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Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Saves Are Disappearing, Here’s How To Avoid It

Baldur’s Gate 3 shadow-dropped on Xbox after winning Game of the Year at The Game Awards, and Larian Studios is already pushing out updates and hotfixes as the dust settles. If you’re playing the fantasy epic on your Xbox, you may be at risk of losing your saves, and Larian is warning players to update their system to avoid the issue.

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Larian posted about the problem on its social media accounts, saying there’s a risk of Xbox Baldur’s Gate 3 players losing saves if the game crashes. The solution to this problem is on a system level rather than just in any patch or hotfix Baldur’s Gate 3 rolls out. So if you want to save yourself any potential heartache, you should update your Xbox Series X/S system software. While you may have this set to automatically download and install, Larian recommends manually installing the update through the Settings menu and scrolling down to System. On this menu, if you see “No console update available,” you’re all caught up. Otherwise, download the update before you return to Faerûn, just to be safe.

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Xbox launch was a long time coming, arriving on the platform months after PC and PlayStation 5 got the game in August and September, respectively. The delay was publicly attributed to issues with getting its split-screen cooperative mode to work on the Xbox Series S, though it seems Larian and Microsoft finally came to an agreement that would let the Series S version move forward without this feature. However, it’s otherwise feature-comparable to other platforms.

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