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Babylon’s Fall, As Told By Steam Reviews

Babylon’s Fall doesn’t have far to fall. The loot game, developed by the makers of such hall-of-fame action games as Nier: Automata and Astral Chain, is getting widely panned, referred to by some as the “worst” game currently out on PS5. But it’s also playable on PC. Let’s check in and see how that’s going, shall we?

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On Steam, as of this writing, Babylon’s Fall has been reviewed by fewer than 200 people. That’s right: Babylon’s Fall is such a disaster that folks aren’t even bothering to spill their thoughts on the page. (Publisher Square Enix did not immediately respond to requests for comment as to how many people have purchased Babylon’s Fall on Steam—or made use of the platform’s refund policy.) And those who do take the time to write something up don’t exactly have many nice words to share.

Fewer than 50 percent of reviewers published positive reviews of Babylon’s Fall, resulting in a “mixed” rating on Valve’s storefront. Many call Babylon’s Fall a “cash grab” or liken it to a “PS2 game.” Others have dedicated ink toward skewering everything from its graphics and story to the rampant scourge of microtransactions, which are so omnipresent you’d think Babylon’s Fall is a free-to-play game. (Babylon’s Fall costs a bog-standard $60.) But the real death knell? A bunch of players compared it to Godfall, the PS5 loot game that flopped so hard it received a backward-gen port.

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Even the game’s handful of defenders couch their praise by saying Babylon’s Fall is “not worth” the $60 price tag. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find an unequivocally glowing review. Seemingly every positive-leaning writeup comes with some sort of caveat, with even stalwart fans suggesting that, despite any worthwhile components, prospective players are better off waiting until it’s on sale.

Here’s Babylon’s Fall, as told by the turbulent land of Steam reviews:

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