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Buy Alan Wake 2 And Get Alan Wake Remastered For Free On Epic Games Store

Curious about Alan Wake 2 but never played the first? Well if you’re a PC gamer, I’ve got some good news: Grab a copy of Alan Wake 2 on the Epic Games Store during its holiday sale and you’ll get a free copy of the 2021 remastered version of the first game.

Is Alan Wake Worth Playing Before Its Sequel? | Total Recall

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The original Alan Wake first shipped in 2010 on Xbox 360, introducing us to the dark twisted world of a uniquely doomed author. 13 years later, the sequel finally arrived, continuing the story while also weaving together narrative elements and themes from Remedy’s previous games, particularly that of Control and Max Payne. While you don’t need to play those to enjoy Alan Wake 2’s story, the first Alan Wake contains a sequence of events that’s pretty important to experience if you want to understand everything that’s at stake in Alan Wake 2. Good thing you can now get both games for the price of one during the Epic Games Store holiday sale.

Get Alan Wake with Alan Wake 2

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this deal, just buy a copy of Alan Wake 2 during Epic Games’ holiday sale. Alan Wake 2 is currently on sale until January 10, so for just $40, you can snag two excellent, mind-bendingly Lynchian narrative thrillers.

As stated in the deal’s FAQ, Epic Games will email you a voucher code for Alan Wake Remastered upon purchase of the sequel.

Having launched 13 years apart, there are some clear differences between both games. Alan Wake’s action feels a little dated, especially if you’re used to reflexively aiming down sights in shooters. Alan Wake 2, however, is more modern, with a heavy survival horror bent not too dissimilar from remakes of Resident Evil 2, 3, and 4.

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