely be described as a city-builder, but that’s not quite fair, since that label conjures up images of Cities Skylines, or SimCity, games with a certain amount of complexity, and zones, and rules. Dorfromantik may have the construction of settlements as one of its most basic tasks, but it couldn’t be further from those games in its execution.

Instead, it’s a lot more like a board game. You’re given a blank space, the game feeds you one random hexagonal tile at a time—maybe it’ll be a little river, maybe it’ll be some cottages—and all you have to do is put it down. The only rules are that it needs to be touching another tile that’s already down. That’s it! You can be scored for how “connected” that tile is if that’s the way you want to play (buildings connected to buildings, river tiles to more river, etc), but if you also just want to play like a sandbox, building whatever the hell comes up, then you’re also free to do that as well.

Here’s how Riley described it while writing about the Early Access version last year:

The whole time you’re doing that, everything from the sound to the music to the art design, is just incredibly relaxing. There’s even the world’s most satisfying “pop” sound every time you drop a tile down, which is so good it’s almost tactile, again harking back to that whole board game feel.

If everything I’ve just written above hasn’t painted enough of a picture, here’s the game’s launch trailer:

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