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Lucky Diablo IV Player Finds One Of The Game’s Rarest And Most Powerful Items

One of the rarest and most powerful items in Blizzard’s newly released action-RPG, Diablo IV, has dropped for one very lucky player.

Diablo IV – Bear Bender Build

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On June 26 we covered six ultra-rare items in Diablo IV, noting that the items were so rare Blizzard had to confirm to players that they were in fact in the game and not bugged or broken. But while the company confirmed they were indeed a thing and could be looted, actually finding them is hard, as they have extremely low drop rates that befit the rarest items in the dungeon-crawler. Even so, someone just got very lucky, becoming potentially the first confirmed person in the world to collect Andariel’s Visage, one of the six extremely rare items hiding in the game.

As reported by WoW Head, Diablo IV player YesYou is seemingly the first confirmed person in the world to have found Andariel’s Visage, as seen in a video from Polish streamer NadinWins.

Nadin Wins

After confirming the item had dropped and looking at its stats, NadinWins and YesYou then spent some time testing and showing off the incredibly powerful helmet and its one-of-a-kind life steal modifier. At one point YesYou is swarmed by a large group of spiders, and after taking a lot of damage they wipe out the spiders and get back to full health in a matter of seconds.

The stats on Diablo IV’s rare Andariel’s Visage helmet

The rare drop (which was upgraded a few times by YesYou) also includes +18 boost to all stats, a chance to apply poison damage to nearby enemies, and 35% poison resistance. It provides over 1,000 armor and the upgraded version seen in the video is worth over 175,000 gold, though I doubt anybody lucky enough to get this thing or the other five ultra-rare items will ever think about selling them. You can check out the base, unupgraded stats for this rare helmet over on WoW Head. 

If you want to try and farm for one of these unique and very rare items, you’ll need to kill enemies that are at least level 85. And then you need one of those enemies to drop a unique item which has a very small chance to be one of these super-rare items that players are chasing after. The reality is that for most folks, you’ll likely never see one.

While some Diablo IV players hate how rare these pieces of loot are and want Blizzard to change that, I’m fine with it. I love the idea of a few pieces of super hard-to-get gear and weapons that you may never see. Because if one day you do get lucky and one of these drop, what a moment!

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