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You Can Get A PS5 And Spider-Man 2 For A Great Price Right Now

If you’re still looking for a PlayStation 5, Best Buy has you covered. Right now, you can pick up Sony’s latest console for $50 cheaper than usual, and the best part of the buy is that it comes bundled with a digital copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2's New Web Wings Make It Feel Like A Proper Sequel

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As spotted by Polygon, the brick-and-mortar retailer is selling Sony’s Spider-Man 2 bundle of the slim PS5 for just $450. Like I said at the top, that’s $50 off the typical price of the standard PS5 with no game included. So, in essence, you’re getting Insomniac Games’ excellent superhero-’em-up for free, and a solid discount on the console on top of that. That’s a steal. And if you decide to trade in a device of your own, you can take up to an extra $120 off the total. It’s unclear how long this sale will last, though, so you might want to jump on it quick.

Spider-Man 2 is a great game to get started with the PS5. A sequel to 2018's webslinging adventure, Spider-Man 2 puts the powerful console through its paces. Compared to the first game, its world is more densely packed, its environments are more richly detailed, its character models are more expressively animated, and combat is as stylishly crunchy as ever. As Kotaku senior reporter Ethan Gach said in his review, “Being Spider-Man never gets old.”

If Spider-Man 2 isn’t your thing, then paying $50 less for a console that normally runs $500 is still a solid bargain because the PS5 is getting some good games this year. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth dropped on February 29 and is already one of the biggest exclusives on the system, but that’s not all you have to get stoked about. There are former Xbox exclusives Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment, the upcoming open-world RPG Dragon’s Dogma 2, Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin, the character action game Stellar Blade, and so many more games either coming or already out this year.

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