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You Can Finally Change Your Appearance In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3’s character creator is expansive, but sometimes you spend hours in there and still wish you could change things when you get into the game itself and see your hero in motion. Up to this point, Larian Studios has locked your appearance in after you hit confirm in the character creator, but with Patch 3, the game will finally let you change some, but not all, aspects of your character’s appearance.

11 Minutes With Baldur’s Gate 3’s Character Creator

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The patch, which is set to go live tomorrow, September 22, adds the Magic Mirror to your camp. This tool lets you change your character’s face, voice, and pronouns, but doesn’t allow you to change your race or body type. So if you were playing a shorter Human and wanted to be a taller Dragonborn, that goes beyond the scope of the Magic Mirror’s ability. Short kings must stay short kings, and it also makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to change your race, given how much that factors into your character’s place in the world and their relationships to other people. You also can’t use this with any of the Origin characters/party members. Which is fine, because why mess with perfection (Karlach)?

Larian’s character creation tool is pretty extensive, and myself and other players have spent hours in it before starting the game proper. Honestly, putting a magical portal to go back to it right inside your camp is like putting cheese on a mouse trap. But I know there are some folks who have been holding off on playing the game further until Larian added this feature, so hopefully they’ll be able to fine-tune their characters to their liking and get back to getting the tadpole out of their head.

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