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Diablo IV: Here’s How To Start Playing Early

While Diablo IV “officially” comes out next week, an early access period for it begins tonight, June 1, or maybe tomorrow, June 2. See, exactly when it launches depends on your location and, of course, whether or not you’ve pre-ordered certain versions of the game.

The Week In Games: What’s Releasing Beyond Diablo IV

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With hordes of players eagerly preparing to flood the game the moment early access begins, and a challenge issued to the first 1,000 players who can hit level 100 on hardcore, it sure is tempting to dive in as soon as you can. But which version is right for you? Let’s get into it.

Grab the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Edition for Early Access Starting on June 1

If you don’t care about all the extra digital goodies that come with the more pricey editions and just want to get to demon-slaying as soon as you can, then you want to look at either the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Editions, which cost $90 and $100 USD respectively.

That early access period starts on June 1 at 7 PM EST/4 PM PST. (That’s midnight on June 2 in the UK and 11 AM for the east coast of Australia.) Both of these fancier versions are available solely as digital downloads.

But aside from getting in on the Let’s-Get-Lilith action, what else do you get from these versions?

Diablo IV Digital Deluxe

The Digital Deluxe version costs 90 bucks, gets you early access starting on June 1 and comes with the Temptation Mount (calm down, it’s a horse) and the Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor.

You’ll also get the Battle Pass.

Diablo IV Ultimate Edition

With the Ultimate Edition you’ll get all the goodies from the Digital Deluxe Edition plus the ability to skip 20 tiers in the Battle Pass and an exclusive “Wings of the Creator” emote. Because that’s what Diablo is in 2023.

What do I get for preordering the Standard Edition?

The real appeal of preordering the more expensive versions, in my opinion, is getting to play as early as you can. But if you choose to preorder the Standard $70 version, you’ll still get some neat stuff, including the Light-Bearer mount, Caparison of Faith Mount Armor, Diablo II Inarius Wings and Inarius Murloc Pet, World of Warcraft Amalgam of Rage Mount, and the Diablo Immortal Umber Winged Darkness Cosmetics Set.

Pre-ordering any of the more expensive versions gets you everything you’d get from pre-purchasing the standard edition as well.

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