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Armored Core VI, As Told By Steam Reviews

Armored Core VI is the first game in the long-running mech action series to get a PC release, and in its first weekend became the second most-played FromSoftware game ever on Steam at launch. Critics raved about it and fans have been elated to see the series finally return, but what are the Steam reviews saying about it?

The Most Sought After Elden Ring Sword Has A Storied History

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Great things, mostly. The game already has over 20,000 reviews, with 84 percent of them a thumbs up for an overall rating of “very positive.” Not too bad for the latest entry in a mech series often overlooked for being obtuse, cumbersome, and occasionally ugly. That’s probably because Armored Core VI is challenging but approachable, and beautiful while still looking like a grim, gray mess of mechanical alienation. Those Rubicon sunsets will not soon be forgotten.

Armored Core VI’s boss battles can be brutal though, and Steam reviewers love that, too. A lot of them are coming from Dark Souls after all, sickos for bonfires and i-frame dodge rolls that they are, and still managed to find something to love in the mech-fest despite it having neither of those things. And because of the modern era of gaming in which we live, there are a few reviews who are just thankful it’s’ not a buggy mess. “Thank god this is a fully fleshed out, feature-complete, non-early-access, premium-currencyless, pop-culturally-absent FromSoft game,” reads one review.

Not every Steam player is onboard though. There were those that still found Armored Core VI to be overly dreary and repetitive. Some long-time fans can’t stand the Dark Souls-ificaiton of their beloved mech formula. Other newcomers rage quit after the tutorial boss. A few accuse the game of requiring you to use specific builds to beat a couple of the boss fights instead of being able to experiment or simply “git gud.” “Ok at $20-30,” declared one of the more negative reviews. Heathens one and all. Absolutely shaking my goddamn robot head.

Here’s what else Steam reviewers are saying about the latest “Game of the Year” contender.

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