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Baldur’s Gate 3’s Latest Big Patch Brings Over 1,000 More Tweaks And Fixes

Larian has dropped another colossal patch for its hugely successful Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Baldur’s Gate 3, and it brings over 1000 individual fixes and tweaks to the game just as we head into its three-month anniversary.

Baldur's Gate 3's Karlach Actor On Playing The Beloved Barbarian

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The full patch notes were posted on the game’s official website, and they are massive. A few notable highlights include accessibility features for visually impaired and color-blind people, the ability to customize hirelings you get from Withers, and a plethora of bug fixes.

There are also a lot of small details here, such as dialogue tweaks and changes that allow certain party members like Minthara to appear in cutscenes they previously couldn’t. Detail-oriented fixes like this are the kind of thing that speaks to me and other RPG fans who have an obsessive interest in the little moments that make your party feel like a unit. These tiny details might not mean much in a first playthrough, but Baldur’s Gate 3 is the kind of game that people play repeatedly, forming such strong attachments to characters that not having them show up in a pivotal scene can be a little disheartening. So it’s nice to see Larian paying attention to the little things.

You can read the entirety of the patch notes right here:


You can now dismiss dead avatars to Withers’ Wardrobe. Withers will now also explain how the wardrobe works.You can now customise hirelings’ appearance when recruiting them.Colour-blind mode: We’ve added a setting to the Accessibility tab that will allow you to choose protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia. This affects the colours used to distinguish factions and relations: map and minimap icons, portrait frames, and character outlines and circles.


Refined Scratch’s fetch behaviour. He will now fetch… pretty much everything.Archfey warlocks now get a choice of cantrip at Level 4 as intended.Updated the mechanics of Speak with Dead so that you can cast it again if you didn’t ask any questions the first time. (For example, if you’re told the corpse doesn’t want to speak to its killer, and then you cast the spell again in Wild Shape.)At Level 6, Knowledge Domain clerics will now correctly gain ‘Channel Divinity: Read Thoughts’, Nature Domain clerics will now correctly gain ‘Dampen Elements’, and Trickery Domain clerics will now correctly gain ‘Channel Divinity: Cloak of Shadows’. When you purchase a statue from Boney in the circus, you can now choose to make it look like you in full equipment, in camp clothes, or naked.Scratch’s ball will now be harder to lose. If you lost his ball, go see him at camp and he might give it back. (Ball warranty voided for chasm-related accidents.)Added a controller option so that, if you want, you can have the End Turn button require a hold instead of a tap.Fixed the Enemy of Justice condition sometimes applying when it shouldn’t.Fixed an issue where assaulting someone while Invisible would still cause a guard to spot you and start a dialogue with you if there was a civilian nearby.Halsin will no longer spontaneously decide it’d be fun to turn into a bear before he talks to you in Act I.Added more autosaves in the Shadow-Cursed Lands and to several Wyrm’s Crossing and Lower City locations, including the Steel Watch Foundry, Iron Throne, and Rivington.Licking the hunk of spider meat in the Gauntlet of Shar might make you sick. You should have listened to Gale.You can now read the recipe for the Emperor’s favourite soup.You can now use sponges and soaps to clean up your party members, removing grime, blood, and bad odours!


Cazador suddenly remembered he can turn into mist and fly, so he’ll no longer give up the ghost if he falls into a chasm.Fixed an inconsistent issue where enemies wouldn’t do anything during combat except Dash and move.Fixed some NPCs being able to shoot through floors and ceilings. They’ve said they’ll play fair.


We’ve told Mol to be more polite and thank you if you saved Mirkon from the harpies. This will close up the quest correctly.Added better multiplayer support for the post-celebration night in Act I. Now all avatars can choose which companion they want to get jiggy with.Lae’zel was having trouble getting over Act I and Act II. She’ll no longer make certain comments in Act III as though you’re still in the earlier stages of your adventure.Blocked some quest updates for Jaheira’s quest when you skip certain parts of it to avoid spoiling big reveals.The Gur will now support you in the endgame if their questline was peacefully resolved in Cazador’s lair.If Avatar Gale or a Tav with Gale as a recruited companion is nearby to witness the elder brain in the Colony, they will be preferred as the active speaker in the dialogue for Gale’s origin moment.Added new dialogue options for Minsc when he learns about the connection between the Dark Urge and Gortash.Now Connor will disappear if Mayrina decides to destroy the hag wand in Act III. You can also talk to him if you resurrect him with the wand.Yenna now correctly returns to camp after a companion is abducted.Gale should no longer complain about you making a deal with Raphael if you haven’t.


Tweaked the colour of the Potion of Mind Reading to distinguish it from Potions of Healing.


Added some new idle animations and behaviours for Minthara, Halsin, Shadowheart, and Lae’zel at camp.Karlach will now feel more alive while idle in camp rather than just standing there doing nothing.


You can now customise which solution is selected in the second slot of the Alchemy panel.Added map markers for when characters want to talk to you.Added unique map icons for the Magic Mirror and Withers’ Wardrobe.Improved the Skills section of the Character Sheet: Added icons for the individual skills, added stars to indicate Proficiency and Expertise in certain skills, and improved the skill tooltips.Combat rounds are now displayed under separate headings in the Combat Log so it’s easier to distinguish when things happened.


Fixed a crash when the game checked for falling items while you’re not fully loaded into a level or region (e.g. when loading a savegame).Fixed an infinite loop of leaving and entering combat when you’re the only player character in a combat and you have a condition that affects whether the NPCs consider you targetable (e.g. Feigning Death).Fixed a bug blocking the second split-screen player from moving until they open a UI after having disconnected and reconnected.Fixed the skill proficiency value not updating in Character Creation.Fixed a crash when switching between controller and keyboard and mouse immediately after completing Character Creation.Fixed a crash when an item gets destroyed while an NPC is trying to pick it up.Fixed multiple cases where you couldn’t select dialogue options.Fixed a bug preventing you from initiating dialogues.Fixed a GPU crash.Fixed a potential crash on multiplayer when the host triggers the scene with Nightsong after defeating Balthazar and the client is controlling Shadowheart.Fixed an occasional crash when loading a savegame made after freeing Nightsong and exiting the Shadowfell.Fixed a blocker preventing progress past Act II due to Shadowheart not leaving the party correctly.Looting True Soul Nere’s corpse after picking it up will no longer freeze the game.


Across Acts

When a character uses an off-hand ranged attack, Dexterity is no longer added to the damage. This now aligns with off-hand melee attacks.Rage can no longer be used while under the effects of Calm Emotions.The Spellmight Gloves now only work with spells that have Attack Rolls.Wearing the Yuan-Ti Scale Mail while having the Medium Armour Master feat no longer caps the AC Dexterity bonus to 3.Cloudkill upcasted to Level 6 no longer costs a Level 5 spell slot. Updated the Mud Elemental’s Multiattack to only deal Bludgeoning damage. Its Multiattack can also now only target Muddy creatures or creatures standing in a Mud surface.The Earth Elemental’s Multiattack now deals unarmed damage on its second attack.Improved the Flame Blade’s AI.Fixed meazels’ Shadow Teleport spell also teleporting the target character’s summons.Raphael’s Igniting Spark now requires its target to roll a Dexterity Saving Throw. It also now does more damage, and still does half damage on a successful save.Fixed the Bone Chill and Mummy Rot conditions not blocking HP regeneration for Undead characters.Fixed Sneak Attack applying to spells in certain situations.Hail of Thorns now maintains its cost at higher levels.The ‘Topple the Big Folk’ action unlocked with Balduran’s Giantslayer can be used against creatures of any size now. The additional damage and the Prone condition will, however, only be applied to Large, Huge, or Gargantuan creatures.Adjusted the price of the Hood of the Weave and the Circlet of Inner Turmoil.Increased the price of the Scroll of True Resurrection.Characters who have an Ability Score reduced to 0 via a condition (e.g. Devoured Intellect) will now consistently die.Fixed the incorrect damage bonus being conferred by the Horns of the Berserker helmet. It now grants a +2 Necrotic damage bonus.The Blind condition for ‘Aspect of the Beast: Chimpanzee’ will no longer drop at the start of the target’s turn.Fixed a bug causing swarmed enemies to skip their turn if the Dash condition wasn’t removed.Fixed the mind flayer Dominate Person spell being considered a cantrip.Myrmidon Wild Shapes for Circle of the Moon druids now have damage resistances befitting their elemental type.Way of the Open Hand monks’ ‘Flurry of Blows: Push’ action now deals Falling damage to targets pushed off ledges.Adjusted the damage radius of the Death Burst action taken by mephits summoned through Conjure Minor Elemental.Barbarians’ ‘Rage: Tiger Heart’ damage now scales to 3 at higher levels, as intended.Attacking non-hostile (but not allied) creatures will now maintain Rage.Fixed nearby civilians joining combat if you steal items while in combat.Picking up the disarmed weapons of characters in combat will no longer be considered a crime. You can also now use owned items in combat even around characters who are not participating in combat.Fixed NPCs sometimes taking too long during their turn in combat due to trying to reach an unreachable position.If you drop your weapon in combat, your allies should now know better than to pick it up for themselves before you get the chance to.Protection from Evil and Good should now protect you against meenlocks’ Fear Aura, and the aura will go away if the meenlock gets knocked out.Rerolling a Critical Fail on a spell that has a Saving Throw will no longer cause the spell to land a Critical Hit.Fixed your Dexterity modifier being added to ranged off-hand damage before you have the Dual Wielder feat.Fixed enemies overvaluing Blinding conditions so much that they would sometimes just give up and skip their turn.Earth Myrmidons and Fire Myrmidons will no longer lose Muck to Metal and Myrmidon’s Immolation, respectively, when taking other actions such as Disengage.Fixed the hag having incorrect AC and attribute values while in one of her Polymorphed forms.

Act I

Fixed goblins sometimes going idle during combat and not using portals (like the burrow holes in the Goblin Camp) correctly.Fixed Lump’s Intelligence being higher than intended. He does, however, remain a gourmand.Polma will now use her Throw Stone spell properly against characters on high ground.Fixed some corpses animated by Gekh Coal not joining combat if they are too far away.Fixed a bug where choosing to attack Gekh Goal via dialogue wasn’t making him permanently hostile.Fixed the corpses that Gekh Coal animates having the Temporarily Hostile condition.Spore servants raised by Glut now have spellcasting blocked.Added 2 Animated Armours to the combat with Bernard in Tactician Mode.

Act II

Fixed the barbarian in the Self-Same Trial not being able to use its Rage ability. Also added some passives it was meant to have.Fixed the Visages not joining combat if you use the Attack button in the dialogue with Gerringothe Thorm.Fixed a bug causing the Visages to become Surprised if you attack Gerringothe Thorm and they get teleported to her.Fixed Flesh’s Corpulent Rage not making him go Berserk if there were no characters or items nearby.Fixed Flesh not going Berserk when receiving half damage from a successful spell save.Fixed the Apostle of Myrkul missing several Bleeding-related condition immunities that are typical of other Undead creatures.Fixed Gerringothe Thorm getting some negative conditions removed when she loses one of her pieces of armour.Necromites will no longer attempt to offer themselves to the Apostle of Myrkul if he is unable to use his Consume the Faithful spell. During the attacks of the justiciars in the Gauntlet of Shar, if you become Invisible and the justiciars can’t find you, they will stop constantly joining and leaving combat.Fixed the combat with the Arcane Turrets at the Arcane Tower not ending if you used Lump’s War Horn to summon the ogres and then the turrets got reduced to 0 HP.


Cazador now has Legendary Resistance in Tactician Mode and not in Explorer or Balanced mode.Fixed the Attuned Crystals not all providing cover from Ansur’s Stormheart Nova.Added a condition to clarify when you’d be in range of Ansur’s Stormheart Nova.Fixed Ansur sometimes inexplicably dying to chasms.The Necromites spawned from the Skeletal Involucres in the fight with Ketheric will now enter combat as expected.The Slayer’s Saving Throws are now dynamic. The Slayer now also gains Extra Attack(s) as part of the form.Fixed the Spectator possibly moving into the floor during the High Hall Courtyard combat.Dribbles now has the Clown Face-Paint condition. He no longer has the Dauntless passive.Swapped Viola’s Hold Person spell for Hideous Laughter.Removed the Drunken Inhale spell from the djinni in the circus.The djinni in the circus can now conjure an Air Elemental.Bitey Buddy will be more likely to Howl and Blink in combat.Gave Rion scimitars instead of a club and shield.Created a custom Flame Blade for Rion so she doesn’t have to conjure a new one every turn.Gave Rion the proper Circle of the Moon passives for her Myrmidon Wild Shape.Fixed Unholy Assassins of Bhaal not using the right abilities.In Explorer Mode, Raphael now does 3d6 Force damage to each Pillar of Souls when he uses Consume Souls.The default action when clicking on Astarion when he’s captured by Cazador is now Help.Fixed Astarion’s summons fighting on Cazador’s side when you start combat with Cazador and Astarion gets captured.Fixed harmful conditions on the vampire spawn ticking down in real time during Cazador’s ritual. They now tick down once per combat turn.Fixed an issue where the vampire spawn, upon leaving the Ritual Room, could walk through a harmful surface left after the combat with Cazador and become hostile towards you.Cazador now summons the second wave of bats during the 6th combat round, not the 5th.Fixed Cazador sometimes using the wrong Jump spell while in Mist Form.Ascended Cazador now gains permanent Legendary Resistance.Increased the damage and spell DC of Rolan’s Firestorm and Lorroakan’s Firestorm.Fixed an issue that meant Hope couldn’t upcast the spells she should be able to upcast.Made several changes to the Orin boss fight:‘Unstoppable’ now stacks to a maximum of 12 instead of 10.Blood Skeletons are stronger and have more HP.Increased the Dexterity of Orin’s Slayer form by 4 and removed the +2 AC it granted.The Slayer’s ‘Let the Slaughter Begin’ is now an action.Gave Hoots Hooligan some gold.Fixed the combat behaviour of the deva that appears if you mess around in the Stormshore Tabernacle. Made him stronger, too.The Unbreakable Will of the Netherbrain will no longer play its animation for receiving damage if an attack misses it.Amelyssan, Sendai, and Illasera will now use different attack styles after Sarevok dies.Fixed an issue where the combat on top of the Netherbrain didn’t get properly culled if you had party members left behind before the portal.The Slayer’s Critical Hit damage now works with higher level Slayers.Fixed the controllable Steel Watcher in the endgame being unable to use one of its spells.Ansur’s Water Myrmidons should now be able to heal him as well.Buffed several of the allies in the endgame:Fixed the Harpers only using 1 attack per round despite having Extra Attack.Increased the Harpers’ HP and added the Archery passive.The Gur Hunters now have the Elixir of Viciousness buff and the Longstrider buff.Florrick’s Cohort have the Elixir of Heroism buff.Nightbringer’s Shadow Adepts have various cleric buffs.Increased the Armoured Owlbear’s HP.Increased Mizora’s HP and gave her the Magic Resistance passive.The spell unlocked by Mol’s boon is now stronger.Reworked the stats of all the Sharrans in the House of Grief so that they have all the correct racial features.Fixed the Petrified Debtors and Hope being able to join combat while chained.Fixed Rolan not using his unique spells in Act III.Upgraded Klaus in the circus so that he has appropriate spells and stats for a Level 8 sorcerer.Updated the level, spell school, and save ability for Hope’s Revoke Guest Status spell.Cazador now has Legendary Resistance in Tactician Mode.Increased Cazador’s sight range back to the intended range.Cazador now has the ability to turn into a swarm of bats to move around faster.Cazador will no longer be able to use Attack of Opportunity while in his Mist Form.Reduced the Farslayer of Bhaal’s sight to 30m.Toobin now has more spell slots and utility spells so he’s less likely to go dying all the time.Fixed the Netherbrain Tentacles not being immune to Prone.Added visual feedback to clarify the area the Farslayer of Bhaal can target with his ritual.Houndmaster Pol and his dogs have the new Hunter’s Camouflage feature in Tactician Mode.Houndmaster Pol now has the Alert feature in Tactician Mode.Ghost Dogs now have the Evasion feature in Tactician Mode.NPCs will now give proper consideration to Steel Watchers’ self-destruct area and steer clear of it.Auntie Ethel’s Veil of the Weird can only be cast once in the endgame battle now.


When you use a spell to make the first strike to initiate combat (within the 6 seconds of real-time before the combat begins), you will now have the appropriate number of resources deducted on your turn.Fixed the ‘Path is interrupted!’ error showing up when trying to Jump or Fly to higher ground.Fixed an issue where you couldn’t use the hotbar portrait as a target to cast a spell.Fixed some visual issues like black walls caused by a savegame loading issue.Fixed NPCs not reacting correctly when you vandalise their items.Fixed a bug where NPCs who were supposed to change their attitude towards the whole party would only change it towards one random party member.Props used in idle animations (like mugs and newspapers) are now hidden when the people using them are hidden.Increased the value of the ‘Envoys at Table’ painting and Oskar Fevras’ custom player painting.Fixed characters in crowds occasionally jittering on loading a savegame.Fixed the nodes of the brain puzzle in the Colony sometimes stretching after saving and loading.You can now continue pinging if you’ve already pinged once, without needing to re-enter ping mode.Fixed a bug that would let you cast certain spells without consuming Sorcery Points.Fixed a bug causing issues with the Lava Valve in Grymforge.Fixed an issue causing certain surfaces like Noxious Fumes to be invisible and uninteractable.While dual-wielding, swapping a weapon to a different slot no longer removes all conditions applied by the weapon’s passive feature.Fixed the incorrect gold amount being removed from your inventory when learning multiple spells at once.Fixed VO sometimes not playing (e.g. for the Dark Urge’s introduction in Character Creation and for Us on the nautiloid) when using the PS5 PlayGo feature.Fixed Invisibility not working correctly when reapplying Invisibility to Invisible creatures.Fixed an issue preventing you from speaking to certain companions on your behalf when playing on multiplayer with two avatars. The game would prompt you to vote on a dialogue option instead of letting you select it for yourself.Triggering Gortash’s grenades (‘About to Explode’) will now invalidate the Fancy Footwork achievement.Getting Wet will remove the pixie’s curse.Combat will now trigger correctly if you fail to use your tadpole powers on the sleeping bugbear at the Goblin Camp.Fixed a typo in the spell properties of Wild Shape that was causing the wrong Wild Shape condition to be applied.The desk at the Elarrathin Residence now properly animates and opens, and you can now see where it leads.Particularly aggressive guards, like the goblins in Act I, won’t try to arrest you for committing murder – they’ll attack you straight away.If you kill the Emperor in the Astral Plane and trigger the Game Over screen, you are no longer teleported back to camp.Creatures revived with Animating Spores now have their spellcasting blocked.Characters with the Entertainer background will get an Inspiration Point for meeting Sarevok.Doing anything that upsets Balthazar will now make him temporarily hostile.Fixed the Fearful condition dropping if the target is still in the caster’s line of sight.Made sure Lower City NPCs return to their original positions after moving around during combat or due to a crime.Scrying Eyes in Moonrise Towers will now only react to theft and vandalism if they see the crime being committed.Vandalising things like Warryn’s favourite crate or committing other crimes around the bandits near the Act I chapel will cause the bandits to react.Rags Deelarma in front of the Counting House will now actually take your money if you offer her some.Fixed the Forced Turn-Based Mode tutorial pop-up from triggering right after Gale’s death. You have more important things to pay attention to – like his Necrotic Aura slowly killing you.Fixed an issue caused by the ‘default’ option for genitals in Character Creation.Added new moments in which a paladin will break their oath, like torturing a prisoner, killing a pixie after helping her, burying someone alive, breaking someone’s legs… Y’know, your regular Tuesday afternoon.The Animated Armours in Sorcerous Sundries will now start combat if they witness you attempting to lockpick doors.Fixed an issue that prevented Perception checks from triggering on some items.Fixed a tripwire that had no Disarm option beneath the Beach House in the Lower City.Fixed some Counting House chandeliers not falling when their hinges are destroyed.Removed a duplicate piece of armour sold by Araj Oblodora in Moonrise Towers.The corpses of the thugs that try to execute Volo in Baldur’s Gate will no longer appear as owned, so looting them won’t trigger crime reactions.Fixed the hag’s Whispering Mask causing double Saving Throws.NPCs are now much less likely to hear you when you’re looting corpses, so they won’t call guards anymore when you’re inside a building and they’re outside.Fixed having Detect Thoughts active preventing you from stealing the egg from Crèche Y’llek.Because Viconia’s Heartform Terrors are illusions, Dominate Beast will no longer work on them.Updated the Displacer Beast condition to work with dialogues – the tadpole power will now drop when you trigger a cinematic dialogue and will be reapplied afterwards. Fixed a bug where summons of your companion would sometimes attack you after you dismissed the companion.Fixed Raphael sometimes getting stuck if you tried to attack him outside of dialogue when he appears in Act I.The Phalar Aluve’s buffs (Singing Sword: Shrieking and Singing Sword: Singing) are now removed when you unequip the sword.Levers in the Iron Throne now work like other levers in the game and open the cell doors when attacked.Fixed some spell conditions not triggering crime reactions when cast for the first time.Dammon has relearned how to use the whetstone for when he is at Last Light and Baldur’s Gate. No more black magic.Fixed not being able to turn into the strong body type versions of some races via the Mask of the Shapeshifter.You can now lockpick and pickpocket when fully ceremorphed.Added some new behaviours for Yenna in the Act III camps.Shar will no longer confuse your cats and other familiars for your fellow party members when making copies for the Self-Same Trial.Otto’s Irresistible Dance will now correctly allow characters to try and make a Wisdom Saving Throw each turn to resist the condition.Fixed some non-guard characters trying to arrest players for committing crimes.The Wood Woad summons regeneration now works outside of combat. Fixed an object in the High Hall region sometimes blocking your path and being attacked by the AI.Fixed an issue where you could shoot through magically protected doors in Cazador’s Dungeon.You can now loot Cazador’s staff if you kill him after he ascends.Fixed an issue where using an area-of-effect command near the cells in Cazador’s Dungeon was resulting in a message about an ‘Invisible Helper’ being killed.The chests found in the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress barracks can now be lockpicked.Serrik’s chest in the Wyrm’s Rock Fortress barracks can now be opened with Serrik’s key.Prevented Scratch from giving you two items when you use intimidation to command him to drop whatever he found.Fixed dragons sometimes attacking their allies needlessly.The Weary Traveller’s name should no longer be revealed until he actually meets Gale.If you polymorph, charm, paralyse, or dominate NPCs who are waiting around for you to approach or interact with them, they’ll now consider this a hostile action.The Mask of the Shapeshifter should no longer make you act as if you are really a member of the target fantasy race – you’re only pretending, after all.Fixed the Red Dragon’s Draconic Fury ability triggering while polymorphed.Paintings can now appear as loot.Aura of Vitality now works with Life Domain clerics’ Disciple of Life passive.Circle of the Spores Fungal Zombies can now be dismissed.Fixed a missing DC for a trap in Rainforest’s BasementSteel Watchers will no longer hunt you forever once you fight one of them.All your allies will now become hostile towards you if you attack one of them in the Watch Citadel.Psychic Rend now correctly triggers an Intelligence Saving Throw.Improved the Leave Camp teleport algorithm to prefer positions near grouped or controllable characters.Elementals will no longer stand upon death.The ‘Hot Exit’ background goal for Soldiers will now unlock correctly after you spoiler kill Raphael and escape the House of Hope.Fixed the Gontr Mael longbow triggering empty Saving Throws without conferring any effects.Dropping a light source on the light source slot will no longer change your normal weapons.


Combat cameras in some endgame and boss encounters are now shown to both split-screen players.Changed how the ping system works on controller so it won’t automatically disable after you use it, meaning you can now ping multiple things easily.Quick-targeting on controller (D-pad left and right) is now more intuitive when selecting items (and won’t just select the item to the left of what you’ve currently selected).Fixed a bug where kicking a player out of a split-screen multiplayer game caused the kicked player to be unable to use the mouse and keyboard UI.Fixed the haptic feedback on PS5 turning on and off randomly.Fixed some missing voices and black objects sometimes appearing when loading on PS5.Fixed looting in split-screen sometimes displaying equipment that shouldn’t be lootable if both players are looting different characters.You can now browse container spells on controller even when they’re not available.Improved visual feedback and handling of secondary local players in menus.You can now kick local players via the session manager and lobby.You can no longer use the Active Search function on controller to bypass the Arcane Barrier in Ramazith’s Tower and pick up the items inside.Improved the behaviour of multiselect in the Character Sheet and in containers on controller.Made some changes to Group Hide on controller while in combat: Using the Group Hide option will now only hide the selected character while in combat to prevent other characters using up their actions in advance. You can no longer Hide when it’s not your turn using the Group Hide option. Using Group Hide on a character that is not in combat will no longer affect grouped characters that are.On multiplayer, you will now load into the Multiplayer Lobby as opposed to the Main Menu if you encounter a connection error.Fixed Victoria’s Sapping Curse working in real-time instead of Turn-Based Mode.Fixed Victoria’s Sapping Curse not damaging the character carrying her.Dropping Victoria’s body and picking it up afterwards is now considered a crime.Added a ‘Ready to Parry’ condition to githyanki to distinguish when they will parry from when they already have.You can no longer use Telekinesis to casually move Ansur’s corpse around.Fixed the game sometimes telling you your target’s too far even if you have enough movement speed while Wild Shaped.Persuading Rugan with a bard dialogue option should now clear the ownership of the precious cargo.We’ve asked Tambourine and Zambomba to stop blocking combat at the Elfsong Tavern by trying to join every scrap.The ‘Rage Impeded’ warning no longer lingers after you respec a character out of the barbarian class.The Magic Mirror in the crèche camp will now appear in the Active Search.Fixed an issue that would cause the gremishkas to try to lure you into the Rosymorn Monastery library with their cries even after you’re already in combat with them.Fixed some items losing their proper textures and looking white when leaving and reentering the hag’s lair in Act I.Disabled the Examine option for the Magic Mirror.Fixed some disarmed mines exploding after loading a quicksave.Withers will no longer take a step forward each time he begins reading his book.Guards coming to the aid of a pickpocketed character will now react appropriately.When NPCs call the guards for pickpocketing, the guards won’t arrest you on sight if you’re still around when they arrive. Additionally, if you’re not around, they will start patrolling and looking for players to interrogate rather than immediately calling it a day.Fixed Magic Missile sometimes not hitting the target due to terrain.Fixed doors sometimes looking like they’re open but acting like they’re closed. You can now walk through them as expected by selecting the ground beyond.Fixed The Necromancy of Thay getting locked to a container instead of an inventory through Twisted Binding.Prevented performance degradation related to characters trying to heal up after a combat ends, and endlessly failing to do so.Fixed some cases where NPCs did not heal up after a combat finished even though they should.Fixed the ‘Pick Up and Add to Wares’ option not working on all items.Kissing Minthara can now sometimes have an additional ramification.Fixed an edge-case bug where enemies could carry out their Attack of Opportunity from far away when you attempt to jump into their attack range.You can no longer travel to a new region while another player is in Character Creation. This was breaking Character Creation on split-screen.Cursed undead won’t talk as though they’re alive during combat anymore.The Ability Drain illithid power now only lasts while in combat.You can now learn the Summon Quasit spell via the Scroll of Summon Quasit found in Act III.Sentinel will now work with Myrmidon Wild Shapes that have weapons. Additionally, Fire Myrmidons’ Hellish Rebuke works again.Karad will now get a bit closer to the ropes when inspecting them.Omeluum can now levitate, as befits a mind flayer.Fixed a mismatch between the preview and execution of projectile paths.A button on the balcony of Ramazith’s Tower will now correctly fire flame bolts towards the city below.Magic items that trigger an effect while worn no longer block the Perform action.Fixed the Potion of Angelic Slumber not resetting Sorcery Points to their maximum.Lae’zel will no longer continue to sharpen her sword after leaving camp, and will occasionally drink out of her mug again.Player characters will no longer react to seeing knocked out characters as if they’re dead.Dismissing a dead avatar to Withers’ Wardrobe will no longer happen after Withers is done talking. You’ll no longer hear an anticipatory poof and see a wardrobe rising.Soul Echoes dismissed via Withers now have an icon in the Wardrobe container so you can drag them back out again.Noxious Fumes from the Ichorous Gloves now only affect enemies.Unequipping the Ring of Twilight will now remove the Treading Twilight condition.Fixed a bug causing the Cloak of Displacement to remove its Displaced condition when the wearer fails a Hiding check.The Sword of Chaos’ healing effect won’t trigger when the wielder attacks items anymore.Fixed the Psychic Spark amulet not affecting Magic Missile cast at Level 4 or higher.Prisoners in the Iron Throne who die before they are freed will no longer join the combat as corpses when their door is opened.Recasting Call Lighting will now activate Tempestuous Magic as intended.Fixed the Nature’s Snare staff triggering empty Saving Throws without conferring any effects.


Across Acts

Fixed a bug causing you to get teleported back to camp when trying to leave camp after falling in water.Companions will now consistently have something to say to you when you break up with them by choosing to be with someone else.Fixed a lingering exclamation mark over Tara at camp.If your Dream Visitor or Halsin inform you that it’s impossible to extract your tadpole, you can now hark back to this knowledge when Volo offers his extraction services.Fixed Scratch repeatedly pointing out the same discoverable item (treasure mounds, levers, etc.).Removed a line when talking to Wyll that refers to information revealed when using your tadpole powers on Karlach even if you never talked to her.Bedrolls will now only be added or removed during the transitions between cutscenes.For Lae’zel to decide to romance you, you no longer only need to gain high enough approval from her. You must also have proven yourself worthy through your actions.If you initiate romance with Lae’zel for the first time in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, the romance path will, accordingly, jump straight into Act II.You can no longer initiate romance with Lae’zel right after certain events in the crèche until she has cooled down a bit.Fixed a ‘Leave.’ option appearing twice in a row when talking to Minthara about your other party members.Lae’zel will no longer talk about future Astarion endgame outcomes after certain branches of her fight with Shadowheart in Act I.Barcus will now cower when a combat he can’t join is happening near him.Fixed the game not recognising that you know that Astarion is a vampire after he tells you about it.Gale will no longer thank you twice for giving him his first magic item.Minthara now acknowledges the gift of vengeance you have given her.Gale will no longer thank you twice for giving him his second magic item.Fixed the player character mentioning Astarion killing the Gur hunter even if Astarion never met him.Wulbren will no longer do accounting with his weapon drawn.Fixed Gale not starting his follow-up camp dialogue if he’s told not to tell Mystra anything.Sceleritas Fel should no longer react to violence in the camp.Shadowheart should no longer spoil the game after talking about Gale’s shadowy practices.Addressed Gale’s attitude problem during his discussion of his impending doom.Fixed a bug where Florrick might express surprise twice that Wyll looks like a devil.You can now use the alchemical extracts of the Tongue of Madness or Timmask Spores, or even a crafted Tadpole Elixir, to progress the ‘Help Omeluum Investigate the Parasite’ quest.Fixed some instances where Gale referred to trying to blow up at the end of Act II even if he didn’t.Fixed a wrong reference to the Dark Urge’s first murder when a companion may become their second.Fixed a flow issue when talking to Karlach.Shadowheart will overcome her fear of wolves if she learns the truth behind her fear.Dame Aylin will always be ready to talk if there is an exclamation mark over her head.Minthara no longer insists on talking as though you’re still in Moonrise Towers even after you’ve left.Fixed Sazza not showing up at Moonrise Towers even if you completed the ‘Save the Goblin Sazza’ quest. This was also affecting the ‘She Cannot be Caged’ achievement.Fixed Elminster not coming to meet Gale at camp.Loading a savegame made after triggering a Game Over where you succumb to the Absolute and become a mind flayer will now enforce the Game Over state instead of letting you quickload and continue. (So you can no longer waltz around the early game as a squiddy boy or use this trick to form a whole squid squad with all party members.)Lae’zel will now correctly communicate her knowledge of Orpheus’ current state if you interact with the githyanki slate about Orpheus after learning of Orpheus’s fate.

Act 1

Made small behaviour improvements to the gith children shoving around a chest with their Mage Hands.The githyanki in the Crèche Y’llek dormitories will do more interesting things now.Lae’zel will more consistently join the dialogue about the zaith’isk.Fixed not being able to ask Mol about your stolen belongings.Guex now puts his weapon away before drinking. Safety first.Karlach will now talk about her infernal engine during her recruitment dialogue if the Paladins of Tyr were already killed.Auntie Ethel will now leave the Emerald Grove if you fail to pickpocket her while she’s having a conversation.Fixed Meli recognising characters who were disguised when they first spoke to him.Sovereign Glut will no longer activate his Frenzied Spores if you agree to help him against Sovereign Spaw. He’ll now only do this if you refuse him and he attacks.Arka will now attack you if you loot Kanon’s body while she’s weeping right in front of him in mourning. Monsters.Fixed the visual transformation of the swamp not sticking around in gameplay.The thieflings outside the hideout in the Emerald Grove will still talk to you after Mol threatens you with her countdown.Fixed duergar players not being able to offer to help Gekh Coal in hunting down the runaway slave.Fixed Philomeen not turning hostile or blowing up her runepowder barrel if you choose to attack her via dialogue.Changed the way Bernard in the Arcane Tower gives you a reward – instead of him walking to a table and placing a ring on it, you now get a standard Quest Reward window with the ring.The sleeping goblins and bugbears in the Goblin Camp will no longer attack you immediately if you attack a wall that leads to the temple. Their dialogues will trigger instead.If combat starts against the Paladins of Tyr, Anders won’t give you a cheery greeting while trying to kill you.Killing Auntie Ethel in her teahouse will no longer block her quest.Fixed the secret lever to get into the Underdark not glowing when discovered.Lae’zel’s correct recruitment dialogue will now trigger when she appears at the encounter with Voss near the Mountain Pass if she wasn’t recruited yet and was knocked out before then.The encounter in front of the Emerald Grove will not occur anymore if you’ve already entered the forest or the Sunlit Wetlands.The goblin chieftain of the raid on the Emerald Grove will now properly speak his combat lines during combat.Fixed the Zhent in the back of the hideout being hostile even if you tell them the password.The Ceremonial Mace is no longer inaccessible if the kobold carrying it is knocked out and you take a Long Rest.Fixed a dialogue Baelen in the Underdark not triggering if he saw you picking up noblestalk.You will no longer hear what sounds like a crying baby coming from the old library in Rosymorn Monastery if the gremishkas are already dead.Fixed a bug that would cause Ghustil Stornugoss to not notice that the zaith’isk exploded behind her.When freed by someone or something that can’t speak, Barcus should now be in front of the windmill instead of behind it.Fixed dialogue skill checks being rolled against Lae’zel instead of the tieflings in Lae’zel’s recruitment dialogue in Act I.Sa’varsh Kethk will now treat you like a gith if you’re disguised as one.Fixed the modifier tooltips not appearing correctly when trying to convince Karlach to consume tadpoles.Mol can now be given the Emerald Grove’s Idol of Silvanus properly after the goblin leadership is defeated or the raiders of the grove are defeated. The journal will update accordingly.The Dark Urge should now be able to blame Astarion for the murder in the Act I camp.Fixed in issue that would cause a Vlaakith dialogue to never start if you’re knocked out when you finish the fight with Inquisitor W’wargaz.If a player resurrects Connor with the wand while talking to Mayrina, he should no longer be hostile after being told to leave.If either Wyll or Karlach is staying at camp and the other is controlled by a user other than the primary user, their confrontation will still proceed as normal.Fixed Zevlor sometimes asking for your name twice.The tieflings that have caught Lae’zel in Act I will now become immediately hostile instead of starting their dialogue if you attack them with melee or if your summon attacks them.Fixed you showing off your brand of the Absolute in the Ebonlake Grotto even if you weren’t branded.If you decapitate Karlach before having spoken to her and then resurrect her, she’ll no longer spend the rest of the game headless.Persuading Fezzerk and the gang to flee from the windmill area now grants XP.Gale will no longer repeat his spell-teaching scene after the celebration at camp, nor will he reiterate that you should go and enjoy yourself at the party even after it’s over.Sazza shouldn’t suddenly die anymore after all the goblin leaders are dead.Fixed Sazza not joining combat against you at the Goblin Camp if the alarm was sounded.The guards in the Emerald Grove will no longer care about you trespassing the tiefling children’s hideout if the goblin raid is underway.Mirkon is now less of a silly billy about how he uses Disengage around the harpies while fleeing.Dror Ragzlin and Priestess Gut will no longer stick around for another fight if you knock them out and then leave.

Act 2

Fixed characters who disappeared but are otherwise fine not appearing in Moonrise Towers after you defeat Ketheric.Fixed some inconsistencies with those in Last Light turning hostile if you start being aggressive with them. They’re no longer fine with you murdering Jaheira. You can also no longer brag to Jaheira about saving her scouts if you bypassed them and they saved themselves.Improved the transition between dialogues when you persuade Ketheric to repent in the Colony.Fixed the rats in the Gauntlet of Shar sometimes not appearing when they have to at the feet of Shar’s statue.Fixed an issue getting you stuck in Forced Turn-Based Mode mode after killing Gortash.If Nere becomes a zombie, he will look like he does in Act I instead of looking like a ghoul.Fixed player characters and Thisobald Thorm sometimes shouting lines about the wrong type of damage in combat.The Goblin Brawler won’t stand idle at the start of the Shadow-Cursed Lands if you meet her.Shadowheart now has more to say if the party is repulsed by a certain trial in the Gauntlet of Shar.Flaming Fist Marcus now adheres to the rules of Speak with Dead instead of being extra chatty.The Dark Urge will no longer comment on a graveyard in the Shadow-Cursed Lands as though it’s in Baldur’s Gate.Laezel’s Act II romantic duel will only trigger if there are no other camp scenes queued up at the same time to avoid multiplayer issues caused when another player is in a dream sequence, preventing Laezel’s avatar from moving during the fight.Fixed Aylin and Isobel not joining your camp if you freed Aylin but didn’t talk to either of them at Moonrise at the end of Act II.If Rolan was defeated before he tries to save his siblings, the combat with the shadows in Act II won’t trigger anymore. He also won’t appear shadow-cursed even with a torch equipped.The guards in Last Light will no longer stop you from bringing in escaped prisoners via boat if you don’t actually have any escaped prisoners with you.The dialogue that plays when taking the boat in Moonrise will no longer get skipped in multiplayer.Fixed a bug where Kressa Bonedaughter would speak to you again after being knocked out in combat.Fixed the narrator mentioning a dead tiefling when talking to a nurse in the House of Healing even if there is only a dead goblin on the bed.Oliver will now confront you from further away when you destroy the Nightdome in the Reithwin town square.The Last Justiciar should no longer perish due to his little rat body spawning in a place where he’ll instantly die from fire, thorns, and other dangerous surfaces.Fixed some minor repetitions in Wyll’s dialogue after freeing Mizora.Fixed a bug blocking you from moving after the elder brain reveal in the Colony if Mizora is not in the Colony.Made sure Mizora is in the Colony when she is supposed to be.In Last Light, fixed an issue where you could accuse Wulbren of leaving you behind by taking the boat from Moonrise Towers even if you gave him permission.You can no longer tell the githyanki in the crèche that you’re with the inquisition if you’re not a gith yourself. (Or, y’know, pretending to be one.)Jaheira gets really unhappy with you killing Isobel in Act II. She also did this even if Isobel was fighting alongside Ketheric. Now she can tell the difference between friend and foe.Karlach’s scene about facing death will now also trigger at camp in Act II.Fixed a case where companions couldn’t be dismissed to camp even if there was nothing preventing them from going there.Meygan will now correctly receive Yonas’ sword if you give it to her and will give you gold for it if she has some.Shadow-Cursed Undead should no longer be able to leave the Shadow-Cursed Lands.Players who already moved beyond the Shadow-Cursed Lands as Shadow-Cursed Undead will no longer be considered dead.Shar will now properly acknowledge when you complete all of her trials.Characters with Acolyte backgrounds will now be able to complete the ‘In Her Footsteps’ background goal.Gauntlet Yeva now has more things to say after you free her from her pod in the Colony.Patched up older savegames where Dammon would enter combat and die at Last Light, preventing Karlach’s story from progressing.You will no longer be able to tell Lae’zel that githyanki are rare after having seen a bunch already. Like when you’re standing right in a githyanki crèche.Fixed a broken dialogue when entering the Astral Plane after the events of Act II.Added new journal entries for quests related to reaching Moonrise Towers.Fixed the drider and his convoy sometimes disappearing when they shouldn’t when the Harpers move to the bridge after the assault on Last Light.Fixed a dialogue line playing twice after you kill the Strange Ox at Last Light.Arabella will no longer talk about Zevlor leading the tieflings into the shadow curse if they already died back at the Emerald Grove.Shadowheart will now properly confront Nightsong for her mission, regardless of which player talked to the latter first.Made several improvements to when the Dream Visitor’s lines play in the Astral Plane when you meet the Emperor.Removed the map marker from the dead githyanki at the bridge in the Shadow-Cursed Lands whose sole purpose was to give you an alternative way to find the crèche and have Lae’zel remind players about it – even if you’d already been there.Adjusted the movement of guards in Moonrise Towers Prison so they won’t teleport to the dock if they’re chasing prisoners.Fixed an issue where Wulbren would try to save the tieflings from their cell even if he didn’t have a weapon to break their wall.Fixed some irrelevant dialogues playing in the Colony’s Tadpoling Centre after the pods’ occupants are no longer there.

Act 3

If you’re in the Sharess’ Caress foyer, go to camp, and tell Halsin to join your party, he will no longer spawn on the top floor of Sharess’ Caress when you leave camp.You can now tell Adrielle or Mayrina that you’ve made a deal with the hag in Baldur’s Gate, provided that you hold your end of the deal.Fixed Rolan not giving out a reward when defeating Dame Aylin if Lorroakan was defeated.Rewards in Ramazith’s Tower will now be given when talking to Lorroakan or Rolan after fighting Dame Aylin.The scene where Vlaakith visits Lae’zel at camp in Act III can now trigger before you’ve spoken to Lae’zel about meeting Orpheus in the Astral Plane.Fixed Cazador’s corpse not being visible after he explodes.Fixed Cazador complaining about losing a spawn immediately after he ascends.You can now hire one of the twin drow in Sharess’ Caress even if your partner is present and doesn’t want to join.Romantic partners are now present for Karlach’s final moments.Clicking on the Sword of the Emperor will no longer equip it; instead, once you’ve heard the Emperor’s comment on it, you will be able to pick it up like any other item.Fixed not being able to pay Lumbar to punch him once Mystic Carrion has told you about Thrumbo.Nightsong and Isobel will no longer show up at the Watch Citadel unannounced.Fixed an issue where the guard and his ghoul at the circus gate will not start their dialogues if interrupted.Fixed an issue where picking up Dribbles’ severed hand would trigger a line from the player character about not knowing whose it is even if you got the quest from Lucretious.Fixed an issue where stealing Dribbles’ severed hand from Popper the kobold could trigger a crime reaction from other circus workers.Fixed an issue where the quest to find Dribbles didn’t update when you used Speak with Dead on the doppelganger who impersonated him.You can now find the dead rat that Popper fought to get Dribbles’ severed hand. The rat is buried behind the stage alongside a note from Popper. You can ask Popper about it, unless you already know he has the hand.Fixed an issue where picking up Dribbles’ hand from Popper and quickly sending it to camp would block the Dribbles quest from progressing.Akabi – the djinni from the circus – no longer sells the ring he uses to rig his game.The Boots of Very Fast Blinking from Akabi now have a unique version of Misty Step with unique name and descriptions.Added unique visuals for Akabi’s Bag of Molding.The Firebolt spell from the Staff of a Mumbling Wizard no longer scales with the caster’s level. Its fireball now triggers on the target rather than on the caster.The statue you can purchase from Boney now casts a unique version of Bless with a custom description and name. Also, the statue itself now has a condition describing how it blesses its owner.Reduced the explosion radius of some fireball traps in the Hhune Mausoleum. (No, you weren’t being damaged by a pesky ghost.)The Emperor will no longer seem to be guiding you to his lair if you already entered it from the Sewers.The camera will no longer follow Dolor to a black space when you use a reaction on him while he is casting Dimension Door to escape.Aradin will no longer be initially hostile towards you in Sorcerous Sundries if the fight with the scouting party in the Emerald Grove didn’t happen.Voss and the githyanki will no longer run off towards the Watch Citadel.Fixed the Dark Urge not being able to talk about being a Bhaalspawn if they went to Wyrm’s Rock Fortress without ever taking a Long Rest in Wyrm’s Crossing.If a paladin kills Valeria during the Murder Tribunal, they will break their oath.Fixed Gale’s interjection repeating every time you approach Mystra’s shrine.Fixed the wrong line playing for Gale if he has already spoken with Mystra.Added support for finishing Gale’s quest in Act III if there’s no room for him in the party.Fixed Karlach reacting to having spotted Gortash if you already killed him.Fixed some Bhaalist ambushers in the park focusing so hard on hiding that they forgot to actually ambush their marks when the time was right.Karlach will speak a bit more the first time you enter the House of Hope with no real reason.A companion sacrificed by Orin will no longer show up in the final dialogues of the game as a dead body.Fixed the doppelgangers in Danthelon’s Dancing Axe saying their cover got blown at the wrong moment.The Sharrans in Act III will now continue to be hostile towards you after you defeat their leader.Dairow Vin is no longer hostile, and now has the more descriptive Overdosed condition.Dark Urge characters who are Fearful during the duel with Orin will no longer run away and break the duel.Your character will no longer make a comment about Gale when getting ‘The Annals of Karsus’ if Gale is not recruited.In the Trial of Justice, the ‘Hanging’ and ‘Freedom’ paintings no longer swap visuals when placed on the pedestal.Fixed the narrator mentioning Astarion’s scars in a dialogue with one of the prisoners in Cazador’s Dungeon even if you never met him.Fixed a bug where Astarion’s corpse was removed from your inventory upon entering Cazador’s Dungeon.Viconia will no longer ignore being attacked from a distance.Viconia’s minions will no longer stop fighting when she is defeated.If you managed to resurrect Ravengard through Mizora after killing Ravengard during the ceremony without killing Gortash, he will no longer be present in the Iron Throne later on. Multiple issues related to Ravengard and Mizora not being at camp when they should be were fixed along with this.Fixed Ravengard being stuck in his Iron Throne clothes and being uninteractable if he was incorrectly sent to the Iron Throne after Mizora had previously resurrected him and then you saved him anyway.Jaheira is harder to lose on entering Baldur’s Gate proper. So long as you’ve shown at least some interest in keeping her, she’ll be more protected against leaving. If she does leave, you now also get a notification from her that explains it a little better (as was intended) and you may be able to find her again in a certain person’s hideout.Nightsong will now be well rested when she offers you her aid in the final battle.Sacrum’s dialogue will no longer show a duplicated option in certain rare permutations.Fixed Rolan being unable to speak in Sorcerous Sundries if he and his siblings were saved in Act II but they didn’t have their reunion moment.Fixed Ravengard repeating a line when you talk to him at camp.Fixed Bane saying that you slayed Gortash even if he was killed by the Netherbrain.Fixed a bug where the Mad Monk would still be hostile towards you after you defeat the resurrected zombies in the Open Hand Temple crypt. Also fixed the quest getting stuck in the journal because of this.Ravengard will no longer trigger low-attitude reactions in certain cases after being saved from the Iron Throne, and the ladder leading back to the docks will always be lowered when you return.Removed Lethargic and other harmful conditions from characters after returning from the Iron Throne.Wyll now reacts more appropriately if Ravengard is killed and you leave the battle before Gortash is dead.The masked victims of the hag won’t disappear on Long Rest when knocked out anymore.Fixed the hag survivors turning permanently hostile to players when the Voodoo Doll is destroyed in playthroughs where Mayrina was given to the hag in Act I.Party members leaving the party in the High Hall will no longer prevent the final dialogues from starting after the defeat of the Netherbrain.Attacking the Paladin of Vlaakith at the Knights of the Shield Hideout via the UI option in dialogue will now make them permanently hostile instead of temporarily hostile.Fixed the hag’s victims from Act I not appearing in Act III even if they had only been knocked out.Alfira will no longer say that Lakrissa let her practise on the Elfsong Tavern rooftop if Lakrissa is dead.Lae’zel no longer contradicts herself and will not change her opinion of you in response to whether you decide to turn Astarion in to the Gur.Once combat starts against Dolor and the doppelgangers at the wine festival, the civilians there will not react to crimes committed against the assassins.Ettvard Needle will now cower when a combat he can’t join is happening near him.Made it easier to find Arfur in Sharess’ Caress.Boss Friol will now try harder to run away after her meeting with the Stone Lord.If the Dark Urge’s Act III revelation doesn’t start in camp, Jaheira’s reaction will now happen at night, rather than in the evening.Fixed an issue preventing you from paying Earspoon to learn more about Nine-Fingers.Cultists in the Temple of Bhaal have learned not to stand in front of cool cinematic shots.Fixed a bunch of characters in the Lower City who weren’t triggering the right lines after you were revealed to be villains in the gazette.Vlaakith-path Lae’zel will reiterate her mission to kill Orpheus if you leave the dialogue with Raphael about his offer in Sharess’ Caress early.If you tell Karlach to wait for the date because you had to prepare, and talk to her again, the dinner will no longer end after you choose your favourite meal from the menu.Fixed a few issues of the gazette that would magically change from an old issue to the current day’s issue when picked up.During the duel with Orin, if the Dark Urge pretends to die with Feign Dead, this will now count as losing the duel in Bhaal’s eyes.Fixed Gale bringing up the Annals twice in a row when you give the tome to him.Shadowheart and Wyll now go to Avernus with Karlach as they promised.Karlach’s death now plays correctly when romanced with Halsin.The Dark Urge now leaves with Lae’zel, as shown in the cinematic.Mystra no longer cures Gale of illithidity out of her goodwill without Gale returning to Elysium.Fixed a painting not getting cleaned up after Zevlor’s appeal at camp.Carrion’s subordinates will no longer act as if Carrion is in charge of Philgrave’s Mansion if Thrumbo has taken over.Fixed Thrumbo and his brothers not moving or talking amongst themselves after reaching Philgrave’s Mansion once Mystic Carrion has been killed.Made it more likely for the game to choose your current party members for the endgame dialogues instead of those at camp after you defeat the Netherbrain and swim to shore.Fixed some flow issues in the endgame when Orpheus is freed.If you knock out Dolor at the wine festival or Figaro’s shop, he will move on to the Murder Tribunal after a Long Rest.Trespassing on the roof of Moonrise Towers will no longer be ignored by Ketheric if you are Silenced.Florrick and her allies should come after Wyll if he didn’t agree to Mizora’s pact regardless of Ravengard being dead or alive in the Iron Throne.Roger Highberry will say different lines and enter a new state if Dolor kills Cora because you allowed it.You will no longer magically know the source of Uktar’s name even if you failed the associated History check.The Judge in the Wyrmway will now have his bribe on him.Characters in the Elfsong Tavern will drink again when neutral, and will stop skipping turns when hostile. Turns out the drink makes them braver.Fig was told it was dangerous to run with scissors and wooden swords, so she now puts her weapon away after seeing her mother return. This, conveniently, stops her gliding across the floor rather than running like a real person.Fixed being able to ask Lorroakan’s corpse about his thoughts on Rolan despite the latter never having made it to the city.Karlach’s partner (whether you’re playing as her or as her partner) now follows her to the docks to witness her final moments.Bex and Danis now have the correct responses in Wyrm’s Crossing if one of them dies.Fixed vampire spawn at Fraygo’s Flophouse not reacting correctly to sunlight emitted by items that had Daylight cast on them. You will also no longer comment on them disappearing because of sunlight if you can’t see them.Fixed a bug preventing you from interrupting Sir Gorran Penghyst and Lord Delawer Jeth in Jannath’s Estate.The Cursed Skulls in Jannath’s Estate will now refrain from shooting when in Forced Turn-Based Mode and will charge before shooting for the first time when first awakened.Reading or picking up the ‘For the Stout and Sturdy’ flyer on the front desk of Sorcerous Sundries will no longer be considered theft.Mystic Carrion’s book in the Ancient Lair explaining the nature of canopic jars is now an indestructible tablet. No more lost information due to stray fireballs.Fixed a couple of floating body parts in the Ancient Lair workshop if the slab they are on is destroyed.You can’t ask Mamzell Amira about Raphael’s name if you already met him in her establishment.The magicians by the fountain in front of Sorcerous Sundries will now actually cast cantrips for their gathered audience instead of just talking as though they are.If you’re romancing Lae’zel, she’ll comment on your relationship with her when you talk to her after Vlaakith visits your camp in Act III.Ulma will no longer tell you that you did what she asked you to do after the death of Cazador even if you hadn’t met her before.Mizora will now resurrect Ravengard as promised if the pact was kept but the Iron Throne got destroyed without you visiting it. Her campside pact-proposal dialogue will also now trigger if the Iron Throne was destroyed without you having visited it.Improved the journal and fixed some bugs for the Act III quest to rescue Ravengard.The last party member can now board the submersible instead of the attempt to do so triggering the Iron Throne destruction scene.When Minsc faces the leaders in Guildhall alone when tensions are high, combat will start.Fixed sometimes not being able to volunteer yourself or a companion to go up on stage for Dribbles’ show at the circus.Ravengard will no longer hold on to all of his equipment while imprisoned in the Iron Throne. A prisoner is a prisoner.The player that tells Karlach they’ll go to the Hells with her will now be the one to do so.Selûnite Shadowheart will no longer wish you well in the name of Lady Shar.The rooftop tressym will no longer stick around in gameplay after flying away in the cinematic.Fist Ghainemeir will no longer nonchalantly walk away if you murder Irenya the nymph in front of him.Toadbreath is now actually sleeping while lying on his bed.


The Gather Your Allies quest will now only be prompted by your Dream Visitor.Improved the journal updates for the ‘Seek Protection from the Shadow Curse’ quest when you find the drider’s Moonlantern.Added a new Lae’zel journal update for when you convince her to continue your travels without visiting the crèche, making it clearer that she won’t leave the party if you skip the region.Adjusted the phrasing for the ‘Save the Refugees’ quest to clarify that Kagha doesn’t ask you to force the tieflings out. If you report Zevlor’s death to her, it’s also clearer that this is not the way to impress her.Fixed the ‘Rescue the Druid Halsin’ quest objective to talk to Zevlor (or any other surviving tiefling leader) persisting after you already talked to both him and Halsin. You’ll now get the objective to celebrate at the camp.Gale’s backstory will now appear in the journal under the active objective when it becomes available.Fixed the ‘Defeat the Goblins’ quest saying you arrived at the Goblin Camp even if you hadn’t, but had rescued Sazza from the Emerald Grove.Added additional quest entries for Ravengard’s questlines.Added a new subquest for the questline related to the Wyrmway.Viconia will now properly show up as an ally in the journal when you convince her to side with the party.Fixed the ‘Rescue the Tieflings’ quest not closing once they leave Last Light.Shadowheart and Astarion now write in their journals about their allies in the first person.The ‘Hunt the Devil’ quest will only open if you agreed to help Anders.Improved the journal entries for ‘Finding the Nightsong’ in Act I.Added a new journal entry for learning about the paladins at the tollhouse being followers of Zariel and added more context when recruiting Karlach before having accepted Anders’ quest.Blocked some quest updates for Jaheira’s quest when you skip certain parts of it to avoid spoiling big reveals.The blue jay’s quest in the Rosymorn Monastery region will now be logged in the journal.The ‘High Harper’ quest now correctly updates if you ignore the Harper safe-house on the way to the city.Added a new journal entry for starting Karlach’s ‘The Hellion’s Heart’.You will now receive a quest reward for killing Karlach regardless of whether Wyll is in your party.The journal will now update correctly when you descend into the apothecary’s cellar.The ‘Gather your Allies’ quest should no longer state that Ravengard is dead if he was brought back to life.If you forge the Masterwork Weapon while Wild Shaped, your animal paws should no longer prevent you from scribbling in your journal that you completed the quest.You will no longer get a journal update in the ‘Investigate the Murders’ quest about saving Cora if Dolor killed her during a Long Rest.Added new journal entries in case you steal the Hand Bag and the Dirge of the Unholy Assassin from Dolor at the wine festival before talking to him.Lae’zel and Voss’ quests will no longer update with information about the Orphic Hammer if you didn’t learn it from Raphael yet.In the second romantic night with Lae’zel (well, romantic by her standards), companions will now teleport right to their camp spots so you won’t see them walking back from the bedrolls.The journal will no longer throw up an entry about you having found a ‘cure for the venom Nettie used’ even if she did no such thing. You’ll also only get this entry once you actually learn the antidote recipe rather than just opening a book.


Continued making performance improvements and optimisations across the game.Fixed HDR sliders not updating their values.Optimised the lighting in the Lower City.Improved the general performance of the UI by having it execute in parallel with other tasks when possible.Improved loading times after choosing to ‘Venture Forth’ by reducing delays during portrait generation.Improved performance when multiple copies of the same animation would try to run at once (e.g. the ships in the distance in Grey Harbour).Improved performance in areas with crowds.


Fixed a bug preventing you from skipping cinematics or choosing dialogue options in certain cases.Fixed the minimap appearing black when loading a savegame created on the nautiloid.Fixed the hotbar for some summons and followers.Added cursor messages for surfaces and Attacks of Opportunity.Set the voice chat widget to appear over other widgets.Fixed a missing display name for Oliver’s Nightdome.Made some changes to the Keybinds options: removed outdated keybinds, hid keybinds exclusive to controller, and renamed ‘Crafting’ to ‘Alchemy’.Fixed the Traveller’s Chest tutorial pop-up not triggering when you approach a Traveller’s Chest for the first time.Fixed the Trade UI not filtering properly. The traders have apologised for mixing up the labels on their products.Fixed the automatic Critical Hit distance displaying incorrectly for Hold Person and Hold Monster.Clarified the error message on PS5 when trying to create a new save but there’s not enough storage space.Improved the Trade interface on keyboard and mouse. Trader has wares if you have gold.Added an ellipsis to the Transcribe Scroll to Spellbook window for text that’s too long.Fixed cut-off text in the UI options in some languages.


Fixed character models in the Character Sheet flickering when zooming in and out on controller.Fixed being able to open the Inventory, Spellbook, and Reactions panels for followers and summons.Cazador will no longer look like a Scrying Eye in his Examine window while he’s in Mist Form.Fixed double-click not working on some items in the Inventory.Added a pop-up menu to customise which solution is selected in the second alchemy slot.


Fixed an issue in tooltip footers causing resources to show up on more than one line. Also tweaked the position of gold and weight indicators.Fixed incorrect warnings about resource availability sometimes showing up on spell scroll tooltips (e.g. saying you have an insufficient level when you don’t).The Combustion Belly Spiderlings’ ‘Extreme Measures’ tooltip now displays the correct information.Fixed the Rain Dancer tooltip saying Gale can consume it when he can’t.Updated the resource tooltip for Ritual Spells and added an icon for them.Fixed the title of the Scroll of Mage Armour tooltip. (Alas, there’s no spell scroll called ‘Not Found’.)Fixed a broken parameter in the tooltip about character musical proficiency, where the character’s name will now show correctly.Fixed the spell slot indicator at the bottom of tooltips getting cut off in Japanese.

Icons and Portraits

Fixed Origin characters’ hair blending into the background of their portraits.Fixed a missing icon for Reaper’s Rigidity.Added icons for Ansur’s Fly and Gather Power spells.Fixed being able to examine items you shouldn’t be able to examine by sneakily doing it with the hotkey.Fixed the Vivacious Cloak displaying an incorrect Temporary HP value. It grants 8 Temporary HP.The Gith Shard and Key of the Ancients are now highlighted in the UI as important story items.Auntie Ethel’s Charm item now has a unique icon.Fixed some chainmail floating on the stairs in the Main Menu.Added icons for the Dark Vengeance and Shadow Ambush passives.Fixed the Elixir of Arcane Cultivation sometimes causing spell icons to appear greyed out on the hotbar even if you can cast their variants.Fixed the Arcane Recovery icon flashing if you cast one of its variants and then reopen its spell variants UI.Added an icon to distinguish avatar characters from other characters.The icon of the headless skeleton is now also headless.Added icons for the poltergeist’s Innate Invisibility and Unearthly passive features and fixed a typo in the latter’s description.Fixed a missing fireplace icon.Fixed a missing icon for a hole in the wall.Added icons for the Curse of Regret action and a bottle rack.Characters wearing head gear will not have this reflected in their portraits.

Character Creation and Level Up

Fixed the ‘Clear’ button on the Ability Points panel while respeccing a character not actually clearing the values.Fixed some panels in Character Creation scrolling when your mouse wasn’t over them.Fixed the number of randomised appearances you’ve generated for the Guardian in Character Creation not updating properly.Fixed the heterochromia option in Character Creation deselecting itself when switching to the ‘All Eye Colours’ window.Fixed a bug preventing you from altering your Ability Point Bonuses when respeccing after saving and loading.Fixed some Character Creation VFX spilling into both player screens on split-screen.You can no longer close the Magic Mirror UI until it’s finished generating your portraits. This would sometimes mean you could see the HUD but still be on the customisation screen.The text on the ‘Next generated character’ and ‘Previous generated character’ buttons in Character Creation is the right way around now.Fixed the mouse wheel not zooming in and out of characters in Character Creation after using the on-screen zoom buttons.Fixed the Battle Master Manoeuvres panel not appearing when levelling up under the effect of Disguise Self or Seeming.Fixed some overlapping text in the Race tab of Character Creation in some of the localised languages.Fixed some cut-off text in Character Creation on controller when browsing specific elements (races, subraces…).

Controller and Split-Screen

Improved the messaging when disconnecting your controller on PC. If you swap to keyboard and mouse, you will be able to resume your adventure instead of being forced back to the main menu.On controller, added an option to pick up a single book that’s already in a container in your inventory so that you can move it out of that container.Added a vibration preview to the Controller Vibration Intensity option.Fixed the radial menus shrinking in size when you choose an empty slot after selecting a spell that can be cast at several spell slot levels.Fixed radial menus not opening when casting a scroll with variants via the world or via another character’s inventory.When playing with someone on split-screen, you can now experience their private moments on fullscreen. (You don’t have to pretend you’re oblivious to what’s happening on the other half of the screen anymore.)Fixed the targeted portrait not being highlighted for the second local player on split-screen.Made it easier to see which Illithid Powers are available to you in the skill tree UI on controller.Fixed a bug on split-screen causing the default text when you hover over characters and items to say ‘Ping’.Fixed some internal text appearing on the Active Search UI when an object is too heavy to be moved.Fixed the tooltips on controller for the solutions of alchemical ingredients, which were showing the wrong information or no information at all.You can now scroll through the Reaction UI on controller as expected. We didn’t ask how big the fireball is. We said we cast Counterspell.Added a ‘Skip Reactions’ button to the Reaction UI on controller. (For that one player out there who doesn’t wish to cast Counterspell.)Fixed the targeted portrait not highlighting correctly on split-screen when two players are selecting the same target and one of them unselects it.Fixed some technical text appearing when using Active Search if an object is too heavy to move.Enabled a button for direct connections in the lobby on controller.Fixed an issue where left stick input in the Magic Mirror, Level Up, and Character Creation UIs would move your in-game character around instead of your character model within that UI.Added some missing icons in Character Creation on controller.Polished the Appearance tab of Character Creation on controller.Added a new icon for the Leave Camp option in the character radial menu on controller.Fixed the text at the bottom of the Sorting Options panel in the Character Sheet getting cut off on controller.Fixed cursor error messages getting cut off on controller.Characters are now correctly shown as ‘Empty’ in the Active Search on controller when appropriate.Fixed dialogue text sometimes not appearing when playing on split-screen online multiplayer on two different consoles.Fixed a bug related to shapeshifting causing items to sometimes not appear in radial menus.Fixed the screen sometimes not splitting properly if a split-screen client drops into a multiplayer game.Fixed an issue on split-screen where the Death Saving Throw overhead UI would remain on a character who was Downed.Fixed a bug causing the UI to freeze when sorting containers on controller.Fixed a bug for the client user on split-screen where selecting an in-game target wouldn’t highlight the portrait of that target in the UI.Fixed a bug that would break split-screen when assigning a character that’s in the Magic Mirror to another player through the Multiplayer Settings.Reactions now display correctly on split-screen on PS5.The tooltips in the Reaction panel on PS5 now show you what action or spell has been cast against you.Fixed the Active Search value saying it’s only at 3% or 4% even if it was searching 100% of the range.Fixed tutorials resetting after you load or close the game on split-screen.


Moved the Magic Mirror in the Shadow-Cursed Lands camp.Moved the Magic Mirror in the Elfsong Tavern camp.Painted a few parts of the terrain around Crèche Y’llek black where some dirt was showing up on the minimap.Removed some floating rope behind Sharess’ Caress.Fixed several materials and textures flickering in and out of view across the game, like a square of blood and a wall near Grey Harbour, and some wooden planks on the broken bridge near the Mountain Pass.Moved the chests in the Shadow-Cursed Lands camp.Rotated a pile of rocks in the Underdark camp to avoid clipping with a chest.Moved around some things like cushions in the Elfsong Tavern camp to better suit cinematics.Adjusted the positions of the guards by the fountain at Last Light.The entrance to the Open Hand Temple cave is slightly more hidden.Fixed some cases where auras and area-of-effect spells were highlighting technical objects that shouldn’t be visible.Ketheric’s mimic now has more loot.Tweaked the walkable areas so that walking is less snappy in the cinematic when you’re approaching the skiff to the Morphic Pool .Fixed a clipping issue when interacting with Lorroakan’s Projection at the Sorcerous Sundries counter. You will now more naturally interact with the projection from the front of the counter instead of the side.Removed some duplicate items from the Steel Watch Foundry.Fixed an unreachable bottle rack in the Elminster’s Library room in Sharess’ Caress.Added more treasure to a diggable mound in Act I.Fixed a pond by Bloomridge Park that didn’t set the Difficult Terrain: Deep Water condition when you walked through it.Fixed the water physics in several spots near the nautiloid crash site.Added more deadly traps to some of the Sorcerous Sundries basement rooms.Added a missing ceiling in a small area in the Rosymorn Monastery, which made it possible to interact with a door from below.Slightly lowered a hanging crystal in the Arcane Tower so that it doesn’t block movement on the floor above.Fixed a fading issue near the northern wall of Bloomridge Park.Fixed redcaps not being able to see you if you’re standing in nearby bushes.Fixed the boat in the Underdark sometimes being in the wrong position.Fixed various minor scenery issues in the dock area west of Rivington.Fixed a fading issue causing the camera to clip through some terrain near the riverside at Wyrm’s Crossing.Added some tree stumps and fixed the fading of some other trees in Wyrm’s Crossing.Fixed a cinematic shot of a gap in the ceiling in the Cloister of Sombre Embrace.Updated the position you’re in when you enter the Astral Prism to match cutscene changes and added a map marker to the cave entrance.Added fading to the lifts in Cazador’s Palace.Fixed a rock that characters would sometimes get stuck on in the Ruined Battlefield.Fixed some beams in the Tollhouse that were letting you cast spells through them.Moved the Magic Mirror in the Gauntlet of Shar camp.Fixed an unwalkable area on top of the Elfsong Tavern.Fixed some unreachable items in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.Fixed an unreachable chest at the circus.Repositioned Korrilla in the Act I camp to avoid plants clipping into her face.Removed an old shadow barrier asset at the entrance to the secret Shar sanctuary in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.You’ll no longer get stuck after climbing down a ledge in the final combat.The animation when entering the Astral Plane via Crèche Y’llek will only play once, and the Astral Plane subregion has been increased to cover the new platform you arrive on.Fixed a lever in the Goblin Camp clipping into the wall.Fixed some walls that were floating and not fading properly at Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.Moved a mushroom out of a rock in the Underdark.Fixed some awkward pathing on the top floor of Arfur’s Mansion by making some spots walkable.Fixed the sphincter doors on the nautiloid sometimes greying out.The Strangledeath Manifesto no longer floats in the air.Tweaked camera movement in a cavern in Rivington to let you aim at a distant lever on controller.Moved some crates and removed them from pressure plates in one of Cazador’s dungeons.A backpack had been swallowed up by the ground in Rivington. We yanked it back out.Removed a hammock in the Underdark Room of Sharess’ Caress and updated the walkable areas.Fixed some iron fences in the Stormshore Tabernacle basement that you could jump right through with short races.The Flymm Cargo’s basement walkway is now fully walkable. Also, a crate in Heapside near the Stormshore Tabernacle that was embedded in a wall has been nudged and rotated to face the correct direction when opened.Made it possible to shoot through certain hanging Steel Watchers.Fixed being able to cast spells through one of the Lodge walls.Added another set of githyanki markings to the entrance to the Rosymorn Monastery region from the Shadow-Cursed Lands. Lae’zel will react to these as she reacts to the other ones.Swapped the positions of Cerys and Alfira and the thieflings in Moonrise Towers.Fixed an unwalkable spot in the Grymforge camp.Fixed an issue with camera movement in the Durinbold Mausoleum in Act III.Improved the camera movement along the Rosymorn Monastery Trail.You can no longer rest or use waypoints while standing in a small spot near the border of the Jungle of Chult.Made it impossible to disarm a particular pressure plate in Old Garlow’s Basement so your character can’t get stuck behind a trap door.Fixed the lift in the Gauntlet of Shar sometimes becoming invisible.Fixed some crystal vases in the crèche camp disappearing at certain camera angles.Fixed some camera and fading issues in the Zhentarim Basement.Fixed a rendering issue at the base of the archway that leads towards the Rosymorn Monastery Trail the Mountain Pass.Fixed an invisible wall on the way down into the Zhentarim cave.Made small tweaks around the Undercity Ruins to improve the visibility of important items.Fixed certain spots of dry land at the Last Light camp sometimes applying the Wet condition Added a bloated body in an empty grave in the Lower City. Careful.Moved a letter in the Lower City Graveyard to a more appropriate tombstone.You can now jump in some shallow water in Grymforge.


Added map markers for Barcus’ pack when he mentions it.Increased the map marker radius for the safe zone if the crèche destruction sequence has started.When looking for Infernal Iron for Karlach, it will now appear on the map as a broader area marker.The blue jay’s map marker will disappear once you find the chest under it.The map marker for the Sharran cache in the Gauntlet of Shar will now disappear when you approach it.Fixed some missing roofs on the minimap in Act I.Fixed some map rendering issues in the Rosymorn Monastery.Fixed the map flickering in a certain position on the roof of Rosymorn Monastery.Fixed the minimap in the Reithwin Tollhouse flicking to the wrong floor in some spots.Fixed some minimap inconsistencies in the Masons’ Guild and Masons’ Guild basement in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.Fixed some slightly offset map shrouds in the House of Healing Morgue.Fixed some minimap issues in The Waning Moon in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.Fixed some map issues in the room at the top of the House of Healing.Fixed a minor map rendering issue on the Moonrise Towers Rooftop.Polished the map of the Wyrm’s Crossing bridge.Fixed the shroud and minimap display for an Act I cellar with a secret door, making it even more secret.Improved black borders on the minimap for the Crèche Y’llek dungeon.


Fixed one of the female gith heads missing their teeth.Fixed Lorroakan’s robe texture disappearing with camera movements.Fixed issues with hiding gloves with the Robe of Supreme Defences, Potent Robe, and Shelter of Athkatla.Polished the environment in the Mind Flayer Colony to fix some minimap issues.Moved a pine bush slightly so it doesn’t interfere with a camera shot.Updated Isobel’s portrait.Added new icons for paintings.Improved the appearance of some citizens’ clothing.Made it clearer that you can’t walk on certain flat rocks near the Reithwin Tollhouse.Improved the fading for the Selûnite Outpost in the Underdark.Fixed Pompton Norvath’s sleeve being transparent from the inside.Game Emmeline Hallowleaf a more fitting hairstyle.Made sure that a gargoyle in the Sewers doesn’t fade away when you stand in front of it.Added new visuals for the Sussur Greatsword.Added a new bottle rack icon.Added new visuals for the Spider’s Lyre.Fixed some clothes overlapping with the Flaming Fist armour.Updated the Touch Bar icons for Mac by adding new ones and rescaling existing ones.Added an icon for the Pursuit Protocol condition.Added a portrait for the Psionic Presence.Added a fireplace poker and associated icon.The portraits for bards’ Countercharm spell are now the instruments.Smoothed out the textures on Gale’s body, Astarion’s body, and male elf bodies.Updated Volo’s portrait so his hat is blue instead of yellow.Added extra decoration around Thulla in the Ebonlake Grotto.Gave News Hawker Chalara a less receded hairline for a boy his age.Fixed lip colours not showing up clearly on one of the female human heads.Fixed Gortash missing his portrait when you loot him.Fixed the portrait of Gale’s Mirror Image not matching the real Gale’s portrait.Fixed a goblin’s skin to allow for tattoos.Removed a seam on the genitals of certain races.Improved the appearance of darker skin tones on a female gnome head.Fixed an issue with the shading of the Netherbrain.Fixed texture issues with the Mask of the Shapeshifter.Added new icons for skills that were previously using the icons of conditions.Fixed some missing textures for female dragonborn genitals.Added an icon for the Curse of Regret spell.Improved the skin texture of the vampire spawn in Cazador’s Palace.Moved some rubble and filled up a gap in the wall in the Gauntlet of Shar.Fixed several level art issues in Moonrise Towers, such as floating assets.Made several level art fixes in the Murder Tribunal, such as removing a black artefact on the ceiling.Fixed several floating assets in the Whispering Depths in Act I.Made several minor art fixes in the Morphic Pool.Updated the art used in the Scimitar +2 tooltip.Added some new icons for Wild Magic outcomes, the Pursuit Protocol condition, and murals in the Gauntlet of Shar.Fixed bald characters sometimes appearing with hair on the Level Up screen when wearing headgear.Added new icons for toys.Fixed shins clipping through endgame platemail on male humans, elves, half-elves, and tieflings.Updated the Scroll of See Invisibility icon so it matches the icon for the See Invisibility spell rather than that of the Invisibility spell.Fixed an issue with a particular set of male underwear that looked a little… stained. Not to worry – we gave them a good scrub.


Fixed issues with the bat animations during the boss fight with Cazador.Fixed an issue causing indoor decorative cloths (like curtains or banners) to look unsettlingly stiff or twitchy.Fixed the animations for preparing Stunning Gaze.Polished several creature animations (e.g. ettercaps, oozes, scrying eyes, and worgs).Fixed some clipping issues for halflings wearing barbarian shoes.Fixed some hit impact animations for mummies.Polished some combat animations for female dwarf barbarians using two-handed weapons.Fixed some hit impact VFX being slightly misaligned.Fixed clipping issues with the human that gets transformed into a mind flayer on the nautiloid.Fixed some clipping issues with chainmail on female dwarves and female gnomes.Fixed various animation bugs in Gale’s dialogue about his last night alive.Fixed animation issues for the Volley ranger spell.Fixed animation issues for the Lightning Bolt ranger spell.Fixed characters who are Feigning Death replaying the death animation when damaged or healed.Fixed the Netherbrain popping when recoiling from a hit dealt to its Unbreakable Will.Fixed some animation issues for when the dragonborn ‘Breath’ spells are used while Disguised.Fixed zombies raised with Animate Dead freezing at the end of their animation when preparing a melee attack.Fixed Mol twitching slightly when she begins her countdown.Fixed the wrong spell preparation animations playing for Githyanki Psionics: Jump on female githyanki.Fixed the bat and deva portraits.Updated the gnoll portrait for better framing.Created a new werewolf portrait to fix clipping in the mouth.Fixed tails moving when characters are Petrified or otherwise frozen.Updated the animation for casting Invisibility spells like Shrouded in Shadow as a monk.Fixed Vicar Humbletoes’ sleeves clipping into his waistcoat.Improved the fit of the Hat of Uninhibited Kushigo.Fixed Ansur’s overhead dialogues affecting his animations during combat.Improved the open/close and spawn/despawn animations for Withers’ Wardrobe.Fixed a visible seam on the collar of Lorroakan’s robe.Improved the appearance of male half-orc clothing.Fixed some cloth physics issues with githyanki barbarians.Added some dazed animations for the Hypnotised condition.Added a new animation for when Giant Skeletons get resurrected.Updated some of the animations associated with Conjure Barrage.Improved the appearance of several armour pieces when animated.Fixed some floating rings around tiefling horns when wearing the Shadow of Menzoberranzan helmet.Fixed the chestpiece of the Reaper’s Embrace armour floating above female halflings’ heads.Tweaked how the animation for female humans works when shifting from a combat pose to a peace pose.Updated some draw and stow default animations for male humans.Fixed an issue with male humans and female githyanki wearing the Armour of Persistence.Fixed some missing animations for Vines and Netherbrain Tentacles when Prone.Improved cloth simulation for male barbarians.Fixed a victory animation for Astarion.Improved the appearance of male cambion necks.Updated animations for male cambion wings.Fixed clipping on bandit’s clothing.Improved hair spring physics to make it more flowy.Updated the appearance of footwear on githyanki while animated.Polished the appearance of Bhaalist armour on male gnomes.Improved the appearance of closed eyes and eyelids.Fixed the Ravaging Inferno VFX coming from Raphael’s chest instead of his hands.Fixed some spellcasting and VFX for sweeping animations with one-handed weapons on male humans.Fixed the owlbear’s Rage animation.Updated the appearance of female half-orc clothing.Polished the construction animation.Fixed a hand clipping on female chest armour.Fixed a leg pose that didn’t match up with the character’s attitude.Fixed some mocap popping due to being applied a frame too late.Implemented some behaviour animations for when Mol and Raphael are playing lanceboard.Fist Broko will now stop slacking at her desk and do some actual work.Lowa will no longer be stuck in a shrugging animation when you return to the Steel Watch Foundry after visiting the Iron Throne.Fixed animations not playing properly on the Way of the Profane Ki countermeasure thrall.Improved the appearance of dirt, blood, and tattoos on goblins and fixed some visible seams on their necks.Fixed a shadow overlay that was blackening teeth. We’ve told the characters to stop eating squid ink before shoots.Fixed a stretched clothing texture on Elegis’ body in the Shadow-Cursed Lands when zooming out.Fixed a neck seam on the dryad.Face tattoos will not disappear anymore when zooming out.Improved the appearance of a waterfall near the docks west of Rivington.Added some new idle animations and behaviours for Minthara, Halsin, Shadowheart, and Lae’zel at camp.Synchronised a spinning winch in Rivington with its associated gate.Improved how Shadowheart’s chain shirt looks on other races.Adapted headwear to avoid clipping on different dragonborn horns.Improved the appearance of the Dream Visitor’s robe on small races.Improved the appearance of cloth in movement for Astarion’s padded armour, monk clothing, and chain shirts.Updated the appearance of armour and clothes on azers.Added a resurrection animation for Flying Ghouls.Fixed characters sometimes T-posing when you drag them out of your inventory.


Improved the appearance of shadows cast by the sun.On split-screen, cinematic lighting VFX one one side of the screen will no longer affect the other side of the screen when one player is in the dialogue and the other is not.Fixed a lighting bug after killing Ketheric Thorm.Fixed the lighting for the Moonrise and Elfsong Tavern camps.Polished the lighting in the Act I scene at night when Lae’zel ambushes you.Fixed some inconsistent lighting when talking to the owlbear cub in the forest.Fixed some lighting issues when coming across the duergar on the boat in the Underdark.Fixed some inconsistent lighting when talking to Brathwen and Viss in Grymforge.Fixed some inconsistent lighting in the dialogue with Greymon or Orgarth when you reach Grymforge.Polished the lighting in the dialogue when interacting with the boat moored at the Underdark cave shore.Reduced the impact of bright VFX in the Crèche Y’llek Hatchery.Polished the lighting in the dialogue with Voss before the final battle.Polished the lighting in the dialogue with Araj and Astarion at Moonrise Towers.Fixed the exposure in the Elfsong Tavern camp.Added new lights to the dialogue with Mizora at camp.Polished the lighting in the dialogue with the Restless Myconid.Fixed some dark lighting in the dialogue with Astarion at camp about Araj.Polished the lighting in the dialogue with Malus Thorm.Tweaked the lighting in the romance scene with Gale in the Astral Plane to improve the visual impact of your foreheads touching.Fixed a lighting issue in the dialogue with Cordula Eltan.Fixed a lighting pop when talking to Zethino.Polished the lighting in the dialogue with Orin in the Temple of Bhaal when playing as the Dark Urge.Tweaked the colour tones of the lighting in the scene that triggers when interacting with the wall tentacle at Moonrise Towers.Polished the lighting in the dialogue with Rugan in the Zhentarim cave in Act I.Fixed the lighting when playing as Avatar Wyll in the dialogue with Mizora at camp.Fixed some lighting issues in the dialogue with Viconia in the House of Grief.Added some lighting touches to the dialogue between Kith’rak Therezzyn and Ch’r’ai W’wargaz.Polished the lighting in the dialogue with Silver the wolf in the Emerald Grove after the raid.Polished the lighting in the dialogue with the Strange Ox at the Emerald Grove during and after the raid.Fixed the intensity of the lighting during gameplay in the Crèche Y’llek Nursery.Fixed an overly dark shot of the shelves in when interacting with Thisobald Thorm’s research notes.




Fixed some of Halsin’s breathing sounds not playing correctly.Fixed some Active Roll UI sounds not playing on split-screen during the dice roll.Fixed a sound spamming when opening and closing UI windows.Fixed mind flayer Karlach not always sounding like a mind flayer.Added biting and clawing sounds when the squirrel in the Emerald Grove pounces.Added some VFX for when the Absolute howls after Ketheric’s death.Added SFX to the portal when you open Withers’ Wardrobe.Added spawn and despawn SFX and VFX for Withers’ Wardrobe.Updated the dismiss VFX and SFX when using Withers’ Wardrobe.Added SFX for when Gale’s double poofs away at camp.Added vocalisations for the goblins in the dialogue with a certain bear in the Worg Pens.Fixed a pigeon in the Sword Coast Couriers that was cooing inconspicuously even if you were using Speak with Animals. Its Speak with Animals coo is now… more conspicuous.Added SFX for resurrecting companions through Withers.Disabled the vocal component of Counterspell, which shouldn’t have had one.Polished the vocalisations in Gale’s camp dialogue about his last night alive.Attenuated the Cloud of Daggers SFX.Increased the volume of hellboar hooves.Added some SFX for when, as the Slayer, you toss the Butler into a fireplace.Reduced the volume of spider footsteps.Fixed combat music sometimes playing when it shouldn’t in a scene with Ketheric.Fixed the SFX for preparing Darkvision playing twice.Polished the SFX in the dialogue with Sa’varsh Kethk and Youth Varrl.Polished the SFX in the dialogue with the transponder on the nautiloid.Polished the SFX when the owlbear reacts to you smashing her egg or killing her cub.Updated the Emerald Grove squirrel’s vocalisations and the noises its little feetsies make to adjust their respective volumes.Added some custom music for the cutscene when you enter the Last Light region.Polished the sound in the dialogue with Harper Branthos in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.Polished the sound in the dialogue with the goblin child called Four.Fixed walla ambience disappearing when entering the Elfsong Tavern through the front door.Added some SFX for opening and closing display cases.Fixed missing SFX when preparing the Guidance spell.Fixed some SFX spamming when surfaces are updated, like when moving the camera.Polished the SFX and mix of the cutscene when you enter the pool to the Shadowfell.Polished the SFX during Nightsong’s death in Act II.Fixed a Marked Chest in the Lower City Sewers missing its VFX and using the wrong SFX when you fail to disarm it.While raging, barbarian attack vocalisations are now the more intense Critical Hit versions.Fixed some SFX replaying on every line while skipping through dialogues.Tweaked the timing of a few sounds in Shadowheart’s wolf dream.Slightly lowered the volume of the shimmery Bardic Inspiration SFX and fixed some missing SFX when preparing to cast it.Polished the SFX in several more areas across the game.


Added missing VFX when using your tadpole powers on the goblin child called Eight.Added some VFX when using your tadpole powers on Minthara at camp.Added some VFX when using your tadpole powers on Gortash’s mother.Fixed some in-game VFX (e.g. for buffs like Guidance) appearing in the background of cinematics.Improved the VFX damage feedback for the Nightdome.Fixed the Spell Rot condition applying its damage VFX when taking actions that aren’t spells.The VFX overlay for traps and other hidden objects should no longer linger after they’re destroyed.Fixed the explosion VFX for Combustion Belly Spiderlings at the Iron Throne being larger than the actual area of damage.Polished the VFX in several dialogues across the game.Added Wyll’s signature to the contract he signs.Fixed the Spirit Guardians looking like their wings are broken in the spell’s VFX.Fixed the VFX on Vlaakith’s armour not showing up correctly.Fixed the missing VFX for the Earth Elemental’s ‘Elemental Warp’ spell.Fixed the VFX for ‘Glyph of Warding: Fire’, which played the cast animation before being cast.Fixed Isobel’s laser beam eyes in her portrait.Reduced the radius of the Slow spell’s VFX, which gave the impression that it affected creatures in a large radius instead of just the selected targets.Fixed some overly dark lighting in the dialogue with Ravengard in the Elfsong Tavern camp.Fixed the VFX of a candelabrum in Moonrise Towers that wasn’t burning properly.The cave portal in the Astral Plane is now thicker and deeper to better indicate where you’re supposed to go.When you destroy a Mysterious Hole in the Goblin Camp, the texture will no longer stretch all the way up the wall.Removed the purple cloud VFX from the non-undead elven Dark Crusaders.Updated the Combustion Belly Spiderling explosion effect to better represent the area of damage.Fixed the newborn gnoll in Act I looking like it’s covered in strawberry jam instead of blood.Fixed a scrying eye in Grymforge losing its texture when you choose to reach out to the presence you sense within it.Toned down the brightness emanating from Vlaakith when she visits your camp.Improved the VFX in the cinematic shots of the Adamantine Golem.Improved the VFX in the battle waging in the background in the Astral Plane.Improved the VFX in the dialogue with the Oathbreaker Knight at camp.Added a low red spotlight to help with readability in the scene with the kuo-toa during close ups.Fixed some exposure issues in the dialogue before the Blood of Lathander.Fixed some glowy blue VFX getting stuck on Thisobald Thorm’s face.Polished the VFX on the dome in Nightsong’s prison.Polished the VFX in several more areas across the game.


Updated the tooltip descriptions for Gortash’s traps for greater clarity and consistency.Added some extra reactivity for Avatar Lae’zel when talking to Ellyka near the Mountain Pass.Ravengard now reacts properly in camp and does not offer Wyll a final choice if Ansur has been defeated and Wyll has made his ultimate choice already.Fixed certain dialogue options sometimes being replaced by a single ‘Continue’ option.In Companion Lae’zel final romance dialogue, replies are now properly formatted if you are a mind flayer.Added an option to comment on having deescalated the confrontation between Aradin and Zevlor in Act I when talking to Aradin in Sorcerous Sundries.Added tutorial pop-ups for ‘Ranged Attacks in Darkness’, ‘Ranged Attack Disadvantage’, ‘Removing Dyes’, and ‘Elixirs’.Rewrote Counterspell’s description to be clearer.Rewrote the Enemy Sightlines tutorial to better explain partial stealth and full reveal mechanics.Updated the term for the low Point-and-Click Voice Frequency setting to dissociate it from the in-game terms we use for item rarity (especially for localised languages).Fixed Sarevok’s Deathbringer’s Legacy tooltip mistakenly saying he has Resistance to physical damage and Advantage on Strength checks and saves.Fixed the Admission Pass item claiming it was made of stone.Added a dialogue option to leave when Gale finds Tara in Wyrm’s Crossing.Added a link to another tooltip in the Confusion spell.Corrected the Immutable Existence tooltip.Updated the Ukrainian translation of the text in the launcher.Reworded the description of the Organ Rearranger passive to cohere with other abilities that lower the Critical Hit threshold.Fixed a link in the Deathly Slumber tooltip leading to the wrong Knocked Out tooltip.Corrected some outdated text in the Commander’s Strike tooltip on Level Up.Fixed the incorrect description of a curse that Astarion could get in Cazador’s Dungeon.Tweaked the wording and added a more neutral dialogue option when talking to Thulla.Added a more detailed description to the Slayer class action tooltip.Updated the Thunderous Acuity passive tooltip to avoid numeric ambiguity.Renamed the Blood Sacrifice condition to The Pain Maiden’s Blessing to align it with the passive.Updated the Otiluke’s Resilient Sphere tooltip to show that it blocks all incoming and outgoing spell effects and damage.Updated the names of the conditions linked to Favoured Weapon and Galvanic Currents so they match.Updated the Grasp Essence condition tooltip, granted by the Gloves of Soul Catching, to include the hit point regeneration mechanic.Updated the Turn the Unholy spell tooltip – it turns undead and fiends, not fey and fiends.Updated the Slayer Form spell tooltip so it shows the health increase at 10th Level.Updated the Myrkul’s Gift condition tooltip to specify what it does.Fixed a flow issue in the dialogue Sazza and Arka in the Emerald Grove where choosing the paladin option would make it seem like you were telling Arka to shut up instead of Sazza.Fixed an advantage reason provided in a dialogue with Wulbren.Amended half-orcs’ Savage Attacks to mention the correct amount of extra damage dice on a Critical Hit.Fixed the Blood of Lathander’s Sunbeam tooltip incorrectly stating you can recast it in combat for free.Rewrote the tooltip for Hunter rangers’ Level 11 Multiattack ability to explain the separate attack rolls against targets.Clarified a Sage background goal.Changed an incorrect reference to the ‘Self-Same Trial’ as the ‘Mirror Trial’.Added an upcast damage description to the Cloudkill tooltip.Fixed the upcast description for Gaseous Form.The Blight tooltip now gives the correct information about its effect on Plants.The Dark Urge can now choose to bow their head instead of kneel to match the cinematics in the Temple of Bhaal.Added the correct description for Orin’s manifesto.Novice Bramble can no longer, quite foolishly, ask who Father Lorgan is.You can no longer refer to the Black Mass when talking to Astarion before having heard that term.Fixed a flow issue in the dialogue with Devella in the Elfsong about Bhaalist murderers.Fixed some missing dialogue options when talking to Toobin after you resolve the Iron Throne situation.Tweaked a dialogue option to improve flow in a dialogue with Arfur Gregorio.Fixed a flow issue when talking to the Infernal Mason in the House of Hope.Renamed the ‘Tactician’ condition for doppelgangers to ‘Mindreader’ to reduce ambiguity about the source of the disadvantage.Fixed being able to refer to Gale as ‘her’ if you start a relationship with Gale while dating Karlach and break up with her.Made several other fixes and improvements to the writing in dialogues, tooltips, and the UI across the game.Fixed text that still said Elemental Rebuke where it should say Elemental Retort for internal consistency.Added clarification about the Saving Throw for Retributive Brainquake.Renamed the statue in Isobel’s room.Fixed some technical text appearing in the Reward UI for the reward offered by Araj Oblodra.You can no longer choose to drop the Astral-Touched Tadpole on the ground and stomp on it if you’ve already embraced your illithid powers and been gobbling up tadpoles.Made the Legendary Resistance: Crowd Control tooltip clearer.Updated the description of ‘Mother Dearest’, the urn containing the remains of Balthazar’s mother.Improved the condition descriptions of the shrouded paintings in the Wyrmway’s Chamber of Justice puzzle.Updated the Castigated by Divinity tooltip to clarify how the condition can be removed.Fixed all School of Necromancy wizards being called ‘Bosco, Wizard Studied in Necromancy’ in class-specific dialogue options.Added a couple of additional lines for clarity when you refuse the Emperor’s tadpole.Renamed some vents in the Temple of Bhaal to ‘Sanguine Vent’. As befits the environs.Added a new description for Valeria’s Spare Pipe.




Made general improvements to cameras (particularly for shorter races), mocap, staging, and facial expressions in many dialogues across the game.Fixed pops, jitters, and clipping in many dialogues across the game.Added custom touches and polishes to many dialogues across the game.Cleaned up the mocap in many dialogues across the game.Fixed a bug with the noblestalk and antidote and a blocked over-the-shoulder camera shot in the dialogue with Thulla in the Underdark.Updated some Malus Thorm VFX to align with the new lighting polish.Fixed some missing VO in Karlach’s recruitment dialogue.Fixed some long pauses when talking to Astarion.Fixed where characters are looking and adjusted some camera timing in the dialogue with Raphael in Sharess’ Caress about his deal.Fixed a camera bug in the dialogue after you kill Orin.Fixed a camera shot to avoid hair clipping in the dialogue after the Dark Urge defeats Orin.Added some facial expressions to companions in reaction to the Iron Throne exploding.Karlach will no longer be wearing a glove when she touches Dammon’s hand after getting her first upgrade.Adjusted cameras in the dialogue with Hope when she knows Raphael’s alarm has been raised to avoid jump cuts.Added some custom animations and props for drinking wine and unsheathing weapons in the dialogue with Cora and Roger Highberry and Meztli.Improved character placement when talking to Alan Alyth at the Elfsong Tavern.Fixed a looping animation in the dialogue with Mayrina after you find the Bitter Divorce wand.Made sure you don’t have your weapon equipped when you wake up to Elminster.Fixed an awkward-looking wrist in a dialogue with Dammon and Karlach.Fixed some clipping and broken animations in the dialogue with Thulla in the Underdark.Made sure the dialogue with Lorroakan’s Projection warning you that you’ve been banned from Sorcerous Sundries plays in the correct place.Fixed some cameras pointing at the ground when talking to the members of the book club in the park.Fixed Lae’zel being on the wrong side of the screen in some shots in the dialogue about the map to the crèche.Fixed long pauses at the end of Gale’s lines when talking to Rolan at Sorcerous Sundries.Fixed large characters sometimes blocking Karlach after killing Gortash.Fixed missing teleport VFX in the scene with the watchmen in the Upper City.Fixed lighting issues when showing the Annals of Karsus.Improved character placement and animations in the cinematic transitions after the final battle.Fixed where characters are looking and some camera shots in the dialogue with Florrick at Last Light.Adjusted the torch VFX to fix some flickering light in the dialogue with Greymon and Morghal at Grymforge.Fixed some camera shots blocked by dragonborn characters in the dialogue with Raphael when he catches you trying to escape the House of Hope.Mizora’s wings no longer droop or look odd after she escapes.The drider is no longer awkwardly framed in some camera shots.Fixed some eyelash clipping during Volo’s operation and told him to hold his needle properly.Fixed Nere’s severed head floating in the air while you speak to Glut.Made sure Thulla continues standing after you’ve healed her.Fixed Avatar Lae’zel being topless when she shouldn’t be in the scene with Minthara at night after the Act I celebration.Fixed a floating dagger in the dialogue with Gandrel in Act I.Fixed a camera shot that was too high in the dialogue with Raphael and Yurgir in the House of Hope.Fixed neck pop in a dialogue after the final battle.Fixed some VFX issues in the dialogue with Arabella in the Shadow-Cursed Lands.Fixed where characters are looking in the dialogue with Anita and Elias Fischer.Fixed characters facing the wrong direction if you skipped through the dialogue with Raphael and Astarion at camp.Fixed Vlaakith popping off-screen when crouching down to speak with a gith player when Lae’zel is in your party.Adjusted Volo’s hand placement so he’s not clipping into tiefling horns when performing surgery.Fixed one of Withers’ lines cutting off early in the dialogue after the Dark Urge chooses to resist Bhaal.Fixed Halsin blocking a shot when your companions confront you after a certain camp night as the Dark Urge.Gut’s sleeping potion no longer flies around your hand as you reach to grab it.Fixed Brakkal’s feet poking out of his cage in the Goblin Camp.Fixed some camera shots for short races on the last shot of the Dark Urge before they kill themselves.Tweaked Wulbren’s position after the Steel Watch Foundry is destroyed.Fixed one of Lae’zel’s sleeping animations, which was looping and making it look like she was repeatedly jolting back into position.Added some missing VFX when using tadpole powers, and fixed the VFX for Mattis’ tears, which looked like they were made of gold leaf or glowing embers.Fixed a ring being invisible when it shouldn’t be in the dialogue with Mattis in the Emerald Grove.Fixed fingers clipping with the bedroll.Fixed some issues in the dialogue after the Steel Watch Foundry is destroyed.Fixed some camera shots being blocked by companions’ arms when Vlaakith comes to visit.Fixed a broken-looking tail in the dialogue with Haarlep in the House of Hope.Fixed some strange-looking arms for female half-elves.Fixed a dagger quickly appearing and disappearing and an animation pop in the dialogue when you arrive at Grymforge.Fixed a black screen in the cutscene that plays when you enter the Astral Prism through the Planecaster.Vistra now makes eye contact when talking to you.Fixed a cinematic shot showing Isobel get carried away even after the assault on Moonrise Towers had begun.Fixed characters in the background not looking up at the Apostle of Myrkul properly.Fixed the dying hyena standing calmly as though nothing is happening instead of writhing in pain.Fixed some broken cameras and Avatar Shadowheart sometimes being in the wrong spot in the scene at night after she kills Nightsong.Choosing to attack the scared boar near the crash site via dialogue will now go straight to combat instead of showing the boar squeal and run away.Adjusted some camera angles when talking to Death’s Head of Bhaal Glyria.Tweaked some camera angles so the Invoker of Bhaal Horriss isn’t blocked by large male characters.Minthara, Jaheira, and Halsin will now appear in the cutscene overlooking Baldur’s Gate from Wyrm’s Crossing if they’re in your party.Slightly raised a camera above Dame Aylin’s shoulder so you get an even better view of her when she performs a respectable gorilla press to backbreaker on Lorroakan.Tweaked a camera shot when making the blood offerings in the Gauntlet of Shar that would show you cutting your hand while still wearing gloves. Shar was getting a bit miffed that they weren’t real offerings.Fixed some awkward camera shots for short-raced Dark Urge characters after having resisted killing at camp.Fixed Gortash looking at the ground shyly when talking to Wyll at Wyrm’s Rock Fortress.Polished characters’ emotions in the dialogue after a romantic night with Karlach in Act II.Improved the appearance of Karlach’s kiss.Fixed several quirky camera shots when you’re confronted by your companions about your night with Mizora.Fixed some kissing animations for large female humans and female dragonborns sometimes not playing in the dialogue with Halsin.Fixed an out-of-focus camera if you choose the bard option to hum a tune when talking to the Restless Myconid.Fixed Dame Aylin’s mouth not moving while she speaks a line in Sorcerous Sundries.Fixed a clipping hand when talking to Doctor Fairwise.Fixed Skickpit’s head popping into a new position.Fixed some camera issues and clipping tentacles when the Emperor reveals flashes of ‘the truth’ to you.Fixed some flow issues in the dialogue with Reaper of Bhaal Clotilde in the park.Made sure both you and Wyll remove your helmets while smooching. It’s only polite.Fixed the alignment of a knife on the Dying Stone Lord Thug on the outskirts of Rivington.Fixed large body types clipping through the environment in the dialogue with Sharp-Eye Mirg when she proposes a toast.Fixed a floating duergar in the background of the cutscene while taking the raft over to Grymforge.If Shadowheart’s wound flares up during the confrontation with Kagha, the camera will no longer be inside her head.Fixed some issues in an Act III romance dialogue with Wyll, like long pauses and blocked camera shots.Moved a camera that was colliding with ceilings and pointing at the ground when interacting with Dolly Dolly Dolly indoors.Fixed camera framing issues in certain Act I camps.Fixed Arabella’s and Withers’ heads sometimes getting cut off by the camera.

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