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The Best Part Of Alan Wake II Is Now On YouTube

One of the coolest parts of the newly released survival horror game Alan Wake II is now available to watch for free on YouTube, and you definitely should watch it.

How Alan Wake 2 Builds Upon The 'Remedy-Verse'

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Beware: In the music video below there are some minor spoilers for Alan Wake and Alan Wake II. And if you are planning to play Alan Wake II soon and don’t want anything spoiled, you might not want to watch this video as this moment is even better if you don’t know what to expect.

Remedy Games

In Alan Wake II’s Initiation 4: We Sing chapter, writer and flashlight-lover Alan Wake is trapped in The Dark Place, a dangerous and evil dimension that twists and breaks people’s minds. At one point, on his journey to try and escape, Wake has to make his way through multiple musical segments taking place during a creepy late-night talk show. (It makes a bit more sense in the game, I swear.)

This whole segment is incredible, mixing loud music, combat, and live-action dancing into a mesmerizing and memorable sequence. Not long after Alan Wake II’s launch, people had already uploaded footage of the “We Sing” chapter and its “Herald of Darkness” song online. But now we have an official, high-quality music video version of this chapter to enjoy in all its splendor.

As cool as this video is—and it’s very cool—I do think you are missing out if you don’t actually play this chapter in the game. Sure, seeing the actors dancing and rocking out on YouTube is nice, but it’s even better when all of this is happening across dozens of moving screens in-game while you are attacked by enemies in a maze of darkness and chaos.

Still, I’m grateful that I can now re-experience (most of) this musical sequence whenever I want via this new official YouTube music video.

Alan Wake II is out now on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

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