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Where To Find Palworld's Helpful Black Marketeers

A big part of Palworld is, of course, collecting the Pokémon-like Pals themselves, but sometimes, finding or catching a particular Pal can feel like a real chore. Should you happen to be tired of scouring the world to try and capture a specific Pal, the Black Marketeer might just have what you’re looking for. Mysterious merchants, these NPCs will sell you a variety of uncommon Pals, which is perfect when you just want to skip the hunt and get straight to owning a more powerful beast buddy.

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The Black Marketeers aren’t always easy to find, however. While they don’t move around, they’re sometimes camped out in hard-to-find areas. This guide will go over where to find them with approximate coordinates and the locations of nearby fast-travel points.

Abandoned Mineshaft

Coordinates: 24, -417

From the church’s fast-travel point, move west off the cliff. Turn to the east to face the cliff to find the Abandoned Mineshaft. This one’s a little tricky to find, so it may take some time.

Cove Mineshaft

Coordinates: -252, -156

You’ll find the entrance near the shoreline in this area.


Coordinates: 350, 364

You’ll find this Marketeer outside of the city, a short distance away from the walls.

Eastern Wild Island

Coordinates: 470, -272

You’ll find this Marketeer on the western side of the island.

Fort Ruins/Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings

Coordinates: 144, -362

You’ll find this Marketeer southeast of the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings fast-travel point and northwest of the Fort Ruins fast-travel statue.

Ruined Fortress City

Coordinates: -607, -233

This Marketeer is found a short distance northwest of the Ruined Fortress City fast-travel point.

Mount Obsidian Shore

Coordinates: -491, -531

Head south from the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast-travel point to find this Marketeer on the beach.

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