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Studio Denies Laying Off Artists For AI After Fans Spot Character With Six Fingers

Rayark, the developers of the excellent Cytus rhythm action games (which we’ve covered previously), have this week faced allegations that some of the company’s artists had been laid off and replaced with, you guessed it, machine-generated imagery.

Princess Peach’s Leading Role And More New Releases

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As Gamerbraves report, the controversy began last week when Korean players began noticing some peculiarities with some of the game’s newer art. In one case a character had six fingers, while in other pics character’s clothing and hair appeared to clip and end in strange places, both tell-tale signs that an image had been computer-generated.

Another Tweet, from a former artist who worked on Cytus 2, said:

In response to the allegations, Rayark issued a statement denying the layoffs. They also say reports that they’re using machine-generated imagery in their games is “entirely false”, but then spend much of the statement talking about how they’re conducting extensive research into the technology, and have even “recruited more members with Al expertise to improve our development processes and provide education and training regarding Al assistance”.

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