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Counter-Strike League Makes It Clear: Crocs Are Banned

The ESL, a large Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports league, announced all the changes it made to its rule book ahead of the upcoming IEM Cologne 2023 competition in Germany. And among the changes is a very important one: Crocs are banned.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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Launched in 2015 as the Electronic Sports League, the ESL has evolved and grown to become one of the biggest CS:GO competitive leagues in the world. The league holds tournaments around the world and features more than a dozen teams spread across four regions of the globe. And before its next big event in August, the ESL wanted to let everyone know its thoughts on open-toed shoes.

On July 20, ESL announced over 50 new and amended rules take effect immediately, but it’s the Croc ban that stood out amid a clarification regarding open-toed shoes and foam clogs aka Crocs. Numerous fans and players online across Twitter and Reddit joked about the Croc clarification, seen specifically in a tweak to rule 4.3 found in the events section of the ESL Pro Tour General Rules Book.

Clarified in “4.3 Clothing” that Crocs are considered open shoes and therefore not allowed.

Other banned clothing for ESL Pro events includes shorts, flip-flops, and “any kind of headwear.” If you decide to wear Crocs anyway, be prepared to pay at minimum a $250 fine. Apparently, ESL will provide “suitable clothing” for folks who aren’t following the rules and the cost of those rule-allowed items will be “subtracted from the prize money” players might win. Yikes!

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