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Apex Legends Servers To Stay Borked For A Bit

Apex Legends players have been having a miserable time of late. When the game’s not being hacked by disgruntled Titanfall players, players sometimes devolve into having enormous fights over controversial in-game strategies, such as tap strafing. The latest grief to befall them is a whole new raft of connection issues, this time likely caused by a recent patch, and unlikely to be fixed until later this week.

The Sims 4's Free Infant Update Can't Compare To The Growing Together Expansion

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Respawn have confirmed that a new crop of disconnections are plaguing the game, three times as many as they would usually see. But rather than being something they expect to see fixed straight away, they’re saying it’s going to remain a problem until September 22, when another patch rolls out.

It’s thought this all began with last week’s patch that was intended to fix some issues with last year’s new character, Rampart. But seemingly someone must have pulled on the wrong code thread, and something ‘orrible has started unravelling.

Respawn adds that they will, “extend the current ranked split by one week—that update will go live Monday.”

The 22nd is but two days away, but three more days of not being able to connect to your current battle royale beau can be pretty disastrous. There are so many others just waiting in the corner of a player’s eye, temptingly calling them with their functioning lobbies and steady connections. Hopefully this patch actually addresses the issue, rather than accidentally introducing a raft more.

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