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Diablo IV Patch Brings Back Legendary Season One Buffs

Action role-playing game Diablo IV has so far been enjoying a fruitful Season of Blood, its second season, adding to the game a huge number of balance changes and quality-of-life features. Now a few weeks out from the season’s launch, developer Blizzard has released a follow-up patch with delectable fan service—certain much-loved Malignant buffs from season one are back in the form of five Unique Rings, one for each class.

Diablo IV – Bear Bender Build

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“Creating the Malignant Rings are a way for us to take popular Seasonal content that resonated with Players and reintroduce it in a way that can persist beyond the Season and into the Eternal realm,” Blizzard writes in November 4 patch notes.

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The rings are now available in both Seasonal and Eternal realms, so players barely have to spend any time apart from the limited-time feature they fell in love with.

The five rings and their qualities are as follows:

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Beyond that, the latest Diablo IV patch introduces some bug, event, and gameplay fixes, including the following highlights:

Pillar health has been increased to 85 percent for the Sanguine Battery Event, while Pillar repair time is reduced to 1 secondAdditional enemies in the Lord Zir boss fight should now appropriately be stunned when Zir is staggeredLilith should no longer perform area-of-effect attacks after you take her down in the first Echo of Lilith phaseMonsters should no longer spawn from destroyed or teleported Nightmare PortalsYou’ll need to complete Chapter 3 in the Season before attempting the seasonal quest Battle of Fear and FaithQuest markers should stay in place, even if you leave the area during multiple quests

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