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Destiny 2 Takes Players Back To The Leviathan Raid In Season Of The Haunted

In what has surely been the strangest leadup to a new Destiny 2 season in some time, Bungie surprise revealed Season of the Haunted last night after it accidently leaked ahead of Tuesday’s launch and some big things are happening. The giant Cabal ship from the first raid is back, its communing with the evil pyramid on the moon, and now the nightmares are back. To fight these new threats players will get the long-anticipated Solar 3.0 re-work of their abilities and the Trespasser Exotic Sidearm from way back in Destiny 1's Rise of Iron expansion. It’s a lot. Let’s break it down in detail.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Comments: A Dramatic Reading

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First, the story setup. Calus is back, his ship the Leviathan is corrupted, and he’s trying to talk to the pyramid on the moon to gain access to the power of the Darkness. Last we heard of the dethroned emperor he was doing experiments with the Scorn (The Presage) and broadcasting propaganda to rally more Cabal to his side (Vox Obscura). Now his latest plan seems to have unleashed a new set of nightmares, including one which seems to have a past relationship with the stoic commander Zavala in particular. Plus the H.E.L.M. command center has taken flight and is now orbiting the moon.

So that’s the evocative and lore-drenched backdrop for Season 17, but what will players actually be doing and collecting this time around? Here’s the list of new content so far:

Leviathan free roam space: it looks like Calus’ gold plated ship has gone full Metroid and is now a patrol option for players. Nightmare Containment: seasonal public event where players summon and destroy nightmares in the basement of Calus’ ship. Sever: seasonal missions where players explore the Leviathan to uncover Calus’ plan. Solar 3.0: a complete re-work of players’ solar skill trees that adds fragments and aspects to bring them in line with Stasis and Void and add more customizability. Trespasser Exotic Sidearm: returning from Destiny 1, Shiro-4's precision burst weapon was fine back in the day, but may have gotten up-tuned to be more deadly and fun based on how it handles in the season 17 trailer. Menagerie loot: the Calus Mini Tool, Beloved, Austringer, and Drang from Season of Opulance’s Menagerie activity are returning. Mysterious dungeon: the first of two new dungeons this year goes live May 27 with a standard and master difficulty level. Some extremely metal fits: the season pass is back as always, but the armor ornaments this time around look very extra and I’m here for it.

Season 17 is also bringing a bunch of other changes as well. In terms of weapon balance, Glaives are getting a big boost. The new weapon-type introduced in Witch Queen was first OP and then nerfed into the ground. Going forward, they should be more useful again with Glaive melee attacks being stronger and triggering perks. Trace rifles will be doing more damage as well, and changes to PVP should make in-air combat more viable.

Other big changes include an overhaul of Iron Banner. Power level will now be disabled (that was originally the entire point of the mode), rewards will be based around daily challenges, and the orb-dunking Rift mode will return alongside a new map. Trials of Osiris, meanwhile, is getting a bunch of new loot, though the competitive PVP mode won’t be back until June 10. Solstice of Heroes is also returning this summer, and unlike in recent years it’s apparently been re-worked and will hopefully revolve around a new activity and grind. Oh, and players’ loot vault is getting 100 slots bigger.

Bungie was extremely secretive about this season’s reveal and spent a lot of time in recent days hyping it up as one of the game’s best ever. At first glance I’m intrigued but not blown away. It’s great (and economical) to see old content repurposed and made to feel new again, but there is also something extremely Destiny about hunting for a god roll of the Beloved sniper rifle a second time while the older, under-powered version still collects dust in my vault.

Hopefully, there are a few extra surprises waiting in Season of the Haunted’s opening cinematic and story mission when it goes live later today. It will run until August 23.

Update: 5/24/22, 12:56 p.m. ET: And here are the full patch notes for today’s Season 17 update:



The Legend and Master Lost Sector rotation has been updated.Payers can expect to see a Nessus Lost Sector!

Xûr’s Treasure Hoard and Dares of Eternity

Fixed a bug that would cause a flashing effect that could potentially have a negative impact on those with photosensitive epilepsy when interacting with the portal in a specific way.

Iron Banner

Iron Banner reputational changes, detailed here, are in effect to be more in-line with other reputational systems in Destiny 2. Completing challenges and donning Iron Banner gear, including Iron Banner armor ornaments in place of swapping out armor, earns an additional buff when ranking up that Iron Banner reputation. 4 event challenges have been added when playing Iron Banner. These will rotate daily. New intro quest added. All players must complete this once. A new Triumph and Seal has been added to ring in a new era of Iron Banner. Bounties and tokens have been removed from Iron Banner. Power level advantages are now disabled in Iron Banner. Rift returns as a new Iron Banner Seasonal mode. Learn more about Rift and its future here.


Gambit Reputation: Activity completion now awards 75 reputation points from 50. Activity streaks award 20 reputation points per streak from 15. Overall gains should be 25-33% faster. Reduced the number of wins needed for the Gold Coins gilded Triumph for the Dredgen Seal from 50 to 30. Quality-of-life update to Gambit bounties: Daily Bounties: Added new bounty for collecting Heavy ammo. Updated defeating combatants with Stasis bounty to include freeze assists. Changed sending one of each type of Blocker bounty to sending Blockers of any size (with more progress given for sending bigger Blockers). Now players must bank 100 Motes as a team, versus the previous 25 Motes banked per player. Repeatable Bounties: Added a new bounty for defeating invaders as a fireteam. Added a new bounty for defeating Blockers. This includes final blows and assists when progressing through this bounty. Updated the defeating combatants with Stasis bounty to include freeze assists. Changed the defeating opposing Guardians with final blows or assists bounty to defeating opposing Guardians as a fireteam. Updated Gambit enemy variations.

Vanguard Ops

Fixed an issue where the incorrect names for Champions in the Warden of Nothing strike would appear. Identity theft is not a joke, Jim. Higher difficulty Battlegrounds and strikes can now be rejoined automatically after a disconnect. No, you still won’t be able to change your loadout when taking on Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Trials of Osiris

Trials Capture Zone and Freelance are no longer referred to as “Labs.” New Trials weapons can now be earned via Saint-14's reputation rewards track before they can be decrypted from Trials Engrams. Complete matches of Trials of Osiris to earn reputation with Saint-14. Please make our favorite space uncle proud. Thanks.


Control: Each player capturing a zone now gets +1 participation point. Elimination: Each round will now last 90 seconds, reduced from the previous 120-second marker. Mayhem: Super kills now reward players with 3 points instead of 2. Mayhem: Increased the score target to 200 from 150. Mayhem: Time limit has been reduced from 8 to 7 minutes. Rumble: Time limit has been increased from 8 minutes to 10. Showdown: Each round’s target score has been increased to 15 from 10. Crucible private matches will now default to match mode settings in Playlists. Fixed a bug that caused the Only One Ascends medal to be improperly awarded on capturing a zone.

Raids and Dungeons

Vow of the Disciple: Fixed an issue where players could get out of environment near the Caretaker encounter. Vault of Glass: Spoils of Conquest are no longer farmable on repeated clears. Last Wish: Fixed an exploit where players could pick up Diamond Lance to drop Riven’s Heart. Hasn’t Riven gone through enough? I mean… Last Wish: Fixed an issue where players could fight Kalli outside of the intended darkness phase. Garden of Salvation: Fixed an issue where players could continuously spawn combatants in one of the sides of the Sanctified Mind encounter.

Gameplay and Investment


Weapon Crafting: All element currencies other than Neutral Elements have been removed. Neutral Elements have been renamed to Resonant Elements. Weapon Crafting: The Masterwork visual has been added to crafted weapons. The weapon must be reshaped with an enhanced intrinsic and two enhanced trait perks in order to Masterwork. We heard y’all liked gold borders. Weapon Crafting: PvP kills will generate slightly more weapon level progression. Weapon Crafting: Reduced the amount of time it takes to progress Deepsight mods. Weapon Crafting: Vow of the Disciple Adept Deepsight weapons will now progress toward recipe progress. This will not retroactively provide progress for already-completed Deepsight mods. Weapons: Glaive projectile speed has been increased. Exotic Weapon: No Time to Explain’s time portal no longer shoots dead bodies when it’s bored. The Alacrity origin trait now activates when it is supposed to, no longer impacting players that are in a fireteam. Fixed an exploit that allowed players to break out of playable spaces with glaive and Mask of Bakris equipped.


Reduced the tier-1 damage bonus from 20% to 15% when going up against other players.This is specifically to reduce the number of one-hit kills in PvP (e.g., Le Monarque or a High-Impact Sniper with High-Impact Reserves + High-Energy Fire or an Empowering Rift)The Stability weapon stat now grants flinch resistance in addition to its other effects, with a maximum flinch resistance of 10% to 25% depending on the weapon archetype. For a complete breakdown, check out our massive novel-length TWAB from a previous week here. For the full changes made to how airborne gameplay works, please check out the full breakdown here. For a brief recap: All Primary weapons have their airborne accuracy penalty removed (i.e., they’re just as accurate airborne as grounded—your bullets go where you’re aiming). We’ve added a new weapon stat called airborne effectiveness, which has been deliberately tuned on all Exotic weapons, everything that shipped in Season 16, and everything from Season 17 onwards.Some outliers also have a hand-tuned stat, like the rest of the Trials of Osiris and Nightfall weapons. All other weapons have a default value, set per weapon archetype. Precision angle threshold – 0 at 0 stat, high at 100 stat. This controls how easy it is to get headshots while airborne. If this is 0, you must pinpoint aim exactly at the head to get the headshot, otherwise you’ll get a body shot even if your aim assist cone overlaps with the head. What this means overall is that players will get fewer misses due to randomness from the accuracy cone while airborne, but reliance on aiming is much higher at low stat. In order to make this easier, players will need to build into airborne. The airborne effectiveness stat comes from three sources: Weapon: The weapon’s base airborne effectiveness stat, with ranges varying from 0 to 10 and to 0 to 30, depending on the weapon archetype. Exotic weapons typically get a higher stat than Legendary weapons in that archetype. This is available to weapon perks, starting with Air Assault. Subclass: The Heat Rises Warlock Solar Aspect: +70 while Heat Rises is active (i.e., on consuming your grenade). The Tempered Metal Solar Fragment: +20. The Whisper of Hedrons Stasis Fragment: +20. Exotic Armor: Exotic armor that revolves around being airborne, or works on specific weapons, grants a bonus or penalty that is usually in the -50 to +40 range. Stompees: -50. Lion Rampant: +100, only while hip-firing. Peacekeepers: +40 on SMGs only. Celestial Nighthawk: +100, only for firing the Celestial Nighthawk Super shot.Lucky Pants: +20, on Hand Cannons only. Peregrine Greaves: +10. Wings of Sacred Dawn: +50. Nezarec’s Sin: +20, with Void weapons only. Necrotic Grips: +20 with Weapons of Sorrow (and similar weapons). This means that, in general, if you want good airborne effectiveness (i.e., 80 stat), you should pick a weapon with a high stat, put Icarus Grip on it, and either equip an Exotic armor piece that helps, or run a subclass Aspect or Fragment. If you want the best possible airborne effectiveness, you’ll generally have to go all in on all three: weapon, Exotic armor, and subclass. This is a big weapon system change; we’ll be monitoring how it rolls out and adjusting as needed. Playlist weapons (Gambit, Crucible, and strike drops) now have a chance to roll with extra traits in one or both columns, increasing with number of rank resets with that vendor. Starting in Season 17, all playlist weapons from Beyond Light and later will drop with the appropriate Origin Trait.


Sniper Rifle: Reduced stow, ready, and aim-down-sights times by 10%, i.e., all Snipers are now snappier. Shotgun (applies to both Slug and Pellet Shotguns): Reduced damage falloff start and end by 1m. Reduced aim assist and magnetism falloff start and end by 2m. Fusion Rifle: Reduced damage falloff near distance. 2m at 0 range (~2.7m when ADS with a 15-zoom stat). 1.3m at 100 range (~2.275m when ADS with a 15-zoom stat). Reduced damage falloff far distance. 1m at 0 range (~1.35m when ADS with a 15-zoom stat). 1.3m at 100 range (~1.75m when ADS with a 15-zoom stat). Reduced recoil scalar variance between 0 and 100 stability: 0 stability: unchanged at 0.750. 100 stability: increased from 0.500 to 0.550 (i.e. increased the recoil penalty slightly). Reduced unmodified High-Impact charge time from 1.000 to 0.960s. Increased High-Impact damage per burst by 10. Increased unmodified Precision charge time from 0.740 to 0.780s. Increased unmodified Rapid-Fire charge time from 0.460 to 0.500. Decreased Rapid-Fire damage per burst by 20. New charge time and damage per burst for all fusion rifle subfamilies: High-Impact: 0.960s, 330 damage. Precision: 0.780s, 280 damage. Adaptive: 0.660s, 270 damage. Rapid-Fire: 0.500s, 245 damage. Auto Rifle:Increased damage falloff near distance by 0.75m. Pulse Rifle: Increased damage falloff near distance based on the range stat: 0 range: increased from 15 to 16m. 100 range: increased from 22.5 to 24m. (Note that this is the hip-fire falloff distance and is multiplied by the zoom value to get the aim down sights falloff distance). Damage falloff far distance remains 40m regardless of the range stat. Increased Lightweight (450RPM) Pulse Rifle damage per bullet from 15 to 16 (with a 1.65x precision scalar this will increase precision damage from 24.75 to 26.4). This won’t change the optimal time to kill (TTK) in PvP but will reduce the number of crits required. Submachine Gun (SMG): Increased damage falloff near distance by 1.5m. Adjusted zoom values on most viable Legendary SMGs and one Exotic. Shayura’s Wrath: 17 → 16. Multimach: With max zoom scope: 17 → 15 (second highest zoom will bring this to 14 instead). Stochastic Variable: 13 → 14. Ikelos: already did this in 600, but 13 → 14. Seventh Seraph: 13 → 14. Every Waking Moment: 13 → 14. Nerfed Adaptive SMGs body damage to increase their body shot TTK by one bullet without impacting optimal. Decreased body damage from 12 to 11.25. Increased precision multiplier from 1.35 to 1.44. Hand Cannon: Precision Frame Hand Cannons Intrinsic switched from an airborne penalty scalar to +25 airborne effectiveness stat. Machine Gun: Increased damage by 40% against PvE enemies (20% vs bosses). Xenophage and Grand Overture do not receive the bonus damage against bosses. Sword: Fixed several inconsistencies in stat display between different Swords (this has no gameplay impact). Increased the charge rate of Sola’s Scar from 20 to 50 to match Temptation’s hook. Trace Rifle: Increase Trace Rifle buff against non-red bar combatants to a total of 20% over live. Increased ammo picked up per Special ammo brick from 18 to 30. Glaive: Increased melee damage versus PvE enemies (except for bosses and vehicles) by 25%. Reduced energy drain speed while shielded by 30%. Increased projectile speed dependent on the range stat: At 0 stat: increased from 30 to 60 m/s. At 100 stat: increased from 80 to 100 m/s. Rocket Launcher: Fixed rocket damage scalar by ROF so it applies to impact and detonation damage and increased the difference from 5% to 10%. Reduced the Eyes of Tomorrow damage map buff from 1.3x to 1.2x since it gets 1.1x from this Rocket Launcher change (no other Exotic Rocket Launcher should be affected).


All Exotics that shipped before the Forsaken expansion release now have their kill trackers visible by default. Fighting Lion: Reverted the Season 15 breech Grenade Launcher blast radius reduction, but just for Fighting Lion, by increasing blast radius by 0.4m. Increased damage by 5%. Eyes of Tomorrow: Increased damage vs bosses and Champions by 30%. Leviathan’s Breath: The Archer’s Tempo perk from the catalyst now has increased effect (just on this weapon). The standard draw time scalar for Archer’s Tempo is 0.75x, it is now 0.5625x on Leviathan’s Breath. Added a small delay before detonation on Champions, mini-bosses, and bosses. This allows the impact to stun an Unstoppable Champion and the detonation to deal bonus damage against the stunned Champion. Damage changed to be more of an even split between impact and detonation, and increased damage across the board by ~50%. Overall damage vs Champions are roughly doubled (even more compared to shooting an un-stunned unstoppable Champion). The Huckleberry: Increased zoom stat from 13 to 15. Xenophage: Reverted the Season 15 change (which reduced the rate of fire to 100RPM). Increased rate of fire from 100RPM to 120RPM. Reduced damage per bullet to match the previous. Doesn’t benefit from the Season 15 or Season 17 Machin Gun PvE damage buffs. Le Monarque: Reduced poison tick damage vs players by 25%. Changed poison damage type from burn to poison. Increased poison tick damage vs AI by 50%. Lorentz Driver: Reduced body shot damage against players by 20%. Body damage reverts to old behavior when in the weapon’s damage mode. Precision damage in any mode unchanged. Skyburner’s Oath:Increased aim-down-sights (ADS) projectile speed to 9999 (i.e., this projectile is now hitscan). Both ADS and hip-fire are now 150 RPM. Hip-fire projectile no longer tracks, but arcs similar to a Grenade Launcher have a larger detonation size than ADS. The hip-fire detonation also applies Scorch to targets. The bonus range from the Masterwork has been rolled into the base stats of the weapon. The Masterwork now grants bonus reload speed instead. Has the highest airborne effectiveness stat of any weapon in the game. The Last Word: Reduced mouse and keyboard recoil penalty from 33% to 22%. Arbalest: Reduced damage vs Champions by 25% (will still break barriers in one hit). Graviton Lance: Catalyst changed from granting Hidden Hand to granting Vorpal Weapon and Turnabout. Grand Overture: Reduced time between bursts when in missile mode. Holding the trigger will now fire all missiles in a continuous burst, tapping will fire 5-round bursts.Wavesplitter – Void 3.0 update: Picking up an Orb of Power now grants 10s of maximum power and caps at 20s, up from 5 and 10, respectively. Now suppresses targets on sustained fire while in this mode. Osteo Striga: Corrected rotation on the projectile model. Exotic Glaives: Titan Glaive, Edge of Action: players now gain a Void overshield from entering the bubble. Helm of Saint-14' Starless Night now applies to this bubble as it does for Ward of Dawn. Warlock Glaive, Edge of Intent: increased speed and acceleration of the healing turret projectiles. Hunter Glaive, Edge of Concurrence: tripled the damage of the wave detonation, increased the number of enemies it can chain to from 4 to 8. Lord of Wolves is like a Shotgun but has some custom tuning, so it needed some adjustments to keep pace with the last couple of Shotgun changes: Reduced damage falloff start and end by 25%.


Note: where an enhanced perk exists and an adjustment is needed, it’s been adjusted in the same way.

Snapshot Sights: Increased ADS animation speed scalar from 0.5 to 0.75 for Special ammo weapons (i.e., made the speed slower, though Primary ammo weapons are unchanged). Opening Shot: Removed the damage falloff scalar. Increased range stat bonus from +20 to +25. Full Choke: Increased spread angle scale from 0.95 to 0.9625 (i.e., narrows the spread a little less).Smoothbore: Reduced spread angle scale from 1.1 to 1.075 (i.e., widens the spread a little less).Desperado: Increased fire recovery scalar from 0.415 to 0.7 (i.e., doesn’t fire as fast with the perk active). Reduced duration from 7s to 6s, added a timer to the buff text. Removed the PvE damage penalty. This will allow it to work as intended on some other subfamilies, not just High-Impacts. Shoot to Loot: Now only activates if the player is capable of picking up the ammo brick. The cooldown has been removed. Air Assault: Now grants up to +60 airborne effectiveness stat when wounded (same trigger conditions as Eye of the Storm). Mulligan: Increased chance to return ammo on a miss from 20% to 35% on Primary ammo weapons.Unchanged on Special and Heavy ammo weapons.Compulsive Reloader: Increased reload stat buff from +40 to +50. Added a 0.95x reload animation scalar. Adagio: Reduced the damage bonus for Shotguns from 30% to 20%.Harmony: Fixed an issue where kills from the weapon with this perk could sometimes activate the perk if stowed quickly. Skulking Wolf: The perk duration has been changed to 10 seconds for use in the updated Iron Banner mode.


Icarus Grip: Removed airborne accuracy scalar, now grants +15 airborne effectiveness stat. Adept Icarus: Removed airborne accuracy scalar, now grants +15 airborne effectiveness stat and +5 handling.


Solar Subclasses:Reworked to fit the Subclass 3.0 system, in particular: Solar subclasses now use the Aspect and Fragment system used by Stasis and Void. Standardized a set of buffs and debuffs aligned to the Solar damage type used across your subclass, weapons, and armor: Cure – You are healed in a burst of mending Solar Light. Restoration – You continuously regenerate health and shields over time. Cannot be interrupted by taking damage. Radiant – Your weapons are enhanced by the power of the Traveler and deal increased damage to foes. Scorch – The target is singed by destructive Solar Light, taking damage over time. Scorch damage increases as the target accumulates more Scorch stacks. After 100 Scorch stacks are applied to the target, they Ignite. Ignite – A large, damaging Solar explosion in an area around the target. Hovering over Aspects, Fragments, or abilities on the Solar subclass screen now displays a tooltip flyout detailing any relevant status effects. Some old subclass perks have been deprecated, while others have been rolled into base ability behavior, Fragments or Aspects will have fluid behavior because of that. All classes now have access to all Solar grenades.


Healing Grenade (NEW): Releases a wave of benevolent Solar Light on impact with targets or the environment that Cures allies and creates a blessing that grants Restoration on pickup. Tracks to allies in its flight path. Solar Grenade: Now applies 20 Scorch stacks to targets on initial detonation and 14 Scorch stacks per second to targets in the lingering damage volume instead of a generic Solar burn effect. Base cooldown increased from 105s to 121s. Tripmine Grenade: Now applies 40 Scorch stacks to targets caught in the blast. Firebolt Grenade: Now applies 20 Scorch stacks to targets hit by secondary seekers. Fusion Grenade: Now applies 40 Scorch stacks targets caught in the blast.Incendiary Grenade: Now applies 60 Scorch stacks to targets caught in the blast, rather than applying a generic Solar burn effect. Thermite Grenade: Now applies 10 Scorch stacks to targets hit by each wave. Swarm Grenade: Now applies 5 Scorch stacks to targets caught in each drone’s detonation.


Gunslinger Split Golden Gun into two separate variants, Deadshot and Marksman: Deadshot (6-shot variant):Now deals increased damage while Radiant. Now refunds a Golden Gun round when you cause a target to Ignite while your Super is active, rather than on any kill. Marksman (3-shot variant): Now deals increased damage while Radiant. Now over-penetrates targets by default. Blade Barrage: Increased consistency of tracking strength. Knives can now track targets more predictably at very close and very far ranges.Increased PVE damage vs. PVE combatants by 25%. Knife Trick: Now applies 20 Scorch stacks per knife rather than a generic Solar burn effect. Weighted Throwing Knife: Now refunds your class ability on precision kill rather than itself. Now causes Scorched targets to Ignite on hit.Lightweight Knife (new melee): A quick Throwing Knife option that deals moderate damage and causes you to become Radiant when you land a precision hit. Acrobat’s Dodge (new ability): Perform an acrobatic leap, driving a Solar knife to the ground. On landing, you and nearby allies are made Radiant. Deprecated the Practice Makes Perfect subclass node perk. Reworked the Knock ‘Em Down subclass node perk: Now passively grants additional bonuses to your Solar Supers: Marksman Golden Gun has 15% additional damage resistance and 4 seconds increased duration (+33%). Deadshot Golden Gun has 4 seconds increased duration (+33%). Blade Barrage now fires 5 additional knives per wave (+70%). In addition, Radiant-defeating targets with your equipped Throwing Knife refunds your melee energy.Nightstalker Trapper’s Ambush: Landing detonation now counts as melee damage and will trigger perks like Echo of Exchange and Melee Wellmaker.Stylish Executioner: After a Stylish Execution, your weakening melee attack now also deals bonus damage to targets.Arcstrider:Fixed an issue where Tempest Strike would sometimes fail to travel through doors with low ceilings.


Sunbreaker Hammer of Sol: Now shatters into explosive secondary projectiles as default behavior. Burning Maul: Increased initial light attack lunge distance. After landing ten light attack hits, now automatically spawns a Heavy attack cyclone at the target’s location. Hammer Strike: No longer weakens targets. Now applies 40 Scorch stacks to the primary target hit by Hammer Strike and deals damage to targets behind them. If the primary target is killed by a Hammer Strike direct impact, they automatically Ignite. Throwing Hammer: Now applies Cure (in addition to refunding the melee cost) when picked up if the Hammer struck a target. Deprecated the Mortar Blast melee ability and the Explosive Pyre and Tempered Metal subclass node perks. Roaring Flames: Now activates from Solar ability kills and kills with Solar Ignitions. Damage scalar reduced to compensate for expected increased uptime: Now 20% increased ability damage to combatants per stack, down from 30%. Note: melee damage bonus is reduced when Peregrine Greaves, One-Two Punch, Wormgod Caress, or Synthoceps’ perks are also active. Now ~13% increased ability damage to players per stack, down from 25%. Sol Invictus: Sunspots are now created from Solar ability kills, kills on Scorched targets, or Hammer of Sol impacts. Sunspots now apply Scorch (in addition to dealing damage) to targets that pass through. Sunspots no longer provide an outgoing damage boost, but now grant Restoration when you pass through a Sunspot you created. Grenade and melee regeneration bonus scalar granted by Sol Invictus (previously Sun Warrior) reduced from 3 to 1.5. In general, we want significant amounts of ability regeneration to come from buildcrafting rather than any single source, and the amount of bonus energy granted by Sun Warrior didn’t meet our goals in the new system where additional buildcrafting elements are present. Sentinel Offensive Bulwark: Increased the amount of time added to your Void Overshield’s duration when you defeat a target with a melee attack. Now 6 seconds bonus duration, up from 2 seconds. Behemoth Diamond Lance: Fixed an issue where the Diamond Lance pickup interactable would delete itself if an enemy player walked through it.


General Added a small amount of airborne tolerance when casting a rift to reduce instances of the cast sequence terminating early while on uneven terrain. Note: this change was also previously applied to the Titan Barricade ability with the launch of The Witch Queen. Dawnblade Daybreak: Now sends out a streak of flames on impact as default behavior. Well of Radiance: No longer provides an overshield to players standing in the Well. Now damage resistance has increased vs. damage from combatants, player abilities, and Special and Heavy weapon damage to partially offset the loss in raw HP. Celestial Fire: Tracking effectiveness increased at longer ranges. Reduced damage of each individual projectile from 35hp to 30hp. Damage scalar increased against PVE combatants by 25%.Incinerator Snap (new melee ability): Snap your fingers to create a short-range fan of burning sparks which explode and Scorch enemies.Phoenix Dive (NEW): Dive to the ground and create a burst of Solar Light that Cures yourself and nearby allies. Deprecated the Guiding Flame and Igniting Touch melee abilities, and the Divine Protection and Everlasting Fire subclass node perks. Heat Rises: Now also improves Phoenix Dive. While Heat Rises is active, you are granted Restoration while diving, and deal damage to and Scorch nearby enemies on landing. Now grants +70 airborne effectiveness to your equipped weapons rather than removing the airborne accuracy penalty.Voidwalker Pocket Singularity: Improved consistency at close ranges. Now also disables targets’ melee lunge for 1 second on hit. Stormcaller Ball Lightning: Projectile now arms more quickly after passing over a target to resolve an issue where the downward detonation could overshoot targets behind cover.

Solar Aspects

Hunter: Knock ‘Em Down On Your Mark Gunpowder Gamble Titan: Roaring Flames Sol Invictus Consecration Warlock: Icarus Dash Heat Rises Touch of Flame

Solar Fragments

Ember of Singeing Ember of Benevolence Ember of EruptionEmber of Searing Ember of Beams Ember of Combustion Ember of Torches Ember of Tempering Ember of Blistering Ember of Solace [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED] [REDACTED]

Solar-Focused Exotic Armor Updates

Loreley Splendor Helm: The Sunspot created by Loreley Splendor Helm now when casting your Barricade or while at critical health has improved Restoration effects. The Bombardiers: Now apply Scorch to targets rather than a generic Solar burn effect. Dawn Chorus: Now causes your Daybreak projectiles to apply Scorch to impacted targets rather than a generic Solar burn effect. Now increases the damage your Scorch effects deal. Phoenix Cradle: Now applies the Sol Invictus buff and Solar Restoration to allies that pass through your Sunspots. Young Ahamkara’s Spine: No longer grants ability energy from burn damage ticks.


Void Invisibility: Radar ping loop now begins after 5 seconds of invisibility, up from 3. With Update, we made a change to radar behavior for invisible targets. We believe that this was the right path forward, but our tuning was slightly too aggressive and removed space in the Nightstalker kit that allowed them to intelligently flank bunkered players. The changes in this update mean that base Vanishing Step or Trapper’s Ambush melee invisibility will not trigger a second radar ping (unless the invisible player begins sprinting or uses their vertical movement mode). With one source of invisibility extension (like Echo of Persistence or Graviton Forfeit) active or with an extended invisibility effect (like a Trapper’s Ambush Quickfall or Stylish Executioner activation), one additional radar ping will occur, and if two extensions are used then two additional radar pings will occur. Void Volatile: Fixed an issue where volatile detonations could be applied to a single target immediately rather than going on the intended 1-second cooldown. We don’t believe this will result in a noticeable player-facing difference in volatile behavior or efficacy outside of edge cases with Volatile Rounds or Controlled Demolition but will be keeping an eye on this going forward. Lowered the amount of physics acceleration applied to targets by volatile detonations. Resilience: Now grants increased incoming flinch resistance and damage resistance vs. PVE combatants.

Power and Progression

Power Bands have been increased for the new Season: Power Floor: 1350 (unchanged) Soft Cap: 1510 (up from 1500) Powerful Cap: 1560 (up from 1550) Hard Cap: 1570 (up from 1560) The Character Power Boost has been increased to 1510 with the new Soft Cap.

Bounties and Pursuits

Fixed an error granting unintended progress for Weapon Flair Triumph. Activity streaks for Crucible, Vanguard, Xûr’s Strange Favor, and Gambit no longer reset when you enter a non-ritual activity. Instead, they rebalance themselves every time you complete a ritual activity, so you can never have a total of more the 5 across the 4 reputations. Players no longer receive Gunsmith reputation for completing campaign missions. Public events objectives now award participation for all types of public events. Fixed an issue where The Butler RS/2 Rocket Launcher is rewarded to a new Guardian after starting the New Light campaign a second time. Fixed several issues affecting the runes in the Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector in the Cosmodrome. Removed bounty related objectives from Gambit, Crucible, and strike intro quests. Fixed an issue where new characters would start with other subclasses unlocked when deleting a veteran character. Vendor buttons leading to abilities now show a checkmark to signify all abilities have been acquired from subclass tree.


Dares of Eternity: Increased Strange Coins earned from the reward chest in Dares of Eternity from 1 to 3. This does not affect the number of Strange Coins earned from Lightning Round chests. Dares of Eternity: Fixed an issue that could result in the Pinnacle reward for completing the weekly activity challenge to result in duplicates more often than intended. Seasonal Challenges with unique items or upgrades now show those rewards with large icons. Experience and Bright Dust continue to use smaller icons.

Season Pass

Going forward, Catalyst Quest Boosts acquirable from the Season Pass will apply to all active Season Pass Exotic catalyst quests. This applies to Season of the Risen and after. A Season Pass exclusive Ghost projection has been added to the premium track (available at rank 45). Some existing rewards were moved/consolidated to accommodate this change but no items have been removed from the Pass.


Xûr’s inventory should no longer be different if players manage to find him at destinations shortly after the weekly reset happens on Tuesday. He will still reappear with new gifts from the Nine when he returns at his regularly scheduled time on Friday. Updated the names and descriptions for some vendor engrams. Engram items titled “Gear” should directly reward you with an item of that type, while engrams items titled “Engram” should reward you with a decryptable engram you can bring to Rahool or focus at a vendor.

Platforms and Systems

Cleaned up Audio settings for voice chat on non-PC platforms: Voice Settings: Remove console voice chat settings for Blended, Headset Only, Speakers Only. Improved the consistency with which PlayStation and Xbox platform rosters update the online status of platform friends.


The voice actor for Eris Morn’s Italian dialogue has been recast.


Season 17 entitlement updates (Seasonal Silver Bundle, Season Pass, The Witch Queen Dungeon Key): The Witch Queen Dungeon Key (which includes both S17 and S19 dungeons) will immediately be granted to players who own or purchase The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or upgrade the already-owned copy to Deluxe. For players who do not own The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, The Witch Queen Dungeon Key can be purchased a la carte from the Eververse store immediately upon 4.1.0 release, or via the Duality dungeon node or Hawthorne vendor when the dungeon launches. Scorn sniper damage brought in line with other combatant sniper weapons. Spread of projectiles increased to reduce instances of multiple projectiles hitting players. Removed veteran player Void 3.0 tutorial.

New Light

New Light Solar 3.0 updates: New Hunter characters will start with the reworked Solar 3.0 subclass. New Titan and Warlock characters will start with Void 3.0 subclasses. Subclasses you have not acquired are available after finishing the A Guardian Rises questline and talking with Ikora Rey during the A Spark of Hope quest.

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