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Always Sunny’s Frank Is Perfect In The Last Of Us

Danny DeVito’s wonderfully awful Frank Reynolds from the long-running TV show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia has become an internet icon over the last decade, thanks to his wild behavior and meme-worthy antics. And now the famous asshole has been added to the depressing world of The Last Of Us and the results are hilarious.

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Franklin “Frank” Reynolds wasn’t in the first season of Always Sunny on FX. However, while the debut season was a marginal hit, the network wanted to add more star power to the show—which featured mostly unknown actors and comedians. Apparently, DeVito was a big fan when he joined for the second season and has remained a fixture of the dark comedy ever since. But Frank Reynolds’ disturbing and funny behavior shouldn’t be solely contained to just Always Sunny. Thankfully, a new YouTube video from mash-up master eli_handle_b․wav. shows us how Frank can improve anything, including Naughty Dog’s critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic action-adventure game.

eli_handle_b.wav / Naughty Dog

Eli_handle_b․wav’s latest video featuring Frank might be my favorite. Once again, their skills at mashing up live-action actors with video game footage is unparalleled. But just like before, it’s not just their impressive technical skills that astound me, but the way they mix moments from the game with live-action scenes to create hilarious situations.

For example, the bit featuring Frank’s “hose plan” and the subsequent way it fails completely (and quickly) made me laugh so hard that I spit up my drink. Another great moment features Frank acting confused as to why so many Last of Us characters are hanging out in his apartment. When he wonders if they are having an orgy, the reactions of the digital characters are just as funny as Frank himself.

eli_handle_b.wav / Valve

At this point though, I shouldn’t be surprised by eli_handle_b․wav. creating awesome stuff. The YouTube creator has become internet famous for their prior, similarly excellent mash-up videos.

Earlier this year they blended John Wick with Resident Evil 4 and sent Ron Swanson to Half-Life 2’s version of Europe. (He didn’t like that version either.) Before that, they created comedy gold by tossing Michael Scott from The Office in with Mass Effect’s politics and aliens. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but it might be this Frank and Last of Us combo. But I’ll just watch them all again to double-check that it’s my new favorite.

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