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Palworld Continues To Grow As It Shoots Past 25 Million Players

Hey, remember that little game Palworld? Well as of today, it’s surpassed a staggering 25 million players, all within about a month of its early access launch. That’s a lot of people shooting at or alongside their legally distinct “pals,” not Pokémon. Love it or hate it—or don’t get it all, like myself—people have certainly been showing up in droves to see what Palworld is all about after being hyped up as “Pokémon With Guns.”

What’s Coming Out Beyond Pokémon: The Indigo Disk | The Week In Games

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According to developer Pocketpair, its open-world survival game Palworld has crossed this impressive milestone across both the Steam and Xbox versions of the game. On Steam at least, where the game is in early access and for purchase, Palworld has sold nearly 15 million copies. The remaining 10 million players in that figure are on Xbox and Windows, where Palworld is available as part of the Game Preview program via Xbox Game Pass. Though it has slowed over the course of the last month, it’s still an impressive figure that makes Palworld the biggest release of the year two months in.

Palworld’s ascendancy from meme to legit hit has been an astonishing sight. For a while there, it seemed to be growing by a million or so players a day. By the end of January, Palworld was sitting pretty at about 20 million players, dwarfing pretty much any other release at the time. Not all the attention Palworld has received in the month since has been great, though. Its popularity raised concerns about the potential use of AI in its development, and of course, some very valid points about how closely its “pals” resemble a number of existing Pokémon. It was all enough attention to get a statement out of The Pokémon Company claiming they were essentially keeping an eye on Palworld.

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