Tabletop Simulator studio kills global chat for good, donates $ 10,000 to a trans-advocacy group

After a controversy over transphobic chat moderation which led to rival review bomb campaigns on Steam, Tabletop Simulator developer Berserk Games has announced that it is closing the game’s global chat channel for good. The studio has also donated an additional $ 10,000 National Center for Gender Equality for Transgender People, an influence group that works “to increase the understanding and acceptance of transgender people.”

The problem began when a desktop simulator user named Xoe was repeatedly fired from global chat and eventually temporarily banned, for sharing the fact that she is gay. Similar announcements about heterosexual sexuality did not trigger any kicks, and attempts to clarify the matter failed. When the situation became widely known, both negative and positive user reviews – many containing actual homophobic and transphobic feelings – peaked on Steam. Berserk Games eventually disabled global chat while working to improve its moderation policy, but has now decided to eliminate it completely.

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