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Destiny 2: The Final Shape Takes Players Inside The Traveler For A Fight 10 Years In The Making

Today we got our first look at The Final Shape, the last expansion in Destiny 2's “Light and Darkness” saga that was first set in motion back in 2014. It arrives February 27, 2024, and it’s looking great so far.

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As revealed during Destiny 2's annual showcase, The Final Shape will take players inside The Traveler, the giant space ball they’ve spent almost a decade staring at, as they try to prevent a nefarious cosmic entity known as The Witness from using The Traveler’s Light to do terrible things. The source of the power it’s after is a location called the Pale Heart, which Bungie is calling Destiny’s first linear adventure.

Here’s the teaser trailer:

The game’s developers describe the Pale Heart as a shape-shifting labyrinth that begins at the ruins of Destiny 1's Tower, and eventually shifts to deadly locales where things get turned upside down and the rules of physics get twisted. The Pale Heart will also be full of a new enemy type called Enforcers. These Witness henchmen will wield Darkness powers like Stasis and Strand, and in practice they look like a mashup of The Witch Queen’s Light-powered Hive and Lightfall’s scyth-carrying Tormentors.

Players will also get access to new Solar, Void, and Arc supers for each class. Void Titans will throw magic axes that get lodged in the ground and explode. Arc Hunters will get an electric quarter staff that lets it blink forward, buff nearby allies, and perform fighting game-like moves on enemies.

And or course there are new Exotic weapons, including returning gear from Destiny 1 like the Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher and Red Death pulse rifle. New Exotics include a gun you can suck your grenade into and one that can swap between dealing damage and healing allies.

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