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Modern Warfare III Maps Removed Due To Deadly Spawn Points

After players found themselves being endlessly slaughtered in “death pits” littered around certain Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III maps, the developers are yanking the troublesome maps from multiplayer playlists because of these “unfavorable spawns.”

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The team took to its official Twitter/X account to share the news, specifying which maps have been pulled while investigations into the issue get underway. Four locations in total have been temporarily removed from the game: Rundown, Scrapyard, and Quarry in the Hardpoint playlist; and Karachi from the Cutthroat playlist. (Cutthroat is a newly introduced 3v3v3 game type similar to Gunfight, while Hardpoint is a capture-the-point-like mode.) Bearing out what players on these maps have experienced, Sledgehammer Games said that problems are resulting in bad spawn points that lead players to pop up right in front of enemy camps. Talk about an unfortunate jumpscare.

This is good news, however. Although the Cutthroat and Hardpoint playlists may feel a bit repetitive with these four maps temporarily out of rotation, it’s better that they tackle the issue now, so players won’t continually get farmed for killstreaks and XP due to shitty spawn points.

Kotaku reached out to Activision for comment.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is officially out on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox after a brief early access period for folks who pre-ordered the game (see on Amazon). Although the game’s relatively short single-player campaign is kind of garbage, critics have said that the gunplay is some of the best Call of Duty’s had in a minute.

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