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Diablo IV's Next Season Promises Easier Level Grinding To Win Back Players

Diablo IV’s Season of Blood goes live October 17, and it’s aiming to inject some life back into the loot RPG with blood-sucking foes and quality-of-life fixes. The game’s developers promise players will level up 40 percent more quickly than last season, potentially paving the way for more fun and less grinding.

Diablo IV's Strongholds Are A Great Way To Level Up This Season

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During yesterday’s live stream, Blizzard revealed season two revolves around fighting off blood-thirsty hordes and using their health-stealing abilities against them. Players will gain access to 22 new Vampiric Powers that can be activated using new Pact Armor, acquired throughout the season. Currencies called Standalone Pacts and Cleansing Acids will let you rework the armor you find to make sure it aligns with the Vampiric Powers you’re using. It’s a whole new kind of buildcrafting economy infused with spooky vibes right in time for Halloween.

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But the real promise of Season of Blood lies in how it aims to reduce player burnout, making it easier to hit level 100, and have fun ripping through nightmare dungeons and new end game bosses as a super-powered leech. Players will get more XP, and Nightmare dungeons will be more streamlined. Here’s a preview of the relevant changes:

It all sounds great, and will hopefully prevent more players from stalling out in the back-half of the race-to-100 grind. But the rewards for getting there are also getting more interesting. Season of Blood will add five new endgame bosses to Sanctuary, with the chance to drop specific pieces of Unique and Uber Unique loot. They are: Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint, Echo of Varshan, the Beast in the Ice, Dark Master, and Echo of Duriel. Each boss will have a specific way to summon them, and carry a unique cosmetic. Other endgame activities are improving as well, with cooldowns for Legion Events and World Bosses getting reduced, and the rewards for Helltide chests increasing. Even Dungeon Events are getting more monster density.

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