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Deltarune’s Next Two Chapters Are Coming Sooner Than We Thought

Deltarune, spiritual successor to the beloved, retro-inspired RPG Undertale, is two chapters into its seven-part story. Now, about halfway through development, director Toby Fox and his team are shifting its episodic release plan.

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Fox explained in his October 31 newsletter that Deltarune’s third and fourth chapters will now be released together, rather than waiting for 3,4, and 5 launching in bulk. As a result, Deltarune will be available for purchase when Chapter 3 and 4 launch, allowing the team to put something out into the world sooner rather than later.

In the newsletter, Fox says Chapter 3 is “pretty much content complete” and there will be “essentially no more changes to dialogue or gameplay” moving forward. As for Chapter 4, Fox says the team is already working on it and has made “a very substantial amount” of headway on its cutscenes and enemies. He also revealed he’s hired a new producer to help speed up the development process moving forward.

Deltarune’s first chapter launched on Mac and Windows back in 2018, with a Switch and PS4 port following a few months later in early 2019. The second chapter launched on PC, Mac, Switch, and PS4 with much less downtime, as the console versions launched only two days later.

While the game isn’t a technically sequel to Undertale, it does feature a lot of the same visual elements like the retro-inspired art style, turn-based combat, and bullet-hell mechanics sprinkled in. There are also a few returning characters, as well. So it’s all semantics, really. But even so, there’s a lot to appreciate in Deltarune if you’re an Undertale fan.

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