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This Rad Fan-Made Bloodborne Racing Game Finally Has A Release Date

Last year, the creators of Bloodborne PSX, a popular fan-made demake of From Software’s beloved 2015 action role-playing game, Bloodborne (see on Amazon), made headlines announcing their next project: Bloodborne Kart. At the time, developer Lillith Walther told Kotaku that the racing game would be released “when it’s ready.” Well, the time is close at hand, because a new Bloodborne Kart trailer revealed that it’s out for free on January 31, 2024.

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Yesterday, the three-person development team shared new details on Bloodborne Kart in the form of a fancy release date trailer on their official X (formerly Twitter) accounts. According to the devs, the game will have a single-player campaign, local splitscreen, and a competitive battle mode, which is rad as hell. The fan-made game will include 16 tracks set “on the streets of Yharnam and beyond,” 12 playable racers including the stoic hunter Lady Maria, and even boss fights.

Here’s the release date trailer.

Lilith Walther / FanSoftware

Bloodborne Kart was a meme that was born from a fake joke leak that was posted anonymously in 2017 that spun out of control,” the team wrote in a post on their official website. “This community in-joke spawned fanart, mods and of course fan games. This fan game will be released as the logical conclusion of the six-year communal art project.”

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With any exciting fan-made work comes the fear that the copyright owners will pull the plug on the project. This phenomenon has happened so often throughout the years that some advise those working on fan games to stay hush about their rad passion project and avoid a potential cease-and-desist letter from the IP’s original owners. The possibility of Bloodborne Kart suffering a similar fate isn’t lost on Walther.

“The nervousness over the project getting taken down is always present, but there isn’t anything I can really do about it except hope it doesn’t happen,” Walther told Kotaku. “If it happens it happens.”

Here’s hoping that Sony and FromSoftware’s lawyers will be chill about Bloodborne Kart when it finally launches early next year.

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